[Bokumjari] Korean Yuja Tea (480g)

[Bokumjari] Korean Yuja Tea

Korean Yuja with Korean Pear

[Bokumjari] Korean Yuja Tea (480g)

Yuja Tea is synonymous with cold weather in Korea.

But what is Yuja?

Yuja (Yuzu) is the Korean name for citron, which looks similar to a lemon but has a dry pulp and contains only a small amount of juice.

The flavor is found its thick peel.

To make the base for this tea marmalade, Yuja peels are thinly sliced and mixed with sugar.

Then Korean Pears are finely grated and added in as well...

(Korean Pears have a natural, sweet juice that complements the tartness of the Yuja.)

Take a large spoonful of this tea marmalade and place it into a cup. Then pour-in some hot water.

After a few minutes, your Yuja Tea is ready!

A few sips - and you'll notice your body warming up.

Bokumjari's Yuja Marmalade is made using Korea-grown Citron & Pear (not imported from China!).

If you've never tried Korea Yuja Tea, this is a great product to try!

It's consistently one of the best-selling citron teas in Korea. 

Available in 480g jar (perfect for 1-person).

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
T.S. (Ontario, Canada)
Perfect for winter

This is my favourite brand so far. It's not too sweet and has just a hint of bitterness. I add a little squeeze of lemon since I like my Yuja tea slightly tart.

Itzhak M. (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Great product

Very tasty

Elena B. (Quebec, Canada)
Really is comforting.

It’s not too sweet. It’s very soothing. Perfect for when you need to unwind and relax without the caffeine.

esp915 (Pennsylvania, United States)
Comforting and Delicious!

My order just arrived today (earlier than expected, even with the projected delay! Items were expertly wrapped with care). If you are considering purchasing this product, I recommend the two jar deal (I wish I had!) because it's that good. I made a cup of yuja tea this evening and it was very comforting and warming. The heat brings out the perfume of the yuja adding an extra sensory element to the experience. I had always wanted to purchase yuja tea, but I could never find any that was organic, or even made without corn syrup. This is even better than the yuja tea that I've had at Korean cafes as it has a larger proportion of yuja to the sweetener. I can imagine it would be wonderful if suffering from a cold or the flu, and I bet it would make an excellent hot toddy! Looking forward to experimenting more with the yuja tea, I highly recommend it.

Ioana S.

Tastes amazing and refreshing, love during the cold winter in the morning and at night. Sweet and light citrus flavour (but not too sweet or tarte).

Product Highlights

  • Best-Selling Yuja Tea in Korea
  • Made with Korea-grown Yuja (not imported from China)
  • Yuja Marmalade is mixed with Korean Pear for a balanced sweet taste
  • Spread over toast or use as a topping on baked goods (scone, biscuit)
  • Available in 480g jar

[Bokumjari] Korean Yuja Tea (480g)

Korea-Grown Yuja Tea

Made with fresh, Korea-grown Yuja & Pear

Ingredient list contains 80% Korean Yuja Fruit

Produced in HAACP-certified facilities

Produced by Bokumjari - #1 in Korea for fruit preserves & marmalades

Made with Korea-Grown Yuja & Pear - not imported from China!

The two fruits are mixed at a balanced ratio for a tart, sweet and warming tea!

Tart, Sweet & Thirst-Quenching

Ingredient list is 80% Korean Yuja - more fruit, deeper flavor!

Strict Quality Standards

Bokumjari is committed to using only premium-grade fruit  for its preserves.

Seeds, bruised peels and over-ripe fruit are removed from the production line

Bokumjari is the #1 well-known Korean brand for fruit preserves & marmalades!

Drink recipes to make with Bokumjari Yuja Marmalade

Korean Yuja Ade: Yuja Marmalade 50g + Carbonated Water 150g + Ice 160g

Korean Yuja Smoothie: Yuja Marmalade 90g + Cold Water 100g + Ice 180g

Korean Yuja Tea: Yuja Marmalade 50g + Hot Water 210g

Full Ingredients list:

Yuja Marmalade 80% [Yuja 50%, Sugar], Sugar, Korean Pear Puree [Korean Pear 99.95%, Vitamin C]

Nutrition Info (% of daily value)

275 calories per 100g (Total amount 480g)

Every 100 grams contains:

Sodium 0mg (0%), Carbohydrates 67g (21%), Sugar 62g (62%), Fat 0.5g (1%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Protein 0g (0%)

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