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[Mcgguroom] Mac Signature Doenjang
L.F. (Ontario, Canada)
Excellent Doenjang

Having been introduced to Korean cuisine in a relatively short period of time,I can’t claim to be super knowledgeable about Korean food, but I’m slowly learning, and one of the things I’ve learned is that Mac Signature Doenjang adds a tsunami of umami to one’s cooking!

Fantastic Cast Iron Concave BBQ Pan

In August of 2022 I purchased the Moosse Cast Iron Concave(H5)Pan and over the past year have found it is one pan I cannot do without when I need to do any grilling or barbecuing.What I love: The pan is large but not heavy despite being cast iron; I cook/sear meat around the edge and the concave shape allows the oil to flow to the center where I cook veggies such as mushrooms,onions, etc.; it is used on my ceramic cooktop as well as tabletop gas grill; preseasoning the pan is not required.(Yay!) My pan still looks like new after a year of regular use.Yes, it is expensive but it is worth the money, being of exceptional quality which will last a lifetime.

Just Perfect

It helped me recover as my weight kept growing rapidly after high stress, but now I'm on my way to better times.

[Samlip] Mini Yakgwa Cookies
S (England, United Kingdom)
Brilliant experience

These yakgwa cookies tasted better than Hyosung brand ones which I have tried before. Less grease, subtle sweetness, perfect with coffee or tea. Delivery was super fast, within a week of placement of the order. Lovely note included which was really sweet. 감사합니다 :)

[Hae Tongryeong] Anchovy & Kelp Broth Packet
Elysia S. (Victoria, Australia)

Have used this multiple times for the base of of our dishes
The perfect addition to add extra flavour..and so easy to use!!!

That is what I was looking for.

I ordered 2 smaller rectangle containers, which fit my fridge just right. Smaller napa cabbage quarters fit inside just perfectly. The quality of workmanship, cleanness of design and overall functionality are great, and a personal note that was attached to shipment was a really nice touch - I attached it to my fridge and it will remain there :) I made a single batch of kimchi so far and it turned out great, and aged slower in the container compared to jars I used earlier. Overall, highly recommended, even if a bit pricey - in my opinion theh are worth it.

Beautiful dishware

I ordered the 6 piece Bangjja set after I had lived in Korea for a few months. I wanted to bring the beautiful traditional dishware back home but was unable to carry it back with me given how heavy it is.
I found this website and decided to order 4 sets. The dishes came well packaged and arrived quickly. They were so beautiful out of the box I almost didn’t want to use them!

I love using them almost daily. It’s a nice reminder of my time in Korea and it really elevates my meals :)

[Nothyang] Yugi Ramen & Soup Bowl
Munira M. (Al Asimah, Kuwait)

It's heavy didnot expect that but so fine and seems will last for a long time .

[Ilsang Jingmul] Korean Neck Pillow
Munira M. (Al Asimah, Kuwait)

I am happy I purchased it ...take time to get used to it ...but its best quality...


I just love it ..

I caved and bought the lid too

Slowly I’m buying the complete Goodle set. I love it so much! With the frying pan lid I can now steam dumplings and make tteokbokki!

The Prettiest Cups In My Cupboard

The cups are such a statement piece and they’re so pretty! The bells are a nice touch. I bought them in green and might just have to buy some more for myself and friends.

Will order again

The sauce itself is great. I used it to make kimchi instead of fish sauce and for the first time ever the final kimchi was not smelling like fish.

I’ve ordered from Gochujar to UK and delivery was surprisingly quick, just under a week and the sauce came securely packed with a nice little personal surprise inside from the seller :)

Will definitely order again from here

[CKD] Lacto-Fit ProBiotics SLIM
Biljana P. (North Macedonia)
[CKD] Lacto-fit Probiotics SLIM

Very fast delivery to North Macedonia about a week.Both product are very good and I ordered a second time . Everything is perfect.

Like it!

Helps overall digestion and metabolism.

[Chilmong] Korean Ottchil Wooden Chopstick Set

I recently purchased a set of wooden chopstick and really enjoyed using them. The handle on both chopsticks and spoon provides good grip and proves easy to wash after meals. I’ll use these well for hopefully a long time!

Items well received and packed in a carton box. This is my second purchase as the sword bean tea is really good for our health. I hope the price could be cheaper for me to consider a repeat purchase order...

I ordered the product fot the second time and what should i say.

Everything is great the Taste is amazing the delivery is very fast without any Problems.

When you like the Taste from perilla this is absolutly the best Seaweed.

I love it to Support Gochujar in there Business, Thank you so much.

Ceramic Rice Containers - For Microwaving

I absolutely love these bowls. I bought both sizes . It is so easy to use. I put the cooked rice in the bowl, freeze it and when I need it , directly from the freezer in the microwave for 2 minutes. Perfect ! I am thinking about order 2 more. Now I cook 3 Cups of rice and put them in the bowls and freeze. So easy and comfortable when you are hungry. It really saves money , now I do not have to buy the microwave rice, that is quite expensive here in germany.

[CKD] Lacto-Fit ProBiotics GOLD
Marco C. (Lombardy, Italy)

This probiotics literally transform my skin , i’ve hormonal acne , but since i started to take this probiotics, i’m not breaking out anymore , TOP 💪🏼

[BB LAB] The Collagen Powder S (30 Packets)
Biljana P. (North Macedonia)

Perfect,skin is so soft,taste great and I made order again.


After moving to a new country, I was amazed to find this roasted laver available for delivery. I no longer live near H-Mart to shop for great korean goods. If you enjoy perilla oil, this laver is the best I have ever tasted. I never leave reviews, but this is worth it to support a great small business. Thank you!

absolutely love them!!!

Perfect traditional Korean Brass Chopstick set

I was looking to buy this handcrafted traditional Korean Brass Chopstick set and I was really happy to finding out that Gochujar ship to Lithuania. Ordering process was perfectly smooth and the delivery was very fast. The spoons and chopsticks are very comfortable to handle, very elegant and look especially luxurious. I am really happy with the quality as I use it everyday.
Looking forward to ordering more kitchenware. Thank you, Gochujar,

Absolutely lovely.