[King Yeoju] Premium Yeoju Rice (Jinsang Variety) - 4kg / 9lbs


[King Yeoju] Premium Yeoju Grown Rice 4kg / 9lbs

Taste of Royal Court, Premium Korean Rice

[King Yeoju] Premium Yeoju Rice - 4kg Bag

Today, we introduce the rice brand that we eat and regularly recommend to others here in Korea!

It’s a premium-grade rice strain cultivated in Yeoju.

(Yeoju is the first region in Korea to be specially designated for rice cultivation, research and advancement - the area receives deeps sunshine throughout the year and benefits from natural, nutrient-dense soil).

This rice variety from Yeoju is called Jinsang (진상).

The Jinsang rice strain was developed in Korea to replicate the rice that the former Korean emperors enjoyed during the Dynasty era.

Its genealogy lies between Meppsal Rice (everyday Korean white rice) and Chappsal Rice (glutinous rice used to make rice cakes and desserts). 

Jinsang rice contains less amylose and protein. (Rice with high amylose tends to cook firm and dry).

As a result, when cooked properly, this Jinsang rice looks shiny, almost glossy... with a very smooth, chewing texture!

If you want to switch-out the rice from your local mart and try a premium strain from Korea, we highly recommend this Yeoju-native rice!

This rice is offered in a large 4kg bag (~9lbs).

If you eat Korean (or Asian) food regularly, this will be used up in no time!

Store the rice in a cool, dry area of your pantry.

For longer keeping, place into a container and store in refrigerator.

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Product Highlights

  • Premium short-grain, white rice - grown in Yeoju, Korea
  • Jinsang rice strain was developed in Korea to replicate the rice that the Korean emperors used to eat during the Dynasty era.
  • This premium rice has a shiny, glossy finish with a smooth, chewing texture.
  • Available in a large 4kg bag (9lbs) - perfect size if you cook Korean (Asian) food regularly!

[King Yeoju] Premium Yeoju Rice - Jinsang (4 kg)

Carrying on Yeoju's Tradition of Premium Rice... 

This is King Yeoju's Jinsang Rice. 

What makes Yeoju special? 

Yeoju has a local climate that best represents Korea's national weather - deep, mellow sunlight with distinct seasons (ideal for growing rice).

The Paldang waters of Yeosu are also officially protected - making it safe for growing crops!

Most importantly, the soil in Yeoju contains high organic content - leading to nutrient-rich grains.

As such, Yeoju is the first region in Korea to be specially designated in Korea for rice harvesting & research.

This rice is the byproduct of decades of hard work and effort by Yeoju Rice Farming Organization.

What is Jinsang? 

The signature rice strain grown in Yeoju is called "Jinsang".

This rice variety was developed to replicate the rice that the Korean emperor used to eat during the Dynasty era. 

Jinsang Rice contains less amounts of amylose and protein  (high amylose tends to cook dry and firm).

When cooked, Jinsang rice has a glossy appearance and very smooth chewing texture.

Storage Tips

Store in a cool, dry area of your pantry.

For extended keep, store in your refrigerator.

Avoid keeping in humid or sunny areas!

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