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Sangol Farm Korean Pear & Bellflower root extract

I've hv been searching for this brand online since I last finished my bottle bought from a store. Its not a common product and I can't find it anywhere. Luckily Gochujar sells it. I loved to eat a scoop directly without making into a drink. It felt refreshing and seems to clear my windpipe and lung as the extract went down my throat. I consume this for better health.

Wonderful product

Delicious. Real Korean grown high quality peppers. Not the low quality Chinese sourced peppers that are being used by larger Korean companies for the sake of profits and to the detriment of local people.


Absolutely delicious artisan product. This is real! Not the industrially processed Gochujang you find in the asian supermarkets. This is not made with poor quality chinese ingredients, corn syrup and MSG. I will only support artisan products with Korean sourced ingredients. This is a truly great product. Worth the price!


Excellent product. Highest quality Ginseng I have ever tried. Love the Ginseng flavour and the subtle Sweetness.


This set was a birthday gift and made quite the impression. Beautifully crafted, rests comfortably in the hand and adds luxury to your meal :-) Ordering process was perfectly smooth and delivery quick considering that it traveled across half of the globe. Looking forward to ordering more kitchenware here ^^

very good

we normally use another brand of perilla oil, which as a staple is quite good, both tastewise and concerning the value.
The 'Beksul Perilla Oil' is comparably refined in taste and texture though. It has a deep, nice roast aroma, not overroasted, just the right amount to enhancce the natural Perilla falvour the best way.
I give it four out of five as the Perilla seeds are from China and not organic, - the same product in organic quality with that refined taste would get the fifth star.

best Gochugaru

this is the best Gochugaru we have tried yet. The bright red-orange colour is exceptional, the fresh sweet pepper smell when you open the bag - likewise.
This Gochgaru gives dishes a wonderful sweetish taste with a nicely warm pepperiness, not overly hot, just warm and a little peppery after swallowing.
We made our first selfmade Kimchi with this (with the 'Seoul Style' recipe) and it turned out wonderful too.
As an extra, it's organic which is hard to find and not so unimportant, as regular peppers often top the pesticide lists and you don't have to worry about it here, especially if you eat Gochugaru regularly and in larger amounts.
Great product, highly recommended

I really enjoy the mugwort taste, in addition to the basic misugaru taste. I ordered this flavour of misugaru as part of the three-colour bundle, and if I had to choose just one of the three to reorder, I think it would be this one!

I ordered this flavour of misugaru as part of the three-colour bundle. This flavour naturally tastes a little sweeter than the others, due to the pumpkin. I like the basic misugaru a lot, because it's convenient and nutritious. Having an orange vegetable in it makes it feel even healthier!

Great for relaxing!

These eye packs work as advertised. The heat and moisture are lovely on your tired eyes, and in my experience they stay warm for a good amount of time. I wish they made these for every body part!

Delicious and comforting

I'm really happy with this purchase. I didn't find the medicinal taste too strong, and I found it sweet enough without adding extra honey. When I feel chilly, drinking a cup of this tea is comforting.

Good texture and taste!

This gim has a nice light, crispy texture. I enjoyed it with a bowl of rice for a quick meal. It tastes good on its own, too!

Item well wrapped & packed.

The item arrive faster than expected & well protected by bubble wrap!
Use it to make tasty bean soup! Will buy again once I used up!

delicious and efficient supplement

I have been having joint aches lately and my doctor suggested I try collagen. The usual powders you get online tasted awful and I didn't really feel any difference. Nevertheless I decided to try this fish collagen since its absorbed more efficiently. The packaging was very convenient and the powder tastes lemony. I noticed an improvement of my joint aches within 2 weeks. I've been using it for 6 months now and I could swear my face is also looking smoother/plumper but I admit that this might be subjective.

Super delicious, try them now!

I've known for a while jujube's are really good for health, but didn't know combining jujubes from Jeollanam-do and Brazil nuts could taste this amazing. There is only a slight tinge of sweetness and heaps of savouriness from the brazil nuts. These aren't cheap but they are worth the money! Great for dieting and just all round healthy snacking. Thanks Gochujar for introducing these to the world outside Korea!

Great purchase!

Couldn’t find this in my area. I was super glad to find it on this website. A few drops of Yondu adds an incredible depth of flavour to my soups! I’m enjoying this product. Thanks Daniel and Katie!

I purchased this as part of the 3-colour bundle. One day when making a glass, I noticed that I had a bag of dried cherries sitting on the counter next to the blender, so I threw in a handful instead of adding sweetener. The result was great! The cherry flavour went well with the chocolate, and, of course, you can still taste the multigrain flavour. Now I always use cherries with this flavour of misugaru!

Tasty and healthy

I am enjoying this jujube extract and I feel better after taking it regularly. Also, the sweetness and date-like flavour satisfy me so I don't eat other sugary foods.

Better health

You can really taste the pear, and it also reminds me of molasses, because you taste the sweetness, then the bitter/metallic taste. I like the taste and I think the product is contributing to better overall health. I'm taking one packet per day and I'm about to reorder.

Love it

Loved the handwritten note that came with it and the product itself is just so convenient, throw a few in my bag and i don’t have to worry about anything. No need for tasteless joghurt anymore😂

More delicious misugaru from Bangyudang!

After enjoying the original and black misugaru, I ordered this three-pack. I honestly can't say which one I like best, because they are all delicious and different! I'm so glad to have these in my pantry for quick and tasty meals or snacks. To keep it vegan, I use cashew or almond milk.

Perfect in Smoothies!

I love the taste, not overpowering in my smoothies - unlike protein powders. Filling and digests really well.


It tastes great! It is wonderful to drink on a cold/snowy day or if you're feeling under the weather. I look forward to ordering from you again. Thank you Gochujar! Shara (UK)

Yummy (and healthy too!)

This is my first time to try Misugaru, and I'm very impressed. I'm not into eating breakfast at the moment (and quite fed up of drinking smoothies), so this is a very nice alternative. The only trouble is, I am trying to make the Sweet Pumpkin Misugaru last long as possible! It was beautifully packaged with a lovely note from Daniel and KT. Communication about my order was fantastic. Thank you, I look forward to ordering from you again as soon. Best wishes, Shara (UK).

Great taste, great service

Ordered from the United Kingdom, took about a month to arrive but kept updated throughout. Really liked the personal note left by Daniel and team.

The product itself is very convenient with each serving separate and tastes very nice too, sweet and sour.

Would buy again from here