[Gijang Mulsan] Haenyeo Diver Seaweed (130g)


[Kijang] Hanyeo Diver Seaweed

One of Korea's Best Seaweed

[Gijang Mulsan] Haenyeo Diver Seaweed

Today, we present to you one of Korea's most premium seaweeds. If you enjoy Korean Seaweed Soup, this will be a special treat!

This premium seaweed is grown out in the waters of Gijang, Busan. This coastline is blessed with an abundance of sunshine throughout the year, as well as high tides. To survive in the deep waves, the seaweed here develops firm but flexible stalks (stipes) and wavy blades. It is packed with nutrition from the sea and has a nice chewing texture.

Gijang Mulsan harvests its kelp with the help of Korea's iconic Haenyeo Divers. Hanyeo Divers translates to "Sea Women" in Korean - they are elderly women divers have been catching seafood for a living since 1629. With their expertise, the companies identify the best seaweed in the area. 

This seaweed is not pre-cut. It's carefully packaged as one whole piece. Before cooking, simply cut a small piece off with a pair of kitchen scissors and soak it in cold water. Within 5 minutes, the dried seaweed will blossom into its natural form.  And you'll see a notable difference in texture, taste and quality from regular seaweed!

Note: Gijang Mulsan's seaweed was selected as a gift item to the Korea Blue House, the official residence of the Korean President!

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Product Highlights

  • Korea's Most Premium Seaweeds - harvested by Korea's Haenyeo Divers
  • Cultivated off the waters of Gijang, Busan - abundant sunshine, high waves
  • Seaweed has a full-bodied feel and a nice chewing texture
  • Produces a deep-tasting broth - perfect for Korean Miyeok-guk!
  • 1 package contains large amount: 130 grams

This premium seaweed is harvested in the pristine waters of Gijang, Busan.

Hanyeo Divers are brought in to help harvest the seaweed.

The seaweed is then dried out under the sun, with gusts from the ocean breeze.

After it is fully dried out, the seaweed is packaged.

Premium quality, deeper taste

Regular Seaweed

Regular seaweed is often mashed and tangled when left out to dry.  The thin blades wrap around the stem, forming thin, brittle strands.

Premium Seaweed
(Kijang Haenyeo Diver Seaweed)

Premium seaweed - as it dries - is carefully folded and layered on top of each other - so that the blades and stems are clearly visible and distinguishable.

How does it look cooked?

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About The Brand

Gijang Mulsan is a producer of premium seaweed in Busan. They harvest their seaweed and dashima off the coast of Gijang, Busan. This coast is famous for producing some of Korea's highest quality seaweed. In fact, Gijang Mulsan's seaweed was selected as a gift to the President of South Korea in 2019. During harvests, the company also works with Korea's famous Haenyeo Divers to identify the best lots to harvest.

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