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[Lock & Lock] 3-Story Dosirak Lunchbox
S.M. (New Brunswick, Canada)

I'm a college student and used it as a lunch box nearly every day for the past year (I had in person classes during the pandemic because there's literally 7 students in my major including myself & my biggest class was 15) but with the year of daily packed lunches because of closed restaurants the containers look as good as new. I don't always use all 3 containers but will use 2 for the main part of my meal and have fruit cups or pudding cups in the top 1/3 of the bag. The container might look a little small when you frist see them in person but they hold more food than expected.

[Nothyang] 1 Person Essentials Korean Yugi Set (6 Pieces)
Pascal T. (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
Simply wonderful

The one person set arrived in no time and I am already using it. Makes every meal a special meal. Great handcraft and beautifully finished. Absolutely worth its price

[JejuNFarm] Jeju Honey Citron Tea
Henri M. (Centre-Val de Loire, France)
I love it !

I brought it back from Korea. When it was finished I ordered Jeju Honey Citron Tea on the Gochujar eshop. I love the citron taste, it's winter now and I will use it every day on.

[Ssanghwa Tea Room] Ssanghwa Medicinal Tea
Henri M. (Centre-Val de Loire, France)
SSanghwa tea !

I discovered Ssanghwa tea in Korea 3 years ago. I bought some to take with me in Europe. I love the taste, it's not usual. You won't forget it.
As we can't much travel, one month ago I went online to find it and I was lucky that Gochujar export it to Europe. I ordered a green pack and when it arrived home - without problem - I was able to enjoy this lovely medicinal tea I drink now every morning. I know I will buy it again soon and the pink one too. So lovely. Am so happy, really.

[Mini] Korean BBQ Grill
TimC (New South Wales, Australia)
Great service and product

Very happy with the quality of the mini bbq grill plate, have been looking for a portable picnic one for ages. It鈥檚 perfect, and quick responses from the team! Thanks!

Best ever

I tried other ones but this literally top all of them. This one definitely dissolve better and has an overall stronger taste.

[Jirisan Chereum] Perilla Seeds Powder
Jon M. (British Columbia, Canada)
Love it!

This is a new product to me and I've fallen in love with it. I will definitely be ordering more!

[Hae Tongryeong] Anchovy & Kelp Broth Packet
Jon M. (British Columbia, Canada)
Anchovy and kelp broth packs

These broth packs are fantastic! They're easy to use and they make a very nice base broth to work recipes from.

[Bangyudang] Toasted Perilla Oil
Kristian E. (Oslo County, Norway)
Toasted Perilla Oil

Very good, but one of the flasks had a minor leak. Taste good, but minor leak.

[Jirisan Chereum] Perilla Seeds Powder
Dana W. (Auckland, New Zealand)
I love love it

I love it , it smells sooo good and make feel nostalgia ( I live in New Zealand , I miss mum鈥檚 dishes)
I definitely repurchase 馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤

My Favourite!

I have not use this yet but I'm very sure it's going to taste amazing. Why? Because I loved good gochujang and strawberries! Promise I will make something with this very soon.馃槝馃槏

A Beauty

I really love the medium blue size Ttukbaegi Claypot that I bought. I know the pots are not cheap but after cooking my kimchi in my own pot, I transfered some over to my new Blue Ttukbaegi pot and my table setting never look so good. Even my kids were admiring it. 馃榾馃槏

[Lock & Lock] 3-Story Dosirak Lunchbox
Katherine R. (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Amazing product:)

It was delivered really fast, which is awesome!! The quality is really great, I have no complaints about it. The stichting is impecable and the quality of the containers is amazing!!!! Can not wait to start using it <3

[Drida] Traditional Korean Jewelry Box
Jennette G. (Calabarzon, Philippines)

I ordered the midnight blue box and it was as described. It came wrapped in a 2-color fabric, Korean style. Very nicely packed and quality is very good. Highly recommended as gift or for personal use.

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
Stephanie F. (Alberta, Canada)
Love them!

