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Happiness Carriers 馃榾

As with all your other products that I have purchased, this too meet all my expectations. Very Beautiful and Elegant.
Packaging is excellent. Am a very happy and satisfied customer.

[Nothyang] Yugi Ramen & Soup Bowl
Kavita R. (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Bowl full of Happiness 馃槏

I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I use it everyday and looks better by the day. Met my expectations. Packaging was excellent.
I am using this space to make a request
If you could source other designs of rice and soup bowls. I would love to have them.

[Nothyang] Pretty Flower Yugi Plate
Kavita R. (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Happiness on a plate 馃槉

Amazing is the word. I am extremely happy with my purchase. The packaging was soooper. The product is just too good. I use it almost everyday. It met my expectations.
Thank you

A must have in your pantry!

Great with everything! Always handy for my lunchbox.

[Anguk Health] Micro Collagen Powder
Yati B. (Veneto, Italy)

Fantastic product! Reordering soon.


Just the way I like it. Smooth and very delicate taste. Enjoyed every drops!

enjoying my Tall Glass (M)'s!!

I've been looking for glasses of this particular minimalist look, not tapered, and thin bottoms, and was so happy to finally find them here!! I ordered 2 Tall Glass M's, and mostly use them for when splitting a larger 650mL beer. I think this is going to replace my wine glasses too, hahaha.

I plan to also make an order of the HW version one too for larger beverages.

[CKD] Lacto-Fit ProBiotics GOLD
ren (British Columbia, Canada)

i got this bc i was having digestive issues and i think this is helping ! it tastes really good and is really convenient bc you dont have to put it in the fridge

super convenient

i really like it! it tastes good and is soooo good on bingsu. when i dont have time to eat or just dont feel like it i have a cup of this and it keeps me full !

[Nothyang] 1 Person Full Korean Yugi Set (9 Pieces)
Kavita R. (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Beautiful Dining Experience

I am very satisfied with my purchase. It met all my expectations. It was very impressed with the packaging and the delivery despite covid times. I have and will recommend this to my friends. Thanks and Best Wishes

[Nothyang] General Round Yugi Plate
Kavita R. (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Absolute Delight

I am really very happy with the plate. It was beautifully packed and delivered. It met my expectations and fitted the product description to the T. Thanks. I am very satisfied with the purchase

[Palkin] Korean Ramen Tea Bags
Ariean L. (Soccsksargen, Philippines)
I really like the idea

I would love to have that

[Palkin] Korean Ramen Tea Bags
Ariean L. (Soccsksargen, Philippines)
I lovethat

I want to buy many of this

[Chilkab Nongsan] 100% Korean Gochugaru
Ariean L. (Soccsksargen, Philippines)

i like the spiciness

Really happy with this set! Compliments our 9 set very well! I love having a meal with these wonderfully made bowls!

[Clean Ttukbaegi] Premium Ttukbaegi Pot
Ariean L. (Soccsksargen, Philippines)
I really want that

do you deliver in Philippines?

Makes our meal very speak and exquisite!


Love the flower plate. It will make a nice heirloom 馃榾

interesting taste

I have known red ginseng as a food supplement for some years already, but only in the form of capsules with dried powder. This was my first try of liquid red ginseng.
So, I knew the general idea of ginseng taste already from candies etc, but these stick liquids do taste different. Yes, there is the warm, almost earthy taste of ginseng which is delicious but there is lots of other tastes in this too. Due to the herbs included there is a slight bitterness to it, a soft sweetness as well and a general herby taste in the background. It is an uncommon taste for sure but I really like it. (and could easily take way more than just one stick per serving).


I ordered both the candies and jellies and both products are fantastic. I have tried different ginseng candies by different brands and have to say these are hands down the best I have tried. The candies have a pefect mixture of ginseng taste, not too much sweetness and a slight pepperiness, I couldn't say what to improve here.
Same goes for the jellies which have perfect not too soft jelly consistency and an equally great taste.
Another plus is the very beautiful packaging, the box as well as the wrapping of the jellies (especially) is quite elegant and the box itself with the carrying handle would also make a wonderful gift for someone dear.

so so

I was very eager to try the Super Matcha series and decided for the trial box.
I prepared the matcha as shown in the videos and the result is ok. I really like the matcha taste itself, it is obviously very high quality matcha with a creamy, non-bitter, light green shade so the tea itself tastes very good. Now for the thing I didn't like - the Stevia. Sadly I find the overall taste way too sweet and the Stevia gives off a sweetness that overtakes the wonderful taste of the great match itself. I even tried to take less of he tea powder for more liquid because when I prepared it with the amount given in the recipe I find it so sweet I don't even want to drink it. But even with less powder the Stevia sweetness is the dominant taste for me and kind of spoils the experience a little.
I think it is great that this is a product with only natural ingredients but honestly, I would have preferred organic raw cane brown sugar instead. In this small amount you'd need for one cup of the tea the calories wouldn't be important for me and the taste would improve a lot. I actually tried the recipe given in the video with my own Japanese ceremonial grade matcha, raw cane sugar and the result was way better for my taste, because the sweetness remained in the background and the matcha could dvelop its taste variety fully.

[Jirisan Chereum] Untoasted Perilla Oil
J (England, United Kingdom)
Lovely nutty milky taste

I really like this. I was worried it might lack taste as it is un-toasted but it has a lovely distinct slightly nutty milky taste. To be honest It took me after 3rd time eating to like the taste of it as I am more used to the toasted sesame oil taste. I drizzled some to my brown basmati rice with salt. I love the taste now. I also try to put it to lukewarm food and no food that is hot as omega 3 is very fragile to heat.

[Lock & Lock] 3-Story Dosirak Lunchbox
Tiffany N. (British Columbia, Canada)

I love it!! It鈥檚 compact perfect for me as a student teacher.

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
Christy F. (Alberta, Canada)
Nice cookware

Fast shipping and I love it

[Lock & Lock] 3-Story Dosirak Lunchbox
Van P.N. (Vaduz, Liechtenstein)

Very good..Thank you