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[Jirisan Chereum] Perilla Seeds Powder
Anonymous (Overijssel, Netherlands)

This was the only site I could find to purchase perilla seed powder. I had never tried it before and it's so tasty! Had a good experience with my questions about shipping and I experienced no problems having it shipped to The Netherlands (:

[Yecha Won] Gamasot Deep Broth Tablets
Debora M. (Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France)
great product

I have not been able to find a Korean stock powder or tablet this good in Europe, especially without MSG. So glad to have found this product!

[Hae Marlin] Premium Dried Anchovy (4 Varieties)
Debora M. (Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France)
Great product!

It is so wonderful to get a product this good direct from Korea, as proper soup stock dried anchovies are so hard to find in Europe! It arrived quickly too!

[Neoflam] FIKA Cookware Pans (7 Types)
Charmaine B. (Queensland, Australia)
Egg Pan

This is just perfect. Have used it often since purchased. It's functional as well as practical. I just love it.

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
Charmaine B. (Queensland, Australia)
Full set

Stunning and very practical for storage. They are just beautiful and I'm so happy I got them.

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
Tina B. (Lower Saxony, Germany)
I simply love them

Those pots are a bit pricy but absolutely worth it. Great quality

Absolutely amazing!

Never tasted soya sauce like this before. Added a complexity to porridge n soups w just a small teaspoon. It taste almost like fish sauce. Will definitely buy again. Tks for the quick delivery Daniel!

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
K.T. (New South Wales, Australia)
Lovely cookware set

I like my new cookware set. They are beautiful and can be used on table as well directly from the stove after cooking. They are easy to clean too. Just love it.

[Garu Master] Injeolmi Soy Latte
S.M. (Western Australia, Australia)
She Great

She sweet, she nutty, she tasty. She smells a little like my step dad's popcorn but we love her.

In all seriousness it's delicious & I will be buying it again.

[Neoflam] FIKA Cookware Pans (7 Types)
A K.A. (Central Visayas, Philippines)
Order not yet arrived

It's been over a month but my order has not arrived yet.

Great design, fast shipping

We love these spoons and chopsticks - they are elegant and feel good in the hand. Shipping was fast and cheap, too! Highly recommended.

great set of cookware

The set is gorgeous, very high quality and super easy to use.
I cook pretty much everything with no problem of it sticking or going bad.
It is a pity not to be able to buy directly from the producer who also has other very interesting products for the western market.

[Ssanggye] Classic Korean Tea Sampler Box
Maggi S. (England, United Kingdom)
Classic Korean Tea Sampler

I am a big tea drinker and love the slightly bitter taste of the Oriental Raisin Tree and the Persimmon Leaf Tea. The Bellflower Tea and the Korean Burdock Tea have a deep earthy taste which I found quite pleasant. One of my favourite teas so far, is the Chrysanthemum Tea. I have yet to try the others but no doubt they too will be delicious.

[Samlip] Mini Yakgwa Cookies
Maggi S. (England, United Kingdom)
Mini Yakgwa Cookies

Pleasantly surprised at the size, taste and found it interesting how they are made. I handed some of them to my Maths student who had to work out the volume before eating them. They worked hard and enjoyed the taste and wanted more. I would love to try the regular size.

[AHC] Korean Sun Cushions (SPF 50+, PA++++)
Maggi S. (England, United Kingdom)
AHC-Double Shield Sun Cushion

I have previously used 'out of the bottle' sunscreens which tend to leave a greasy film and some have an unpleasant smell. The tap on AHC sunscreen is easy to apply, light, non-sticky and very pleasant to wear. Natural ingredient's are a bonus and importantly, it blocks UV and IR rays. It will be the sunscreen I will be using on a daily basis, all year round. I will be recommending AHC-Double Shield Sun Cushion, to friends and family.

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
M. (Baladiyat ad Dawhah, Qatar)
Beautiful Cookware

Thank you for the beautiful pots,It was delivered soo fast!They are very convenient to cook with.

[CKD] Lacto-Fit ProBiotics GOLD
Arisa K. (England, United Kingdom)
Great for tummy health

I ate one per day after my dinner and started to see a difference around 1.5 weeks into it. I always had a problem with bloating and it has reduced the issue for me so I am very pleased with it! Will be ordering again very soon Ps. The shipping took around 2weeks to come which was quicker than expected!

[Drida] Premium Korean Mandarin Wedding Ducks
H. M. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Love the Mandarin Ducks!!

The Mandarin Ducks have safely arrived last week and I couldn't be more happier. The ducks size are big enough (not too big and not too small) to be put on a cabinet (or anywhere in the house you want to). I am giving it away as a wedding gifts to a lovely Korean couple and I do hope that they will love it as much as I do. :)

[Modori] Handmade Pebble Magnets
May (Ontario, Canada)
So Cute!

Got these because they were cute. They really are cute and look like real pebbles.

Great for Matcha Drinkers

Dissolved the matcha powder well with little effort!

[Bokumjari] Korean Yuja Tea (480g)
Elena B. (Quebec, Canada)
Really is comforting.

It’s not too sweet. It’s very soothing. Perfect for when you need to unwind and relax without the caffeine.

Delicious and filling

Both original and black misugaru tastes absolutely delicious. I love multigrain drinks especially for breakfast and these are good either hot or cold. Definitely recommend.

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
Siew T. (Queensland, Australia)
Beautiful cookware

I’m impressed by this company. My products arrived within 10 days and I live in Australia.
The cookwares are a delightful and it cooks well. Beautifully designed and an absolute must have item in the kitchen.
Would definitely recommend this cookware

[Chilkab Nongsan] 100% Korean Gochugaru
Suzanne G. (Ontario, Canada)

This was the right amount of heat. It wasn't as spicy as i thought it would be. There is a slight tingle on the tongue. The flavor is excellent unlike so of the mass produce pepper flakes out there, they taste like nothing. Great product♥️.

[Samlip] Mini Yakgwa Cookies
Linda F. (Ontario, Canada)
Samlip’s Mini Yakgwa Cookies: Delicious!

These cookies have become my addiction. Watch the video—thoughtfully provided by Katie and Daniel—and you will see that in the making of yakgwa, they are soaked for several hours in a honey syrup, yet they are neither too sweet nor sticky. They are perfect— perfectly delicious. They remind me of a honey-dip donut, but with a crisp exterior and dense interior. Soooo good. I also like the mini size and the fact that each cookie is individually wrapped. I have placed another order for more.