[Jook Jang Yeon] Premium Gochujang


[Jook Jang Yeon] Premium Traditional Gochujang

Traditional Gochujang, Natural Ingredients

[Jook Jang Yeon] Premium Gochujang

Jook Jang Yeon is a famous artisan brand for traditional-style doenjang and gochujang.

Their products are sold at department stores in Korea, becoming very popular as food gifts during the Holidays.

Today, we offer Jook Jang Yeon’s Premium Gochujang Paste.

This premium gochujang is made with 5 natural ingredients:

- Gochugaru (27%), Rice Syrup (27%), Glutinous Rice Powder (25%), Malt Syrup (15%), Sea Salt (6%)

It does not contain any added sugar.

Rather, as the gochujang sits and ferments over months, the glutinous rice is naturally converted to sugars, giving the paste its underlying sweetness.

And unlike cheaper gochujang, this artisan brand does not contain any additives, preservatives or MSG.

This premium gochujang is slowly fermented the traditional Korean way - at least 6 months in large, earthenware pots that are kept outdoors.

The result is a thick and earthy-spice, with deep flavor and lingering heat.

Use a few spoonfuls to add depth to all kinds of dishes, from stews and braise to marinades and sauces.

Available in 250g or 500g jar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gerald S. (Bavaria, Germany)

This was our first order here. The delivery was fast, Gochujang is perfect and we use it very often. Thanks a lot.

Alan (New York, United States)
life changing

If you think that Gochujang is that ketchup variant, this will change your life. Hooni Kim recommends this gochujang in his cookbook. It's complex, delicious, and you'll find yourself using it on everything.

TG (. (Quebec, Canada)

So much better than what I can typically get here in Canada.It is worth it for sure.

E. (Oslo County, Norway)

Absolutely delicious artisan product. This is real! Not the industrially processed Gochujang you find in the asian supermarkets. This is not made with poor quality chinese ingredients, corn syrup and MSG. I will only support artisan products with Korean sourced ingredients. This is a truly great product. Worth the price!

Product Highlights

  • Premium, Korean Gochujang Paste
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients, all grown locally in Korea
  • No added sugar, preservatives or additives.  
  • Fermented slowly, the traditional way in large Onggi pots
  • Available in two sizes: 500g and 250g 

[Jook Jang Yeon] Premium Gochujang

[Jook Jang Yeon] Premium Gochujang

Size: 250g or 500g

Country of Origin: Korea

After opening, please store in refrigerator

Ingredients: Gochugaru (27%), Rice Syrup (27%), Glutinous Rice Powder (25%), Malt Syrup (15%), Sea Salt (6%)

About Jook Jang Yeon

Jook Jang Yeon makes and ferments its pastes in the pristine valleys of Gyeongsanbuk-do (경산북도)

Their pastes are made using 100% locally-grown Korean soybeans

They use natural bedrock water from 200m underground (from Mt. Kuan, 구암산)

Every year, they yield 1000 Onggi pots of fermented pastes

How It's Made (Video)

Ingredients list:

Gochugaru (27%), Rice Syrup (27%), Glutinous Rice Powder (25%), Malt Syrup (15%), Sea Salt (6%)

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