[Nong Hyup] Fermented Green Tea

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Fermentation Tea

Healthy, Fermented, Well-being Tea

[Nong Hyup] Fermented Green Tea

What does Fermented Green Tea taste like?

Well, I'm sure most are familiar with the taste of regular green tea. It has a distinct, vegetal flavor with a slightly astringent after-taste. But if you allow the same green tea leaves to ferment, the oxidation process completely changes its flavor profile.

Fermented Green Tea has a slightly nutty taste - without any grassy flavors and none of the bitterness. Making it enjoyable for even non-tea drinkers. In fact, we have been drinking this on-and-off for the last 3 years. It's become one of our favorite teas.

Nong Hyup cultivates its tea leaves in Hwa Gae province, which is located at the base of Mt. Jirisan. This area is famous for having ideal climate conditions for growing tea leaves. In fact, this area produces more than 45% of Korea's entire green tea leaves.

If you're looking to develop a daily tea habit, this is a safe choice!

Customer Reviews

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Soothing tea, goes with just about any meal.
Yummy Tea
Nice tea
Definitely a difference

Product Highlights

  • Grown locally in the mountains of Mt. Jirisan, Korea 
  • 100% organic - no chemical fertilizers used 
  • Smooth, mild taste - a tea that you can drink everyday
  • 1 box (25 tea bags)
Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

  • Green Tea Leaves (Camellia Sinensis Leaves)

Storage Tips

  • Expiration period: 1 year
  •  Store tea bags in a cool, dry area

How to enjoy

  • Drop one bag into cup of hot water.
  • Wait 2-3 minutes. Then enjoy. 

About the Brand

  • Nong Hyup is a large agriculture conglomerate in Korea. They own large tea operations in Hwa Gae, a province famous for its premium green tea leaves.

What does fermentation do?  

The fermentation process changes the smell and taste of the green tea leaves.  It produces a more mellow taste - reducing that astringency and grassy bitterness associated with regular green tea. The microbes also produce metabolites which boost health benefits.

Product faq

Q: Is this a tea bag? Or loose-leaf tea?
Q: Where is the ingredients from?
Q: What does this taste like?
Q: Can I drink this everyday?

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About The Brand

Nong Hyup is a large agriculture conglomerate in Korea. They own large tea operations in Hwa Gae, which is where Korea first started to cultivate green tea leaves at an industrial scale. This tea is made with strict quality standards as it carries the Nong Hyup brand name.

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