[Chung Jung One] Soup Soy Sauce (500ml)


Chung Jung One Soup Soy Sauce  

Korea's #1 Best-Selling Soup Soy Sauce

[Chung Jung One] Soup Soy Sauce

This is Korea's Best-Selling Soup Soy Sauce.

Chung Jung One's Soup Soy Sauce is 100% naturally brewed - made by fermenting a mixture of soybeans, wheat/rice and yeast for 6 months.

Soup Soy Sauce is lighter-in-color and slightly saltier than regular Soy Sauce. It's meant for seasoning Korean soups, which are typically light-colored or clear. With Soup Soy Sauce, Korean soups can be properly seasoned without over-darkening the broth. If you enjoy Korean soups and stews, keep one in your pantry.

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Salty and good!
Soup soy sauce

Product Highlights

  • Chung Jung One Soup Soy Sauce is 100% naturally-brewed (no chemical processing)
  • It's lighter in color than regular Soy Sauce (perfect for Korean soups & stews)
  • Size is 500 mL

- [Chung Jung One] Soup Soy Sauce -

Product In Brief

Full Ingredients List

Water, Soybeans (Meju), Sea Salt, Salt,
Alcohol, Yeast Extract, Kelp Extract,  
Garlic Extract, MSG, Nutritional Additives

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 2 years

    Before opening, store in a dry, cool area

    After opening, keep in refrigerator

      What to Make

      Korean Soups & Stews

      Namul banchans (wild veggie banchans)

      Other Korean Soups & Stews

        About the Brand

        Chung Jung One is Korea's #1 leading brand for fermented sauces, pastes and other pantry items

          How is Soup Soy Sauce made?

          Soybeans are soaked overnight, boiled in salt water and pounded. The mashed soybeans are then molded into blocks called meju. The meju bricks are dried in a cool, dry area until they lose all of their moisture and turn rock-solid. These meju bricks are then hung-out in open air to ferment and cultivate bacteria.

          After a few weeks (or months), the meju bricks are rinsed and dried once-more in the sun to sterilize. The meju bricks are covered with brine and left to age in traditional earthen Hanggari pots. After many months, the pot is opened and the leftover brine is boiled and filtered to become soup soy sauce. The leftover meju chunks are also mashed into soybean paste (Doenjang).

          Product faq

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          About The Brand

          Chung Jung One is one of the largest global producers of fermented products. Their soy sauce, gochujang, doenjang, marinades and sauces are fermented in Korea and shipped globally. It's a well-established, staple brand in Korea. 

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