[Geoje Island Farm] Organic 6-Year-Old Red Ginseng Extract


Geoje Island Farm - 6 Year Old Ginseng Extract

0% Organic, Ultra Premium-Grade

[Geoje Island] Organic 6-Year-Old Red Ginseng Extract

Today, we're excited to introduce a premium red ginseng extract!

It's made from 100% 6-year-old ginseng extract, grown in Geoje Island (Korea). What distinguishes this product from others is that it is organic.

Many ginseng producers in Korea use fertilizers and pesticides to assist in growing these prized roots to a plump and large shape. Typically, the producers spray about 10-13 times in a year. This means that a 6-year-old root has gone through at least 60 rounds of artificial fertilizers or pesticides before being harvested.

Geoje Island Farm approach to farming is simple - keep it 100% natural! They grow their ginseng without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides - and have received official organic certification from the government.

Since it's grown without the help of chemical fertilizers, the ginseng roots grow deep and wide to pull as much nutrition out of the soil. That's why Goeje Island Farm Ginseng have a lot of tertiary roots (see the image below). Furthermore, these roots contain even higher amounts of ginseng saponins (70mg/g), which is the active ingredient that is responsible for the myriad of health benefits.

If you want to try top-of-the-line, this it! The extract itself tastes quite bitter - as it is not diluted with other ingredients. Take a small scoop and swallow it straight or drink it as a tea with hot water and a touch of honey. It works great as a gift to loved ones, work colleagues and family members!

Note: The box comes wrapped in a beautiful Korean cloth.

Customer Reviews

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E. (Oslo County, Norway)

This 100% pure organic red ginseng at its finest. I really enjoy the flavour and adding my own sweeteners (remember this is pure ginseng nothing else).
The price is reasonable for the quality of product I just wish you got a little more of the product for the cost. For example if you only take 1 teaspoon of this a day it will only last you about 25-28 days. So just under a month. If you are taking 2 tea spoons a day it will only last you 2 weeks.

Product Highlights

  • Ultra-premium, 6-year-old Red Ginseng extract 
  • 100% organic - grown without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides!
  • Contains very high amounts of ginseng saponins (70mg/g), the ingredient that produces all of the health benefits
  • Works great as a gift for colleagues and family members
  • 1 scoop jar contains 120g of extract

Organic 6-Year-Old Red Ginseng 

 Strong, bitter taste - packed with healthy nutrients

Organic Certified

This ginseng is grown organically - without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers!

Organic means principles-based farming, honest labor and a commitment to excellence.

When ginseng is cultivated without chemical fertilizers, it develops many tertiary roots to soak up as much nutrition from the soil. This is a sign of an organically-grown root!

Product In Brief

Ingredients list

100% Organic Ginseng (from Geoje)

How to consume

Take a teaspoons worth (3g), 1-2x per day

You can take it straight

Or mix with hot water, and a drizzle of honey

Product faq

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Q: How much should I eat in one serving?
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Q: How much saponins is in this extract?
Q: Where's it made?

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About The Brand

Goeje Farm is a regional producer from Geoje Island that specializes in health care products. Their CEO Soo Min Kim (pictured left) places a strong emphasis on transparency and "honest" manufacturing process. They grow organic ginseng and process extracts via a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Their facilities are also HACCP certified.

That's it folks!