[Innisfree] Ugly Carrot Hand Soap & Cream Set

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[Innisfree] Ugly Carrot Hand Soap & Cream

Upcycling carrots from Jeju

[Innisfree] Ugly Carrot Hand Soap & Cream Set 

Every year, Innisfree purchases "ugly" carrots that are leftover from harvest on Jeju Island. These are the carrots that are bruised or very awkwardly shaped - too ugly to be sold at grocery markets. And they usually end up being thrown out...

But carrots (as you may know) are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants - which are also effective for skincare treatment.

Innisfree extracts water, oil and powder from these ugly carrots. And through their proprietary technology, processes them for use as ingredients in skincare. 

Carrot water & extract create the foundation for the Ugly Carrot Hand Soap. And carrot powder is also added to act as an exfoliator (yes, those small orange dots are not plastic microbeads - it's natural carrots!)

Next time, you're out of bathroom soap - considering bringin home some ugly carrots from Jeju! 

Offered as a Set: 1 x Hand Soap + 1 x Hand Cream

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Product Highlights

  • Made from natural carrots harvested in Jeju Island! 
  • The Hand Soap is pH balanced to 5.0 - cleans hands without eliminating the healthy bacteria
  • The Hand Cream has a nice, sherbet texture - absorbs nicely without an oily residue.
  • 1 Set contains 1 x Hand Soap + 1 Hand Cream
[Innisfree] Ugly Carrot
Hand Soap & Cream Set

What's Included in the Set? 

Ugly Carrot Hand Soap (250ml)

The specks that you see in the soap are bits of carrot powder* - helps to exfoliate skin.

(These are not plastic micro-beads)

When rubbed together, the gel turns into a soft foam.

pH-Balanced Soap

Your skin's natural pH is slightly acidic - between 5-6. Unlike typical bar soaps with a pH level of 12, Ugly Carrot Hand Soap is pH-balanced to 5.0. 

A pH-balanced soap will improve your skin's barrier function, help retain its moisture and have less flaking. It also helps healthy bacterial flora remain attached to the skin.

Made with Real Carrot

The Ugly Carrot Powder* exfoliates and remove dead skin cells - leaving behind a smooth, clean hand.

The soap is made with natural carrot water & carrot oil**

*Carrot Powder: 1 ppm included, 

** Carrot Water: 49,000ppm, Carrot Oil: 1 ppm (Sunflower Oil 0.95ppm + Carrot Extract Juice 0.05ppm) included

Ugly Carrot Hand Cream (50ml)

Deep Moisture (Not Sticky!)

Take care of your hands throughout the four seasons. Use this cream to deeply moisturize your hands - without that residual stickiness!

Summer Sherbet Texture

Take a look - it will remind you of summer sherbet cream. Enjoyable for anyone!

Made with Real Carrot

Natural carrot water & oil* is extracted from real carrots and then used as ingredients for this cream.

The cream rubs easily into your skin and helps your hand retain moisture for a long time. 

*Carrot Water: 49,000ppm, Carrot Oil: 1000 ppm (Sunflower Oil 950ppm + Carrot Extract Juice 50ppm) included


Innisfree purchases bruised, "ugly" carrots leftover from harvest on Jeju Island (Gujwa Province)

Carrot water, oil & powder are then extracted from the ugly carrots >> and converted for use in skincare.


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About The Brand

Innisfree is a major Korean skincare brand that specializes in skin products made with natural ingredients from Korea's Jeju Island. Jeju Island is blessed with clean, fresh air, as well as fertile soil. Innisfree's hit skincare ingredients include Jeju Green Tea, Orchid and Volcanic Ash. 

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