[Nonfiction] Signature Scented Candle (200g) - 3 Types

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[Nonfiction] Scented Candle

Nonfiction is one of Korea’s trendiest self-care brands.

Seoul-based, Nonfiction turns everyday rituals into a celebration of the self with its line of fragrances, body washes and hand lotions.

Today, we present their signature candles!

These elegant scented candles are presented in a gracefully-designed, Korean porcelain container (Baekja).

Light it in your personal spaces / bedroom / living room.

Experience serene beauty. Sophisticated scents that blend-in with surrounding spaces.

It’s available in 3 signature scents in 200g:

  • Lapsang Song - Think smokiness lingering around a fireplace. Depth of night depicted with smoked tea leaves, vanilla beans and cardamom

  • Peace Talk - A coziness of blondwood and softness with depth of sandalwood

  • Table Guest - An earthy scent full of moist bright green vines, blooming scent of freesia, and the freshness of spearmint

These home fragrances were developed in collaboration with legendary French perfumer Domitille Michalon-Bertier (at IFF-LMR Fragrance Institute - Paris).

This is a soy-blended wax candle - diffuses scent well and is non-toxic (MIT/CMIT toxicity testing passed).

How do I use?

Usage tips: Light the candle to burn wax surface evenly. Always keep the wick shorter than 5mm. Use a snuffer to extinguish candle light.

Note: Nonfiction also offers these scents in a room perfume that can be spritzed - click here.

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Product Highlights

  • Nonfiction is one of Korea’s trendiest self-care brands
  • Signature scented candles - presented in Korean porcelain containers (baekja)
  • Offered in 3 signature scents: Table Guest, Peace Talk, Lapsang Song
  • Candles made with soy-blend wax - non toxic (MIT/CMIT testing passed)
  • Available in 200g. Made in Korea.

[Nonfiction] Signature Scented Candle (200g)

NONFICTION's Scented Candles are presented in gracefully-designed, elegant Korean porcelain containers (baekja)

Experience serene beauty that blends quietly with surrounding spaces.

Availabe in 3 varieties: 

01. Scented Candle - LAPSANG SONG

02. Scented Candle - PEACE TALK

03. Scented Candle - TABLE GUEST

Size: 200g (7oz)

(Details listed below)

01. Scented Candle - Lapsang Song


Size: 200g (7oz)

Smokiness lingering around a fireplace. Depth of night depicted with smoked tea leaves, vanilla beans and cardamom. LAPSANG SONG unveils an imagery of spaces filled with uniqueness and character. Variations of the middle note are unleashed with subtle yet sharp scent of roses, suede accord, and then creaminess of sandalwood to reveal dramatic sensuality, seeping through time.

Notes: Smoked Tea, Leather, Sandalwood, Cardamom LMR

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02. Scented Candle - Peace Talk


Size: 200g (7oz)

Comforting words to share at the end of a long day with tenderness. Coziness of blondwood and softness with depth of sandalwood. PEACE TALK will give warmth and comfort, just like a piece of soft and fluffy blanket. Nuanced aroma of cardamom and elemi shall offer refined energy to awaken stagnant and sluggish inner self.

Notes: Blondwood, Sandalwood LMR, Cardamom LMR, Elemi

Promo: watch below (volume on)

03. Scented Candle - Table Guest


Size: 200g (7oz)

Sweet smelling air to signal start of summer. Blackcurrant ripening to purple and breeziness of fresh greens. TABLE GUEST illustrates heart-fluttering moments sprinked with splendidness in any start of wonderful stories. Earthy scent full of moist from bright green vines, blooming scent of freesia, freshness of spearmint shall portray images of summer garden filled with vibrance.

Notes: Blackcurrant LMR, Freesia, Ivy leaf, Patchouli LMR


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