[Mcgguroom] Traditional Gochujang (500g)

[Mcgguroom] Traditional Gochujang (500g)

Traditional Flavor, All-Natural Ingredients

[Mcgguroom] Traditional Gochujang

Today we introduce Mcgguroom’s Traditional Gochujang. 

When making gochujang, either (1) glutinous rice powder, (2) flour or (3) regular rice powder is used to bind ingredients.

This gochujang is made using the first option - glutinous rice powder.

As a result, this gochujang has a more glutinous (sticky) texture, along with a glossy look - more appetizing!

It’s the traditional way to make gochujang.

And we personally think it’s one of the best-tasting gochujang in Korea.

Unlike mass-produced gochujang, this artisan-made gochujang contains no preservatives, MSG, additives or sugar!

It’s made with five natural ingredients:

- Gochugaru (37%), Glutinous Rice Powder (36.5%), Meju Powder [Soybeans], Rice Syrup, Sea Salt

Then left to ferment the traditional way in large Korean Jangdok vases for 12 months.

Use this gochujang to make the best bibimbap sauce. Or use in any spicy Korean recipe.

Absolutely delicious!

Since 1989, Food Master Seong Myeong Rae has been carrying the tradition of making Korean fermented pastes & sauces.

Mcgguroom is a local artisan business based in Gyeonsangbukdo province (photos below).

In 1989, she started with only a few Jangdok vases (fermentation jars).

But now, she produces over 4000+ vases worth of fermented pastes & sauces every year.

Seong Myeong Rae has also received distinction as a “Food Grand Master (No. 45)” by the Korean Government.

This Traditional Gochujang is available in 250 and 500g.

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Product Highlights

  • Traditional fermentation in 3000+ large Jangdok jars (장독대)
  • Made with 5 natural ingredients - no added sugar, preservatives or additives!  
  • Spicy, salty, earthy & deeply savory
  • Available in two sizes: 500g and 250g 

[Mcgguroom] Traditional Gochujang (500g)

[Mcgguroom] Traditional Gochujang

Size: 500g

Country of Origin: Korea

After opening, please store in refrigerator

Ingredients list: Gochugaru, Glutinous Rice Powder, Meju Powder (Soybeans), Rice Syrup, Sea Salt

500 grams

250 grams

About Mcgguroom

Since 1989, Food Master Seong Myeong Rae has been making fermented Korean pastes and sauces - following traditional techniques

The ingredients are fermented in 4000+ large Jangdok vases  (장독대) - for at least 12 months! 

Close-up view of Mcgguroom's Traditional Gochujang

Ingredients list:

Gochugaru (37%), Glutinous Rice Powder (36.5%), Meju Powder [Soybeans], Rice Syrup, Sea Salt

Nutritional Info: 

Every 100g has 214 calories | 1 jar contains 500g

Sodium 2300mg (115%), Carbohydrate 41g (13%), Sugar 8g (8%), Fat 3.3g (6%), Trans Fat 0g (0%), Saturated Fat 0.6g (4%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Protein 5.61g (10%)

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