[Nonfiction] Signature Hand Cream - 6 Types

Nonfiction - Korean Brand

Unique Fragrance, Distinctive Mood

[Nonfiction] Signature Hand Cream - 6 Types

Nonfiction is one of Korea’s trendiest lifestyle beauty brands.

The label formulates perfumes, scented hand creams and body washes.

And it’s quickly become one of Korea’s go-to fragrance brands.

Nonfiction’s products are divided into its six signature scents:

  • Santal Cream - woody notes, fresh fig, cardamom
  • Gentle Night - green tea, sweet flowers, suede
  • Gaiac Flower - wild flower, woody aroma, sensual
  • Forget Me Not - sparkling champagne, citrus, basil
  • In the Shower - rain-soaked soil, smoked leaves, wind
  • For Rest - hinoki cypress, yuzu, frankincense

Each of these unique scents has its own narrative (detailed in product page).

And they smell incredible!

The creams will spread with warmth into your hands, leaving a distinctive mood and impression around you.

Furthermore, they are rich in shea butter and vitamins that absorb instantly - taking care of your dry hands with revitalizing elements.

All of Nonfiction’s products ingredients are clean.

The formulas exclude 17 harmful substances such as sulphate, paragon and pthatalate.

Gift one of Korea’s unique hand creams to friends, family and colleagues.

Size is 50ml.

(Editor Note: If you’re having trouble selecting, Gentle Night is their #1 best-selling scent).

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Product Highlights

  • NONFICTION is a trending, boutique beauty brand from Seoul, Korea
  • Crafted with clean ingredients and are free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates
  • Handcreams are offered in 6 signature scents
  • Available in 50ml - made in Korea

[Nonfiction] Hand Cream

Select 1 from 6 varieties: 

01. Santal Cream - Hand Cream

02. Gentle Night - Hand Cream

03. Gaiac Flowers - Hand Cream

04. Forget Me Not - Hand Cream

05. In the Shower - Hand Cream

06. For Rest - Hand Cream

Size: 50ml

(Details listed below)



"Serene and languid moments culminated by a harmony of vetiver, sandalwood, and fresh cardamom”

Lovers' chat in the warmth of lazy afternoon. With the sophisticate balance of fresh fig and woody notes, Santal Cream represents Nonfiction’s mood and the brand’s language. While sandalwood and vetiver deliver gentle calmness, freshly crushed cardamom spice draw impression in the atmosphere. The creamy scent on your skin will turn every mundane moment into the most picturesque memories.

Notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Fig, Cardamom, Ginger, Bergamot.



"Epicene beauty blended with warmth of sweet suede, calming cedarwood, vanilla, and musk"

A subtle equilibrium of boldness and sweetness. Gentle Night dramatically captures the duality that lies in every subject. Like the turning of day and night, harmony of lines and curves, passionate gaze and tender smile – its transparent top note of green tea and sweet flowers metamorphose into simple and straight forward touch of suede, moss and cedarwood, and then finishes with the shade of mild vanilla and musk to give a symphonic sensation to the night.

Notes: Suede, White Tea, Fig, Moss, Cedarwood, Musk



"Smoky twists of innocence and sensuality of oriental flowers"

A wildflower blossoming in the smoky cloud of woody aroma. This fragrance exudes sheer femininity by rendering an evolution from purity to sensuality. When the voluptuous smell of amber and musk start to gently soak into the clear scent of fresh-blown flower, oriental note of guaiac wood superimposes and embraces the air. Sensual, yet remaining innocent and untainted, the soothing paradox comes into existence.

Notes: Wild Rose, Guaiac, Oriental, Vanilla, Amber



“Mystic and captivating aroma of citrus blended with notes of spicy pepper, amber, and green”

A glass of sparkling champagne with a sprinkle of freshly nipped basil leaves. Zest of pepper and creamy amber drape a layer of alluring mystery. A touch of spicy green note invites the conventional citrus into the unforgettable realm of senses, the sole world of moments you will never want to forget.

Notes: Basil, Pink Pepper, Green, Gardenia, Amber



"A fresh interpretation of woody fragrance enhanced with Campari accord"

A dense forest drenched in a shower of rain. Scents of rain-soaked soil and smoked leaves are reminiscent of brisk wind. In the Shower is a new interpretation of the paradoxical combination of dark forest and airy Campari accord. Rain pours down, filling the air with crushed citrus and mingling with scent of drenched soil. Smoky aftertaste lingers around where fallen leaves were collected and burned. Rustiness of patchouli and mystic Guaiac slowly permeate the air and disperse to reveal the sensual silhouette of the forest in the change of season.

Notes: Patchouli, Tobacco, Bitter orange, Campari, Guaiac


FOR REST (50ml)

“Subtle and modern scent completed by a combination of hinoki, yuzu, nutmeg and frankincense”

Fragrant steam rises from forest-enveloped hot spring. A cooling breeze strokes the hair and moist-covered rocks are coiled with moss. As the breathing deepens, fragments of memory continue to sink and float. Based on the subtle sensitivity of woody musk, FOR REST captures an imagery of silent respite in the middle of the woods, blended with a refreshing and mystic air. A sip of fresh yuzu tea sliding through well blended woody accord with mineral, hinoki and incense completes its' modern mood with slight spicy touch of nutmeg and black pepper.

Notes: Patchouli, Tobacco, Bitter orange, Campari, Guaiac


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