[Aromatica] Organic Rose Hip Oil + Rose Infusion Serum Combo Set


[Aromatica] Organic Rose Hip Oil + Rose Infusion Serum Set

Natural, Synthetic-Free Oil & Serum

[Aromatica] Organic Rose Hip Oil + Rose Infusion Serum Set 

Aromatica is all about bringing natural, organic products to the forefront of Korea's Beauty Industry.

Aromatica has built its reputation on sourcing nutrient-rich, all-natural ingredients from around the world and developing the technology to extract essential oils from them. 

Today, we offer Aromatica's best-selling oil & serum in one set: 

The set includes Aromatica's Organic Rose Hip Oil (30ml).

Amoratica uses natural Rose Hip Fruit (the accessory fruit that forms after roses bud) grown in the Andes. It boasts 60x more Vitamin C than lemon and 18x more betacarotene than tomatoes. It's also loaded with Vitamin E,P, and B.

The oil is extracted via cold-press. No heat is involved to retain its nutrients. Afterwards, the oil does NOT undergo decolorization or deodorization - which gives its characteristic reddish color and prevents the destruction of nutrients like Chlorophyll and Tocopherol. 

This all-natural, organic oil is a super-moisturizer that delivers deep hydration and nutrients to your skin. Apply a few drops to your face after washing, before bed.

The set also includes Aromatica's Reviving Rose Infusion Serum (100ml)

This serum is made from Damask Rose Buds - along with a mix of other anti-oxidant rich berries like Elderberry, Raspberry and Indian Gooseberry.

Damask Rose Buds are organically grown. It's nutrients and floral water are then extracted via traditional steam distillation - again, to maximize nutrient retention.

The resulting floral water is very effective in hydrating your skin barrier - both inside and out.

While the anti-oxidant rich berries help to minimize fine wrinkles and enhance  skin elasticity and suppleness.

Try each of these best-selling oil and serum in one combo set - and see which provides the best results for your skin!

(Or you can purchase 2 of either)

Works great as a gift to friends and family.

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Product Highlights

  • Combo Set includes Organic Rose Hip Oil (30ml) + Reviving Rose Infusion Serum (100ml)
  • Organic Rose Hip Oil - provides deep moisture to the skin
  • Reviving Rose Infusion Serum - moisturizes while also improving skin elasticity and reducing fine wrinkles in the skin
  • Use both and see which ones works best for you
  • Combo set works great as a gift!
1. [Aromatica] Organic
Rose Hip Oil (30ml)
What's so special?


This product contains only 1 ingredient: 100% Organic Rose Hip Oil. The oil is extracted from natural rose hips via coldpress - no heat is applied to retain fruit's nutrition.


Aromatica uses Rose Hip Fruit grown organically in the Andes - one of the cleanest regions in the world. The ingredient has received organic certification from ECOCERT - a worldwide organic certification organization. This product is free of silicone, artificial color, and any synthetic fragrance. It also does NOT undergo decolorization or deodorization - 100% natural.


Squeeze 1-2 drops of Organic Rose Hip oil onto clean palms and gently rub onto face, allowing it to fully absorb into the skin.

For best results, mix a few drop of the oil with less oily lotion or cream to give your skin an extra boost of moisture.

2. [Aromatica] Reviving Rose
Infusion Serum (100ml)
What's so special?

no synthetic fragrances

This serum has a light and elegant rose scent. Natural Damask Rose Buds are boiled at low heat for a long time (via steam distillation technique). The resulting floral water contains no synthetic fragrances - all natural.


Natural damask rose water helps to create a moisture barrier - nourishing your skin both inside and out. While the Elderberry and Gooseberry boosts your skin's elasticity and minimizes fine wrinkles in the skin.


Apply an appropriate amount of the serum using the dropper and pat gently into your skin.

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About The Brand

Aromatica's product and ingredients are ECOCERT-certified. They lead the Korean Beauty industry for safe-and-clean beauty. In fact, they're the only Korean beauty brand to earn EWG's Skindeep Champion Status - which is awarded to beauty brands that create toxin-free products. Aromatica is 100% Vegan, ECOCERT, EWG-Certified and Cruelty-Free. 

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