[Loving Home] 4-Layered Coating Korean BBQ Grill


[Loving Home] Korean BBQ Grill

K-BBQ - anytime, anywhere!

[Loving Home] 4-Layered Coating Korean BBQ Grill

Even-Heating, Non-Stick & Easy-to-Clean.

It's exactly what you want in a Korean BBQ Grill. We've been testing this specific grill pan on our dining table for the last few months. (Yes, we like to have Samgyeopsal parties over here!)

And we think it's perfect for use at home - great for singles, newlywed and families.  The grill can fit up to 4 large pieces of Samgyeopsal (Korean Pork Belly) at a time.

Plus it has a rounded top with grooves so that the oil from the meat can easily trickle down to the spout. Place a paper cup underneath the spout and you're ready to grill!

In the corners of the grill, you can cook sides like Kimchi, sliced garlic cloves or freshly sliced mushrooms. Place it all at once on the grill, so you can enjoy conversations with guests and family.

For cleanup, it's simple! Wait till the grill cools down, then wash it with warm water and soap and scrub with a gentle dish sponge.

If you've been meaning to try K-BBQ at home, this is it!

(Note: This grill is meant to be used on a portable butane gas stovetop. Look online or your local camping retail store for it - easy to find!) 

Customer Reviews

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Andrew W. (California, United States)
Perfect for two

I love this grill. I use this every week at least once. I've been cooking tons of samgyupsal, marinated chicken, galbi, and a ton of veggies. The oil draining for this grill is great. The outlining oil catch is perfect to keep the grill from pooling too much oil, and the spout makes it easy to drain it quickly.

Product Highlights

  • Family-sized Korean BBQ Grill - grill Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly) or Chadolbaegi (Thinly Sliced Beef Brisket)
  • Grill has a 4-Layer Non-Stick Coating -  easy to cook, even easier to clean
  • Design includes a spout to remove excess oil/grease
  • Perfect for setting up your own Korean BBQ at home

- [Loving Home] 4-Layer Korean BBQ Grill - 

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Place a paper cup under to catch grease

4-Layer Coating

Non-stick surface, easy-to-clean


It's a family sized grill - fit up to 4 pieces of Korean Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly) at one time.


Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm

Material: Aluminum (with Non-Stick Coating)

Made in Korea


Before first use, place grill on low heat and apply a small layer of cooking oil.

After cooking meat to desired color, reduce heat to a medium or low heat.
(Do not keep the grill on a HIGH heat for entire duration of meal)

Avoid using metallic or sharp pointed cooking utensils on grill.

When handling pan, do not grab with bare hands (it's hot!)

Wash with warm water, soap and soft dish sponge.

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