[Haechandle] Traditional Doenjang (500g)

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Haechandle Traditional Doenjang

Korea's #1 Best-Selling Doenjang

[Haechandle] Traditional Doenjang

Haechandle Traditional Doenjang has been the Best-Selling Doenjang in Korea for 14 consecutive years!

It's become the standard flavor for Doenjang in Korea. This product has that classic doenjang flavor - with no additional seafood or beef flavor mixed in. It's perfect for people that enjoy the natural taste of Doenjang. Now, doenjang does have聽a strong funky smell - certainly much more than miso paste. However, the smell isn't overwhelmingly bad, at least to Korean standards. Haechandle rates it a 2/5 on their pungency rating system.聽聽

This Deonjang is the go-to paste for many homecooks. Use it to make classic Doenjang stew on a regular basis.

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Product Highlights

  • Best-Selling Doenjang for 14 years!
  • Classic Doenjang flavor - no flavors added
  • Size is 500 g
Haechandle Traditional Doenjang Product Matrix - Gochujar
Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

Soybean, Salt, Wheat Flour

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 1 year 3 months

    Before opening, store in a cool, dry area

    After opening, keep in refrigerator

      What to Make

      Doenjang Jjigae (Soybean Stew)

      Ssamjang (Korean Dip for Lettuce Wraps)

      Other Korean Soups & Stews

        About the Brand

        Haechandle has been fermenting traditional Korean pastes for the last 35 years. They are a well-known and trusted brand in Korea. 

          What is Doenjang?

          Doenjang - Gochujar

          Doenjang is Korea's version of miso paste - but bolder and more pungent. Doenjang has that funky scent of fermented foods, which transforms to deep, umami flavor when cooked. It's used to make one of Korea's most iconic soups, Doenjang Jjigae. Take a look below!

          How's it made?

          This is an educational overview of the traditional steps in making Doenjang.
          Note: This is not actual footage of Haechandle or their production processes.

          Product faq

          Q: Is it gluten-free?
          Q: Does this have MSG in it?
          Q: Does this have any animal products (like anchovies) in it?

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          About The Brand

          Haechandle Logo - Gochujar

          Haechandle means a 'field full of sun' in Korean. The company has been making traditional Korean pastes for the last 35 years. They ferment their pastes in large open fields, underneath the sun. This brand is owned and managed by the large food conglomerate CJ Cheiljedang. 

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