[Beksul] Kalguksu Noodles


[Beksul] Kalguksu Noodles

For a bowl of homemade Kalguksu

[Beksul] Kalguksu Noodles

Beksul Kalguksu Noodles is perfect for making Kalguksu Noodles at home. 

We love this brand because the ingredient list is simple. It's made with 2 ingredients - flour and water. No additives or preservatives. No salt either! Just like how you would make it at home.

Beksul uses its best-quality flour (Grade 1 Flour) to makes these noodles. The dough is kneaded and fermented in a vacuum mixer, as opposed to a common dough mixer. This ensures that the protein structure in the dough is dense and well-balanced, which translates to a chewy and stretchy noodle.

If you craving a bowl of homemade Kalguksu, this is it! These noodles also work great for Jajangmyeon. 

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Healthful delicious noodles (Bersul) Kalguksu Noodles

Product Highlights

  • Noodles are chewy and stretchy - doesn't get soggy quickly
  • Noodles are made with only flour and water - no salt, preservatives or other additives
  • Use it to make a bowl of Kalguksu Noodles (or Jajangmyeon) 
  • 1 Package = 900 grams (9 person serving)
Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

  • Flour, Water

Storage Tips

  • Expiration period: 2 years
  • Before opening, store in a cool, dry area
  • After opening, store in a cool, dry area

What to Make

  • Kalguksu Noodles
  • Jajangmyeon Noodles

About the Brand

  • Established in 1965, Beksul is a mega food 
    brand in Korea. They produce many 
    of Korea's best-selling products.

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Package Instructions

How to Make Kalguksu Noodles

01Fill a pot with water and bring it up to boil. Add-in the noodles and boil for 5 minutes. (Stir around with your chopsticks, so the noodles don't stick together.) Then drain your noodles. 

Note: When boiling the noodles, foam may rise to the surface. Add in a few dashes of cold water to make the foam settle back down. Repeat a few times until time is up. 

02Next, fill your pot with anchovy-kelp broth. Bring it up to a boil. Add in fresh clams or other fresh ingredients. Thenn add in your cooked noodles. Boil everything for another 5 minutes. Turn off heat and place into a bowl. Bon Appetit!

Or use the One-Step Cooking Process.

Make your anchovy-broth in advance. Bring the broth up to boil. Then add-in the noodles and boil for 9 minutes.

Show me a Kalguksu Recipe

Note: In this video, we are using fresh Kalguksu noodles - so the noodles were boiled for 5 minutes.
With Beksul's Dried Kalguksu Noodles, boil the noodles for 9 minutes!

Product faq

Q: How many servings can I make with this?
Q: How long do I need to boil this?
Q: The foam is bubbling over... what do I do?
Q: What country is this made in?

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About The Brand

Established in 1953, Beksul is one of Korea's mega food brands. Over the last 65 years, they've created many of Korea's most beloved food products. This brand is owned by the large Korean food conglomerate CJ Cheiljedang.

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