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Beautiful Hot Pot and good delivery

The pot is as pictured and described. It has a great look and feel to it, authentic stuff. If you are looking for something like that, then I can fully recommend it. This has been my first time order from Germany and the delivery was in 14 days to my doorstep. Kind regards, Christian

Beautiful and Practical

These utensils are so beautifully made that I did not want to use them. I hope they last and, if they don't, I'll buy more because they are such a practical set to have!!!

[Modori] Dodam Pot
Isaivani M. (Quebec, Canada)
Practical and Sturdy

This pot is so practical for me since I have an induction plate stove and it works wonders. So happy with it and the holders are so practical. I use them with other modern cookware. Fully recommend!

Nothing like it in Canada

I love my Lock n Lock, I couldn't find anything like it locally. My kimchi turned out perfectly!

Great container

Feels very sturdy and great quality - the handle is a nice touch. It came nicely packaged and protected.

[Ssanggye] Classic Korean Tea Sampler Box
Mirjami S. (Uusimaa, Finland)

Well packaged and beautiful, even came with a lovely handwritten greeting. Gave as a gift and received no complaints.

Korean Stainless Steel Chopstick Set

I ordered the set for 6 persons in matte finish. The order was shipped fast and arrived well on time. The spoons and the chopsticks are beautiful made and there are heavy. The spoons are practical for eating soup - we use them a lot. Also a good point is that the sticks and the spoons are dishwasher save.
I’m very satisfied and would purchase them if I would need more.

[Hae Tongryeong] Veggie & Seafood Dashima Broth Pack
A.M. (Hlavni mesto Praha, Czechia)
Game Changer

Forget the regular bouillon cubes or any other broth sachets full of additives and preservatives. These ones bring any soup to a whole new level!

[Beksul] Oligodang Syrup
A.M. (Hlavni mesto Praha, Czechia)
Less calories

Main reason for buying this type of oligosaccharide is less calories. Satisfied with the purchase.

[CKD] Lacto-Fit ProBiotics SLIM
A.M. (Hlavni mesto Praha, Czechia)
Tasty and effective probiotics

I have tried several probiotics types and brands (capsule, powders, tablets) and I found these ones very effective. Not much for losing weight (and to be honest it wasn't my goal anyway), but for reducing bloating. And my debloat wish was fulfilled. Thank you for offering these, I highly recommend!

Great container, perfect service

This is an amazing container not just for kimchi, but for fermented food in general (I use it for sauerkraut as well). It is very sturdy, but lightweight at the same time. The handles on top make it easy to transfer. This container is worth every penny! I also appreciated little handwritten translation notes from the store owners.

Gorgeous Misugaru.. Almost malt like with hints of roasted rice just perfuming the entire kitchen!

[Bangyudang] Cacao Misugaru Powder
I.M. (Quebec, Canada)

This is quite nice. Just need to make sure you are mixing it in warm/hot water or milk. I use plan-based milk and it nice to drink on a winter day :)


I have used these for quite a few months and find them very efficient. They can be quite dry to use on the skin, so I always mix them with my moisturiser. Very pleased with these. I don't know nay the product on the market which is similar so feel very fortunate to have found these here. Thank you so much!

Simply beautiful

These plates and mug are simply stunning in person. I love all the details, perfect size and wish there were more products from this company that could be purchased. Fully recommend!!!


These are so beautiful, I don't even want to use them because they are prettier in person and have a nice weight to them. Love this set so much!!!


This is a great lid, easy to use and love seeing the food cook. Happy customer!

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
I.M. (Quebec, Canada)
Beautiful and Functional

These cookware are so beautiful and great to cook with. I have used these for a few months now and they are easy to clean and store. Very happy customer!

[Modori] Ceramic Modular Dish Set (7-pieces)
Anonymous (New South Wales, Australia)
Cute and Functional

the different sized vessels makes this set extremely versatile, and i appreciate its dishwashability. very compact and easy to store. it arrived much faster than i thought (a little over a week), and was packaged very well.

Great Quality

^ they're a bit heavier than the wooden chopsticks i'm used to, but the weight feels nice and honestly makes using them and balancing food effortless. easy to clean and they look beautiful on the table.

[Modori] Cutting Board (4-Color Set)
Anonymous (New South Wales, Australia)
Very Satisfied with this product.

the frame is steady and very easy to clean, and the material of the cutting board is fantastic; knife marks don't mar the surface, it stays in place when being used, and it drip dries easily on the aforementioned frame.
i use this cutting board set daily :) its pricey but worth the investment.

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
R.N. (Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
Simple and lovely

Ordered this set in May, I've been using them everyday so far, there are small scratches but that's totally normal. Cooking has been fun, I simply love them and the detachable handle is so so practical! The delivery was super fast, it took like one week. Thanks!

Tackaon chopstick set

Very beautifully crafted! We are enjoying very much using our set! Will definitely be ordering more. Thank you!


Very good good

Great container, worth every cent

This container is a recommendation for people starting or advanced since u basically can't go wrong with it. Different sizes make it a good purchase from 1 up to many person households.