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[Neoflam] FIKA Cookware Pans (7 Types)
Anh M.N. (Neuch芒tel, Switzerland)
FIKA Omelette Pan (15cm)

cute and good quality.

Beautiful dinnerware

I am so happy I bought this dish set! It was packaged beautifully, and I can wait to eat my first meal on it. Thank you so much :)

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
Taher T. (Quebec, Canada)

Excellent quality.
Best non stick cookware we ever tried.
Buying another set for mother in law


I received it quite rapidly considering it comes from Korea and I live in France. I can't wait to offer it to my sister (who loves Korean food) for her birthday. I know it will be a success. I actually might buy one set for me now. Love it.

[Modori] Ceramic Modular Dish Set (7-pieces)
Anonymous (New South Wales, Australia)
As described, no issues with delivery

Bought the cream white colour. Looks incredible

[Samlip] Mini Yakgwa Cookies
Itzhak M. (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Good cookies

Vety tasty and good quality


Good quality

[Bokumjari] Korean Yuja Tea (480g)
Itzhak M. (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Great product

Very tasty

Perfect lunchbox for work with good volume

The lunchbox arrived quite quickly. The price is worth every little bit.
The box is super beautiful and even has enough space to make some snack fit in (for me in the banchan parts). It's good for me, as I work the whole day.
I'm really happy about this purchase and totally recommend it!

Delicious and easy to prepare

This Misugaru powder is delicious and easy to prepare. I bought the original and the black powder and both are equally great. I love the subtle nutty flavour and the fact you can add your own level of sweetness (barely a dash for me as I find both already taste great on their own). The service was also fast and reliable and I would definitely buy it again once my jars are finished.


I recently started making my own kimchi, and I'm pleased to have this stainless steel storage container to keep it in! I got the smallest one, which is a good size for me.

Good taste

I've seen maesil as an ingredient in many recipes, but the only kind I could find was a plum-flavoured syrup, rather than one made from real plums. I'm happy now that I finally got the authentic stuff from Gochujar. And, to my surprise, I like it most when used as a base for iced tea!


I used to always have to break off a piece from a bigger sheet of dashima to make small amounts of broth, but no more! These pre-cut squares are so convenient, and, as always, I trust the quality on Gochujar. I will use these a lot, since I can't eat seafood-based broths.

Love the taste

I've never had samgyetang because I don't eat meat, but I found a recipe for vegetarian dakjuk (using mushrooms instead of chicken), so I ordered these broth packs to make it. I loved the herbal taste! Thanks, Gochujar!

Comforting tea

I did the 30-day challenge when I received my order, and I enjoyed it, because the tea tastes light enough that I could drink it like water. After I stopped drinking it for a while, I'm now going back to it for another 30 days! I still had a lot left over, because the bottle contains a good amount.


I am very happy. These sets are well made, and high quality. I love these Korean Ottchill Wooden Chopstick Sets.

Beautiful products

I received my package (in France) in time, in a beautiful package and accompanied by a nice thank you note. The products are beautiful and the quality is beyond my expectations. I strongly recommend it !

[Cho Loc Won] Omija Berry Extract Liquid (660g)
G.A. (Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia)

It tastes as good as the one I tried back in korea. Thank you.

I bought three sets of this soup and rice bowls. When I received them three bowls broken. The owner sent new three for replacement. The bowls are simple & modest.

Cute and useful!

Having stainless steel utensils to bring along with the lunchbox is so useful, and the built in mechanism makes sure they don鈥檛 rattle in my bag when travelling.

The sizing of the lunchboxes is perfect for a moderate sized meal and the compartments are great for bringing around small side dishes. The cute colour is an added bonus as well.

The elastic band is a bit difficult to put on, but stays very secure when on!

[Bangyudang] Misugaru Powder (Multi-Grain Shake)
Rebecca H. (Canterbury, New Zealand)
Great for a quick and easy breakfast

Perfect for when ADHD makes it feel too overwhelming to cook.

[Oska] Hand Sanitizer Cream
Rebecca H. (Canterbury, New Zealand)
So cute, so handy

I was drawn to the packaging, adorable. I now have one tube in every handbag.

[Jirisan Chereum] Perilla Seeds Powder
Rebecca H. (Canterbury, New Zealand)
Super tasty

So tasty and great to keep in the freezer and just use the amount you need.

[Jinmi] Jajangmyeon Chunjang Paste
Anonymous (Canterbury, New Zealand)
Perfect for a quick meal

In New Zealand it can be hard to find anything but cheap and low quality versions of 'foreign foods', this sauce is fantastic and with shipping only $5 worldwide, it is so easy to get hold of.

Just nice, not too sweet n love the yuzu pulp. Very convenient packaging. Only down side is that the perforated tear lines sometimes doesn鈥檛 wk n a scissors is required.