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[Intake] Morning Rice Porridge

During the last month, we've been having this rice porridge for breakfast - and we love it!

During the workdays, most would opt-in for 10 minutes of extra sleep - over breakfast. But with Intake's Rice Porridge Packets, you can get both. These innovative packets offer a convenient and discrete way to enjoy breakfast during your commute, whether it's on the bus, subway or car.

Does it taste good? The answer is yes! The rice porridge is made with 100% Korea-grown rice and mixed with other natural, complementary ingredients like sweet potato, sweet pumpkin or red beans. The porridge doesn't have that artificial store-bought taste - much more of a homemade flavor. That's because it doesn't have any MSG, food coloring or synthetic preservatives! 

My favorite part is that it's a grab-and-go breakfast - doesn't require any heating or cooking. The food is preserved using retort sterilization - in which the rice porridge is first vacuum-sealed in special retort packages and then steamed at high temperatures. This process allows the food to stay fresh at room temperature for up to 1 year.

Is it high in calories? No - the calorie count ranges from 60~125 kcal. Just enough to keep your belly filled and mind focused until lunch time. 

Intake offers 9 delicious flavors. If you're having trouble deciding, start with one of their best-sellers. Or try all 9 flavors with the Sampler Kit!

Customer Reviews

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Chestnut Flavor - Intake Morning Porridge Review

I really liked the flavor, I am a big fan of chestnut and it's difficult to find ANYTHING chestnut flavored where I live. The porridge was lightly sweet (not overly so), it has some nice bits of chestnut (and rice I think) so it's not a puree, which I prefer. I like the portion and calorie control of having the packets, and at under 100 kcal (the chestnut is 80 kcal per packet) it tastes delicious and isn't overly indulgent for a small meal/meal replacement.

The only reason I withdrew a star is because I was looking around on the web to see if it was possible to purchase elsewhere, and another site had completely translated the ingredients for the chestnut porridge, which included MILK. I had assumed that there was milk in the korean milk flavor and the banana milk flavor, but there was no indication on this website that the chestnut flavor had milk. While not allergic to milk, I avoid it because I have an immune response (systemic inflammation) to casein (a milk protein). I have no idea if any of the other flavors contain milk, but I would caution anyone who avoids milk to ASK for a specific flavor's full ingredient list before you purchase.

AK (England, United Kingdom)
Taste Amazing

The Morning Rice Porridge is perfect for breakfast as it is handy and easy to drink. Personally, I prefer it cold than room temperature.

Sivaporn P.
Grab n go breakfast 😋

They are very convenient and taste good. I lovev it.

Sophia J.
Deliciousness in a pouch <3

I got super excited when this product became available on Gochujar - I love rice porridge. There are times where I just want a nice bowl of hot porridge in the morning to wake me up or settle my stomach. But, it can take a while to make, and I don't have the time in the morning before work. As I don't like super sweet foods, I decided to try the red bean (somewhere in the middle of the bland to sweet flavors). I was not disappointed. After two intervals of 10 seconds (mixing the pouch in between heatings), I can eat comforting rice porridge (a taste of home) at work in the mornings while getting ready/waking up before really buckling down. The red bean is sweet, but not overly so = perfection. I've already ordered two more flavors... and, will most likely to order more in the future.

Dawn L.
Banana Milk

These are great to use an on-the-go breakfast or snack. All of them tasted pretty good but the best flavor was the banana milk.

Product Highlights

  • Healthy morning porridge - low in calories!
  • Made with Korean-grown rice & natural ingredients - no MSG, food color or any synthetic preservatives!
  • Stays fresh at room temperature for up to 1 year - via retort sterilization & packaging 
  • No need to cook or heat-up - open package and enjoy!
  • Choose from 9 delicious flavors (7 packets per box)
Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

Rice & Natural Ingredients (Details below)

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 1 year

    Store in a cool, dry area

      How to consume

      Simply open package and eat

        About The Brand

        Intake is a Korean foods company that specializes in healthy, on-the-go meals. They specialize in creating breakfast foods and meal replacements to match the pace of Seoul. Their recent hit item has been their Morning Porridge series.

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          About The Brand

          Intake is a Korean foods company that specializes in healthy, on-the-go meals. They specialize in creating breakfast foods and meal replacements to match the pace of Seoul. Their recent hit item has been their Morning Porridge series.  

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