[Market Kurly] Premium Gijang Dashima (For Broth) - 2 Package Set


[Market Kurly] Premium Gijang Dashima - 2 Package Set

Harvested Fresh, Off the Busan Coast

[Market Kurly] Premium Gijang Dashima (For Broth)

Among Korean foodies, there's a saying that "the broth never lies".

One sip - and you'll know whether the soup/stew was cooked with real anchovy & dashima broth ... or made with instant "dashida" powder.

That's why you'll see a package of dried dashima (kelp) tucked away in every Korean pantry.

Today, we present a famous dashima - harvested in the waters of Busan (near Gijang-gun to be specific).

Gijang County's coastline is special - as it's where the East & South Sea collide. There, the water is rich with micro-plankton, making it easy for kelp and seaweed to grow and thrive.

During Korea's Dynasty days, seaweed & kelp harvested in Gijang was sent directly to the Royal Court - a testament to the quality of Gijang Dashima.

Furthermore, this specific Gijang Dashima product is harvested during the months of May & June, when its flavor profile and nutrient level is the highest.

Note: This dashima is not pre-cut into squares. Rather, you can break-off a desired amounts and use as needed.

Store in cool, dry area (away from the sun) or in the freezer.

This product is offered in a set of 2 packages.

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Product Highlights

  • Premium whole dashima for deep-tasting broth
  • Harvested off the waters of Gijang (Busan) - special designated area in Korea for high-quality seaweed & dashima
  • Picked during May & June - during its peak nutrition
  • Use it to make your favorite Korean soups & stews
  • Available in sets of 2 large boxes 

- [Market Kurly] Gijang Dashima (2 Packages) - 

Gijang Coast, Busan

Where East & South Sea Meet... 

Drive up the coast of Haeundae Beach in Busan (towards the direction of Ulsan), and you'll soon come across the waters of Gijang. This is where the East Sea and South Sea collide - the water is rich with plankton, and the seaweed and kelp grow long and strong.

Gijang Seaweed & Kelp has had a premium reputation throughout Korea's history. During the Dynasty days, it was delivered directly to the Royal Court. Nowadays, this Gijang area has received special designation by the government, so it can continue its tradition of high-quality seaweed cultivation & harvesting.

The dashima we present today is cut during the spring months of May & June - when the seaweed is packed with nutrition and flavor. It's then left to dry in the sun. Followed by a thorough inspection and then packaged for delivery. 

The dashima comes in whole pieces. Break off pieces and boil it to create a deep-tasting, Korean Stock Broth!

Product In Brief

Ingredient List

Kelp (100%)

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 2 years

    Store in a cool, dry area

    For extended storage, store in freezer

      What to Make

      Korean Stock Broth

      Korean Soups & Stews

        How its Made

        Kelp pieces are harvested during May & June.

        Then left to dry out in the sun.

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