[Ssanggye] King's Royal Tea - Basic Sampler Box

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[Ssangye] Traditional King's Tea - Basic Sampler Box

Sample 4 Premium Traditional Teas

[Ssanggye] King's Royal Tea - Basic Sampler Box

Today, we present Sanggye's Traditional King's Tea - Basic Sampler Box.

The Basic Sampler Box contains 4 types of premium-grade, blended teas:

Body-Warming Cinnamon & Ginger, Mt. Jirisan Wild Pear, Jerusalem Artichoke (Sunroot) & Four Yellow Tea. 

Each blend contains a balanced mix of traditional Korean-grown herbs, fruits and leaves. Some teas will re-energize your tired body, while others calm your jumpy mind. 

The color, aroma and flavor of each blend is unique and very enjoyable. 

Note: Each blend comes with 3 tea bags (4 blends x 3 tea bags = 12 tea bags) - so you can retry your favorite flavors. 

The owner and CEO of Ssanggye - Mr Kim Dong Goon - has been growing tea leaves in Mt. Jirisan for many decades. He cultivates and harvests them the traditional way and directly inspects each batch for color, aroma and taste. These premium grade leaves are then carefully sorted, packaged and blended into signature teas.

This King Tea Collection is typically showcased and sold in Seoul Department Stores.

If you're looking for a memorable, premium gift for a friend or family member - this is it!

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Product Highlights

  • Basic Sampler Box, containing 4 different Korean blended herbal teas
  • Tea leaves are harvested the traditional way and blended by experienced Korean tea artisans
  • Comes packaged in a beautiful lavendar box - perfect for gifting friends or colleagues
  • Each flavor comes with 3 tea bags (4 Blends x 3 Tea Bags = 12 Total Tea Bags)
  • Sample some of Korea's Finest Blended Teas!
[Ssanggye] Traditional King's Tea 
Basic Sampler Box

Sample Korea's best-tasting teas!

Sampler box contains 4 traditional flavors

Each blend is made with hand-selected, premium ingredients

Made in HACCP certified facilities

Popular gift item among 30 year olds

Marked with traditional King's Seal

Each of the 4 flavors contains 3 tea bags -  total of 12 tea bags

What's Inside the Sampler? 

1. Body Warming Cinnamon & Ginger

Amount: 3 Tea Bags
Taste: Aromatic, Slightly Spicy Ginger, blended with Quince & Cinnamon. A tea that will warm-up your body!
Ingredients: Ginger (49.8%), Quince, Cinnamon (12%), Fermented Green Tea Leaves, Licorice, Cnidium, Goji Berry, Stevia Leaves, Blended Ginger Mixture

2. Mt Jirisan Wild Pear

Amount: 3 Tea Bags
Taste: Sweet & tangy mixture of Wild Pear & Quince.  Helps to re-energize both the body and mind!
Ingredients: Wild Pear (49.7%), Quince 20%, Fermented Green Tea Leaves, Ginger,  Hydrangea Leaves, Stevia Leaves, Blended Peach Mixture 

3. Jerusalem Artichoke (Sunroot) Tea

Amount: 3 Tea Bags
Taste: Deep, re-energizing, savory flavor from Jerusalem Artichoke - blended with slightly tart goji berries! 
Ingredients: Jerusalem Artichoke (Sunroot), Goji Berries, Hazelnut Mixture

4. Four Yellow Tea

Amount: 3 Tea Bags
Taste: A tea blend made with bellflower, wild mint and other flavorful ingredients - multi-layered aroma & taste! 
Ingredients: Bellflower, Deodeok, Wild Mint, Swordbean Pods, Tangerine Peel, Mongolian Milkvetch, Licorice, Peach Mixture

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About The Brand

Ssanggye specializes in premium-grade tea leaves. The owner and tea connoisseur- Mr. Dong Gon Kim - was raised in Mt. Jirisan and began harvesting tea leaves at a very young age. He uses only Korean-grown ingredients for his teas. Ssanggye is labelled as premium-grade tea and sold in Korean department stores. 

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