I received my product in a very timely manner and I am in love with them. They heat up fast and are a breeze to clean! If I had one concern about it, it is that the handle is mostly a plastic construction so I feel hesitant to have it on a hot pan for any extended period of time. Other than that they are perfect for me and my tiny apartment.

Cocoa Misugaru

I bought 4 flavours at one go: Original, Black, Cocoa & Sweet Pumpkin. All are so delicious! :) The cocoa here really enhances the nutty flavour and gives the drink more depth. Out of all the flavours, I think this is the one that you can get away with if you just wanna mix with water instead of milk. For the Original & Black, I would always mix with milk cos I think that improves the flavour, but it's not necessary for this. I've only ever drank this hot (as a hot chocolate during the evenings mostly), but I'm interested to see how it will be if drank cold. The addition of the cocoa makes a 'safer; option too, if you're worried you won't like the 'grain' taste. But the cocoa also gives me more ideas for smoothie pairings - might try this mixed with a bit of banana & milk one day, I think it would be great!

Sweet Pumpkin Misugaru

I bought 4 flavours at one go: Original, Black, Cocoa & Sweet Pumpkin. All are so delicious! :) Between the 4 flavours, I feel this one is actually the safest to try first, if you're worried you won't like the 'grain' taste. The pumpkin makes this taste creamier and naturally sweeter than the rest of the flavours I tried, if you follow their recommended recipe then I would actually only put half a tbsp of honey instead of a full one. So far I've only ever mixed it with milk which makes this taste even creamier, but maybe using water will bring out more of its taste. For me, this is definitely better when drank as a hot latte! :)

Original & Black Misugaru

I bought 4 flavours at one go: Original, Black, Cocoa & Sweet Pumpkin. All are so delicious! :) Between the Original & Black, I prefer the Black if drank cold, and the Original if drank as a hot latte. I use the same recipe as they recommended in their video, but I find trying to mix Misugaru in a glass/cup just won't take out all the lumps. So mixing it in a bowl with a whisk while adding the liquid slowly is the best way if you don't have a personal blender/shaker bottle. The thing is that even if you mix it well, this is the type of drink where some stuff settles at the bottom if you leave it alone for a while, so always shake it a bit before you take another sip!

Second time ordering

This is my second time ordering the Ssanghwa Tea Room medicinal tea, and I got both kinds. The regular one (green label) is sweeter and more gingery tasting, and there's also more almond in it. The premium one (pink label) is less sweet and more medicinal tasting, but not so strong that it would deter people from drinking it. I like both!

[Drida] Premium Korean Mandarin Wedding Ducks
Nicholas C. (Valencia, Spain)
Superb Korean ducks

Excellent. Fantastic product, looks exactly like the photograph. 100% impressed.

Great Artisanship

Bangjja is indeed something special. The sujeo are simply beautiful and make any meal into a feast. I鈥檓 impressed by how fast the delivery was. Certainly not the last time I bought some kitchenware. 瓿犽鞗


This lunchbox came pretty fast and it was smaller than I thought, but it holds a good amount of food in it. Very cute and I鈥檓 happy with my purchase :)

[Kwon Young Won] Gondre Namul
MA (Ontario, Canada)
Another great purchase from Gochujar!

The gondre rice recipe looked so good that I had to try it. I really liked it!

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
Nova T. (British Columbia, Canada)
Beautiful and space saving cookware set

At first I was so disappointed after watching a korean youtuber showing off her beautiful set of cookware and told us that its only sold in Korea. After hard searching online, i'd found Gochujar. Thank you so much Gochujar for fast delivery and friendly service. I'm so impressive. Besides, this set of cookware is not just beautiful, it's just so easy to clean. I'm so happy with this purchase.

[Bangyudang] Misugaru Powder (Multi-Grain Shake)
Alyaa A. (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Tried both black and original

I had high expectations for both powders and let me tell you they鈥檙e even better than what I expected! I usually drink them at night as they help fill me up and prevent snacking at night. Definitely gonna repurchase in the future.

Shipping was also fast which is a plus 馃憤馃徎