[Kisoondo] Strawberry Gochujang Paste


[Kisoondo] Strawberry Gochujang Paste

K-Ribbon Selection, Unique Strawberry Flavor

[Kisoondo] Strawberry Gochujang

Today, we introduce a unique flavor of gochujang!

This is Kisoondo's Strawberry Gochujang.

It's made by mixing Kisoondo's Traditional Gochujang + Fresh Strawberries! 

The gochujang brings a spicy, funky, salty & deeply savory taste.

While the strawberries add a touch of sweetness - to round out that spice!

It's simply perfect for K-BBQ meat marinades, for basting freshly-grilled seafood or oven-roasted vegetables. 

Similar to their other product, this Strawberry Gochujang is made with only natural ingredients:

Strawberry 30%, Gochujang 70% [Glutinous Rice, Gochugaru, Meju Powder, Roasted Bamboo Salt, Soy Sauce, Malt]

It contains no preservatives, additives, refined sugar or MSG.

The Gochujang is then left to rest and ferment in large Korean Hanggari pots.

If you're the type that likes to experiment with new flavors, this is a great choice!

Available in 3 sizes: 230g, 320g & 500g


Since 1972, Kisoondo has been making premium traditional Korean pastes and soy sauces.

Kisoondo is owned and operated by Master Ki Soon Do.

Master Ki, the current matriarch of the family, has been making these pastes the same traditional way for years, following the secret recipe and traditions passed down for over 360 years.

Her operations now yields over 1000+ large Hanggari pots each season.

Master Ki has received distinction as a Korean Food Grand Master by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sharon C. (Massachusetts, United States)
My favourite gochujang

I sometimes find the regular gochujang flavor a little too strong for making cold noodles sauce, so I was really glad I found this strawberry flavored one. It is very pricey but other online shops in the US are often out of stock. I could not go back to using regular grocery store gochujang after having this one from Kisoondo, so expensive or not, I am stocking up...

Chua M. (Singapore)
My Favourite!

I have not use this yet but I'm very sure it's going to taste amazing. Why? Because I loved good gochujang and strawberries! Promise I will make something with this very soon.😘😍

Jesica P. (Madhya Pradesh, India)

Love this product

esp915 (Pennsylvania, United States)
Amazing Gochujang!

My order just arrived today (earlier than expected, even with the projected delay! Items were expertly wrapped with care) and I've already tried every product I ordered. If you like the combination of sweet and spicy, you will love this. I tried it by itself and mixed in rice with gaeran mari and it is sooo good! It definitely has a sweet note (like in a honey barbeque sauce) and I could tell there was strawberry in there, but it wasn't overly sweet. I can't wait to try it as a marinade, as a dipping sauce for barbeque, or in homemade ssamjang!!!! I can also think of some creative ways to use it in sweets (possibly in something chocolate). Definitely worth the price and you probably won't find anything like this outside of Korea! Thank you Gochujar =D

Odessa W. (Washington, United States)
Unexpected taste

I grew up on the traditional gochujang, so I was excited to try this one. I was pleasantly surprised at the mix of sweet and spicey. Not too sweet and not too spicy. I used it to make spicy chicken and it was delicious!

Product Highlights

  • Strawberry Gochujang was awarded K-Ribbon Selection in 2021!
  • Unique strawberry flavor - made with Korea-grown strawberries
  • All natural - no preservatives, additives or refined sugars
  • Use it as a K-BBQ marinade or for roasting vegetables
  • Available in 3 sizes: 230g (pouch), 320g (jar) or 500g (jar)

[Kisoondo] Strawberry Gochujang

[Kisoondo] Strawberry Gochujang 

Size: 230g, 320g or 500g

Country of Origin: Korea

After opening, please store in refrigerator

Kisoondo's Strawberry Gochujang distinguished as a K-Ribbon Selection in 2021!

K-Ribbon is a distinction awarded by the Korea Ministry of Culture to products that are deemed excellent cultural products

How Gochujang is Made

Made with Korea-Grown Strawberries

Strawberries are mixed with Kisoondo's Traditional Gochujang

Kisoondo's Strawberry Gochujang (close-up view)

Available in 3 sizes

230g (Pouch)

320g (Glass Jar)

500g (Glass Jar)

About Kisoondo

Since 1972, Kisoondo has been making premium traditional pastes and soy sauces in Damyang County (South Jeolla Province).

Master Ki, the current matriarch of the family, has been making condiments the same traditional way for years, following the secret recipe and traditions passed down for over 360 years.

They ferment over 1200+ large Hangari pots of traditional pastes & sauces every year

Close-up view of Kisoondo's Strawberry Gochujang

Full Ingredients list:

Gochujang [Glutinous Rice, Gochugaru, Meju Powder, Roasted Bamboo Salt,  Soy Sauce, Malt Barley] 70%, Strawberry 30%

Nutritional Info: 

Every 100g has 244 calories

Sodium 1318mg (66%), Carbohydrate 52g (16%), Sugar 31g (31%), Fat 1g (2%), Saturated Fat 0.22g (1%), Trans Fat 0g (0%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Protein 3.6g (7%)

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