[Drida] Traditional Korean Jewelry Box


[Drida] Traditional Korean Jewelry Box

Traditional Korean Lacquerware

[Drida] Traditional Korean Jewelry Box

Today, we present to you a traditional Korean Najeonchilgi Jewelry Box.

What is Najeonchilgi? It's an iconic artform of Korea that involves laying thin pieces of abalone shell pieces into lacquered objects. The artform blossomed in the 17-18th century (during the Joseon Dynasty) where Najeonchilgi pieces were frequently made for the royal court and aristocrat families. These lacquered pieces were highly valued as mastery of the techniques require decades - if not a lifetime - of experience.

Today, we bring to you a traditional yet modern Najeonchiligi Jewelry Box. The pattern design is mixed with Peony flowers - which represented prosperity and nobility during the Joseon Dynasty - and playful butterflies. The box is also coated with multiple layers of special Otchil lacquer. This gives it a timeless sheen and safeguards from decay or humidity damage.

The inside of the box is fitted with a mirror. And the bottom is covered with premium red fabric to provide cushion for your prized jewelry.

This box comes in 3 different colors: Mahogany Red, Midnight Blue, Royal Purple 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jennette G. (Calabarzon, Philippines)

I ordered the midnight blue box and it was as described. It came wrapped in a 2-color fabric, Korean style. Very nicely packed and quality is very good. Highly recommended as gift or for personal use.

Matthew D. (England, United Kingdom)
Beautiful and perfect delivery

Everything arrived so well packaged and protected. Service care was great. This allowed me to buy from the uk and get things delivered that I had seen on my trip to Korea and not carry in my luggage for fear of damages.

Morning F.
Absolutely Gorgeous

Absolutely love this piece. Most of the Mother of Pearl inlay that I have from Korea is in a burgundy stain, so I wanted something different and got the Midnight Blue. The color on the stain is stunning and the inlay is thick and adds so much depth. The feel when rubbing your hand on the lid is silky smooth. The thing I wasn't expecting was that it was wrapped up in satin like a gift and not in a box. So, it literally comes looking like the right hand side of the first picture.

Product Highlights

  • Traditional Najeonchilgi Jewelry Box with a modern look
  • Made with Korean wood and small pieces of abalone, turban shell and pearl shell 
  • Regarded as premium-grade - handmade by famous artisan 
  • Works great as a wedding or housewarming gift
  • Available in Mahogany Red, Midnight Blue & Royal Purple
Mahogany Red

 Jewelry Box Dimensions

Outer Box: 22.5 x 11 x 5 cm 

Inner Box: 21 x 10 x 3 cm

Midnight Blue
Royal Purple 

Product faq

Q: Is this hand-made?
Q: What makes the box looks shiny?
Q: Is this coated with lacquer?
Q: Where is this made?

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About The Brand

Drida is a boutique shop in Korea that specializes in premium traditional Korean wedding gifts. Their goods are hand-made by experienced artisans and highly regarded for their excellent quality and modern design.

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