[Muhwadang] Low Carb Gochujang (250g)


[Muhwadang] Gochujang Jar

Low Carb, Low Sugar - Premium Gochujang Taste!

[Muhwadang] Low Carb Gochujang (250g)

Bibimbap, Tteokbokki, etc… classic Korean dishes require a generous dollop of spicy gochujang paste.

But for those who have stricter dietary requirements, we offer a low-sugar, low-carb gochujang!

Typically, gochujang is made with glutinous rice powder (찹쌀갈루). It’s mixed with water and the slurry is added to Korean chili flakes to create a paste.

In this gochujang, the glutinous rice powder is replaced with soybean (meju) powder. This reduces the carbohydrates amount by 40%!

Sugar - or Mulyeot (corn syrup) - is also typically used to sweeten bulk-produced gochujang.

In this gochujang, the sugar is replaced with allulose (a natural sweetener). This substitution reduces sugar content to about 1/8th.

Best of all, 100% of the ingredients are sourced locally in Korea - not imported from China!

But what about the taste?

This gochujang has a traditional, artisan gochujang taste - even slightly spicier.

If you enjoy making spicy Korean dishes, cook worry-free with this low-carb, low-sugar Gochujang!

One jar contains 250g.

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Product Highlights

  • Traditional gochujang - made with healthier ingredients!
  • Glutinous rice powder is replaced with meju soybean powder - 40% less carbs!
  • Sweetened with allulose - which does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels!
  • Spicy, earthy and packed with flavor
  • 1 container contains 250g
[Muhwadang] Low Carb Gochujang

[Muhwadang] Original Gochujang

This gochujang includes NO sugar, mulyeot or glutinous rice!

Gochujang is an essential ingredient for spicy Korean dishes

Tteokbokki, Dakbokkeum-tang, Gochujang Bulgogi...

Use this gochujang without worry - simple ingredient list!

Plus it's made without sugar and has 40% less carbs

Carbs reduced by 40%↓ Sugar reduced to 1/8th↓ 

Instead of glutinous rice powder, Meju (Soybean) Powder is used to thicken the paste (carbs ↓)

Instead of sugar, Allulose (a natural sweetener) is used to sweeten the paste (calories ↓)

100% of the ingredients are from Korea - not imported from China!

Full Ingredients List: 

Gochugaru (Red Chili) Flakes  (27.3%), Korean Soy Sauce (21.8%), Liquid Allulose, Anchovy Fish Sauce, Sea Salt, Meju Soybean Powder, Water

Please store in refrigerator after opening

Nutrition Info 

86 calories per serving | 1 serving is 100g* | Total serving 250g

Sodium 3031.9mg (152%), Carbohydrates 28.47g (9%), Sugar 4.42g (4%),  Fat 2.1g (4%),  Trans Fat 0g (0%), Saturated Fat 0.36g (2%), Cholesterol 0.87mg (0%), Protein 6.16g (11%)

*100 grams is listed as a 1-person serving... which is nearly 1/2 the entire jar!
In actuality, 10-30g is typically used in most recipes (1-2 spoonfuls)

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