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Great foundation for good soups and stews

I tried both the anchovy and beef bone versions and they're excellent. The anchovy is a good basis for just about any soup or stew – to me, it smells more fishy than it tastes, and I found it more subtle than dashi. I wasn't sure what to expect from the beef broth, because the broth I make myself and other broths I've bought have a discernible meat flavour, but these tablets are very mild. They do add a great deal of depth, though, and I found they were great for sujebi – I know I should use anchovy broth for that, but I gave the beef version a shot instead and it was wonderfully soothing. It's easy to think all Korean food is searingly hot or strongly flavoured, and not realise that it can be mild and comforting too. These stock tablets aren't cheap, but it's worth splashing out on them for the quality, and far easier than making those broths from scratch. I'd definitely buy them again.

Stunning wedding sucks

My Australian daughter is marrying her Korean fiance, and I wanted to include a little Korean tradition into their day to celebrate his culture. These ducks are absolutely stunning, beautiful.craftmanship, and look exactly as they appear on the website, in fact better. I'm so glad I chose these traditional wooden ducks.

Mom's Pickled Perilla Leaves by Sempio

I recently bought this product as I had never tried it before. It is delicious...not too salty and its herby/umami flavour is a great accompaniment with white rice as well as other Korean dishes.

Really Delicious Jajangmyeon Sauce

If you are a black bean sauce fan as I am, you'll LOVE this powder from Chung Jung One. Do give it a try, you'll be glad you did!

[Samlip] Mini Yakgwa Cookies
Catrin H. (Tyrol, Austria)
perfect snack size

I know the regular Yakgwa and they were always too sweet and too big for my taste. These small ones are ideal for my coffee or tea break, but I have to admit that I don't just eat one. They're so delicious that I usually grab two or three...
They have a denser texture, subtle sweetness, are not greasy at all and just look cute

so tasty

I mainly use the anchovi broth tablets for soup. It might sound strange, but it tastes like the sea. I love the smell and the taste and besides, it's so fast.

[Hae Marlin] Premium Dried Anchovy (4 Varieties)
Anonymous (England, United Kingdom)
Best quality!!

Incomparable quality — fresh and clean!!


Saves me so much time — just pop one of these guys into any dish and your dish will have a rich flavor that can only be achieved through broths that would otherwise take HOURS to make


A must for your stews!! Truly enhances the flavor of your dishes

[Center Coffee] Decaf Coffee Drip Bags
C.R. (Wales, United Kingdom)

I ordered my coffee drip bags from the UK and under a week later my parcel arrived.
Fresh, convenient and great tasting coffee.
Wonderful service from Gochujar Global. Thank you.

[BB LAB] The Collagen Powder S (30 Packets)
Tatjana D. (England, United Kingdom)

hi, I am satisfied with your product, thank you.

Beautiful ttukbaegi pot!

I was so excited when these pots arrived. Can't wait to make tteokbokki with them. Also love that I can put this pot in the dishwasher <3

Amazing coffee

The coffee I ordered was packed with care, and very fresh considering it was went all the way to me in Canada! It came very fast and even had a cute note that I have pinned by my desk now. Would highly recommend the “Everything is good” and “Cinema” roasts! One day I’ll visit to buy a fresh cup in person!
Thanks again!

won't be the last time

This is the second time I ordered perilla oil from Jirisan. Last time I had the unroasted version, so I wanted to try something different. Although I usually like the pure and fresh smell and taste, the slightly roasted one for me tastes even better and what's more it's packed with good stuff too. I usually use it for my breakfast (rice porridge, steamed veggies and fried egg).

my favourite banchan

They are perfect for myeolchi bokkeum and got the small sized dried anchovies. Already made my first batch and everybody loved them.. The taste is incredible - crispy but also soft, salty but not too much. Excellent quality and getting it in my area is impossible, so I'm really thankful for Guchujar :-).

Shin Se Ho - Korean Yuja Tea

I came to fall in love with Yuja tea while on holiday in South Korea and here in the west of Austria you don't easily get it. This Yuja Tea has a very intense citrus flavor with a hint of tartness which makes it very pleasant to drink. It's not too sweet and for me it's the perfect coffee or tea alternative. Right now I drink it hot and it feels like a remedy against cold or bad weather - my 'comfort food/drink'. Can't wait to try it cold in summer.

worth it's price

I was looking for a good quality stainless kimchi container. I found it. I am absolutely satisfied.

The perfect containers!!

I love these containers!! I bought the 700 ml size and they’re perfect for bringing small lunches to work. I also love that they’re oven and dishwasher safe ❤️

[Tackaon] Korean Ttukbaegi Pot (2 colors)
H.N. (Île-de-France, France)
Blue Korean Ttukbaegi Pot

Extremely well-made pot. Love it.

[Deoyeon] Ready Miyeok-guk (Seaweed Soup)
H.N. (Île-de-France, France)
Tasty Seaweed Soup

I recommend this soup, it is very tasty.

[AHC] Double Shield Sun Cushion (SPF 50+, PA++++)
shanon m. (Lima Province, Peru)

el efecto que deja es magnifico y además es perfecto si te quieres dar un retoque disimulado, la protección y durabilidad del producto es buenísimo

[Abib] Gummy Sheet Mask (10pcs)
shanon m. (Lima Province, Peru)

me encanta los productos de Abib son realmente buenos y estos no son la excepción, amo el efecto super hidratado que deja en mi piel

Simplemente me encanta aparte de que el taper al final del día no llega a tener un olor desagradable con los taper convencionales de plástico son tan hermosos que siento que estoy en un k-drama

Ever Collagen - Time Biotin Up (30 Packets)
shanon m. (Lima Province, Peru)

no le tenia mucha fe a este producto realmente, pero ahora me arrepiento de haber demorado en comprarlo ya que ahora me veo mas sana y mi el, pelo y uñas tienen brillo propio. ME ENCANTA COMO ME VEO !!

Ever Collagen - In & Up Biotin Up (6-Week Supply)
shanon m. (Lima Province, Peru)