[Nature Holic] Mungyeong Grown Omija Berries (300 grams)

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[Nature Holic] Dried Omija Berries

Premium-Grade, Grown in Mungyeong Province

[Naemome Herbs] Mungyeong Grown Omija Berries

Omija Berries (also known as Magnolia Berries) have been used for centuries in Korea as medicine.

That's because Omija Berries are packed with antioxidants which reduce free radical buildup in your body. (Free radicals are volatile molecules that injure cells and cause your body to breakdown)

They're also considered an adaptogen - which are natural herbs that support the body's natural ability to deal with stress. The berries help stabilize the levels of stress-associated compounds in the blood - which keep negative effects of stress like fatigue and fogginess at bay.<

Now, the list of health benefits from these berries continue (you can Google it!)

But the best part is its unique taste! When eaten, the berries contains all five flavor profiles: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and pungent (spicy).

Today, we present to you one of Korea's Premium-Grade Omija Berries.

These Omija berries are grown in Mungyeong (a mountainous city located in North Gyeongsang, near the Sobaek mountains). Mungyeong is famous in Korea for producing the best-quality omija. Every year, festivals are held there and many tourists from all-around Korea come to harvest Omija berries. 

One sample of these Mungyeong berries and you'll notice the quality - deep dark-red, naturally-dried and pleasantly tart.

If you're interested in trying Korean Omija Tea, this is a great choice!

Note: Schisandra Berries are possibly unsafe when taken during pregnancy - there is some evidence that it might cause the uterus to contract (stay on the safe side and avoid use if you're pregnant).

Customer Reviews

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Myengja r.P. (Ontario, Canada)
Omija Berries

I love this omija berries and the most an excellent product. I makes lovely tea with honey every. I'll buy again.

Karmila H. (British Columbia, Canada)
Love it!

This was perfect to have for summer months. It was a new taste at first. I played around with the omija and water proportions. I liked it with more omija to get more of the all the flavours. The addition of sugar adds a different experience to the omija taste. It is definitely thirst quenching. Definitely going to buy more when mine runs out.

Product Highlights

  • Premium-Grade Dried Omija Berries (Grown 100% locally in Mungyeong)
  • Contains five flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and pungent
  • Contains antioxidants to rid body of free radicals; helps boost immunity and metabolize sugar 
  • Drink it like flavored water (instead of sugary drinks!)
  • 1 Bag contains 300 grams
Premium Dried Omija Berries (300 g)

What are Omija Berries?

They are medicinal berries that are grown in the mountainous regions of Korea (400-700m above sea level)

Omija berries are commonly known as "Five-Flavor Berries"

They contain all five basic flavors: salty, sweet, sour, pungent (spicy) and bitter

These medicinal berries are grown 100% locally in Mungyeong Province

(Not imported from China)

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Gochujar's Checklist


• 100% Korean Grown Omija Berries


• Before opening, store in cool, dry place. 

• After opening, store in refrigerator (to keep for longer).


• Measure 20g (1/4 cup) or 30g (1/3 cup) of dried berries.

• Quickly rinse in water. Then soak in cold 2L of drinking water. 

• Place in refrigerator and let it steep for 12 hours 


• 2 years beyond packaging date

• Packaging date printed on package

How to make Omija Tea

Product faq

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Q: How do I make Omija Tea?
Q: How frequently can I have Omija Tea?
Q: Is this safe to drink during pregnancy?
Q: Where are the Omija Berries grown?

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