[Kim Yoon Hae] 100% Handmade Premium Organic Yuja Tea

[Kim Yoon Hae] 100% Handmade Premium Organic Yuja Tea

100% Organic, Handmade

[Kim Yoon Hae] 100% Handmade Premium Organic Yuja Tea

This is hands down - one of the best yuja teas we've ever had in Korea!

It's produced by Kim Yoon Hae.

Yoon Hae operates a local organic Yuja (Yuzu) farm in the city of Wando (South Jeolla Province).

Wando is located in the southern tip of Korea - where land meets sea (it's further south then Busan).

This land receives plenty of sunshine throughout the year and regular gusts of nutrient-rich sea breeze - making it an ideal place to grow Yuzu.

Yoon Hae cultivates her Yuzu 100% organically - with absolutely no pesticides or chemical fertilizers!

She comments that her Yuja don't always grow perfectly shaped or very large (without chemical fertilizers), but she sleeps well knowing that her fruit and products are chemical-free.

To maximize flavor, Yoon Hae uses ONLY the peel (rind) of the Yuzu fruit (as opposed to include the inside of the fruit) when making this marmalade.

The rind contains the majority of the flavor and natural oils.

(Many larger producers will throw in the slightly bitter flesh to increase yield)

Furthermore, this Yuzu Marmalade contains only two ingredients: Organic Yuzu & Organic Sugar.

That's it! No artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

To enjoy as hot tea, simply place a few scoopfuls of Yuzu marmalade into a cup and mix with some hot water.

Perfect as an after-meal tea, or when you feel under-the-weather.

It'll energize your body and spirit.

Sold in large 1 kg jar.

Note: Please store in the refrigerator after you receive the product.

Even if the product hasn't been opened, keep it stored in the refrigerator (to keep it lasting longer as there is no added preservatives).

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Product Highlights

  • Handmade with 100% Organic Ingredients - no additives or artificial preservatives! 
  • Yuzu grown organicall in- Wando County, South Jeolla Province
  • Spread it over toast in the morning or make a hot tea (for after meals)
  • One of Korea's Best-Tasting Yuja Tea!
  • Available in large size - 1kg
[Kim Yoon Hae] 100%
Organic Yuja Tea

Kim Yoon Hae grows 100% Organic Yuja!

Yoon Hae states that the flavor of Yuzu comes primarily from the rind (peel) - not the fruit!

So it's essential to grow them organic - to avoid spraying the fruit with pesticides and covering them with toxic chemicals.

Without chemical fertilizers, Yoon Hae states that her Yuzu doesn't always grow "pretty" or perfectly "symmetrical"...

... but she can share her product with full confidence - no worry or guilt!

Where is the Yuzu grown? 

Yoon Hae's farm is located in the southern tip of Korea - in a coastline province called Wando

It receives an abundance of sunshine -  along with ocean breezes.

The climate makes her Yuzu grow strong and plump - with a deep, citrus flavor!

Why makes Yoon Hae's Marmalade special?

Yoon Hae's Yuja Marmalade is made with ONLY the rind (or peel).

The peel contains the majority of the fruit's natural flavors & concentrated oils. 

(Larger brands tend to add in bits of fruit to increase yield.)

But the actual fruit tastes bitter & sour.

The only other ingredient is organic sugar (that's it!)

(Other major brands add a variety of artificial sweeteners and preservatives)

100% Organic & Handmade

This marmalade contains natural Yuja peel - it's perfectly ok to eat it as you sip on the tea!

 Spread the marmalade over a piece of toast or use it to make tea... 

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