[Ottogi] Old-Style Cut Dangmyun

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Ottogi Old-Style Cut Dangmyun

Chewy, Bouncy, Pre-cut 

[Ottogi] Old-Style Cut Dangmyun

Ottogi has been the classic brand for Dangmyun noodles. 

They've been around the longest - and its found in every supermarket, restaurant and home pantry. Their noodles are made with 100% Sweet Potato starch. When boiled, the noodles turn translucent, with a chewy and bouncy texture. They're perfect for Japchae or Korean stews like Kimchi Jjigae and Galbi-tang. 

Many homecooks prefer these noodles because they come pre-cut. Other brands will stuff long coils of noodles into the package - which require you to use scissors and portion-off the right amount. If you're looking for the original flavor and texture, this is it!

Product Highlights

  • Made from 100% Sweet Potato Starch
  • Comes pre-cut - easy to pull apart
  • Size avilable in 500 grams (Large Amount) or 1kg (Extra Large Amount)
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Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

Sweet Potato Starch (100%)

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 3 years

    Before opening, store in a cool, dry area

    After opening, keep in a cool, dry area

      What to Make

      Japchae Noodles

      Korean stews: Bulgogi Hot-Pot, Galbi-tang, etc.

      Or add to any stir-fry

        About the Brand

        Ottogi is one of Korea's largest food conglomerates. They produce more than 1000 items!  It's a well-trusted, staple brand in Korea.

          How do I make Japchae? 

          Product faq

          Q: Where is the potato starch sourced from?
          Q: How many servings?
          Q: What other Korean recipes can I use these noodles in?

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          About The Brand

          Ottogi Logo - Gochujar

          Ottogi is one of Korea's largest food conglomerates. They produce 1000+ items from ready meals to condiments. Ottogi is a well-trusted, household brand in Korea.

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