[Anmyeondo] Organic Taeyangcho Gochugaru (500g & 1kg)

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[Anmyeondo] Organic Gochugaru

100% Organic Gochugaru

[Anmyeondo] Organic Taeyangcho Gochugaru Flakes

Today, we're excited to offer a 100% Organic Korean Gochugaru!

The red chili peppers are grown organically in Anmyeondo - a pristine island located off the western coast of Korea (in Taean County).

Anmyeon Island receives steady sunshine throughout the year, as well as misty breezes from the ocean. It's ideal for growing chili peppers.

These red chili peppers are grown following organic farming techniques - with no synthetic fertilizers or artificial chemicals.

After harvest, the peppers are de-seeded and left to dry-out, naturally under the sun (no industrial dehydrator) for a deeper flavor.

(Note: Chili peppers that are dried out in the sun are often labeled "Taeyangcho" as they develop a deeper taste) 

The sun-dried chili peppers are then blended into a medium-coarse powder and immediately packaged for delivery throughout Korea.

The gochugaru flakes has a vibrant red color.

It gives spicy dishes like gamja-tang, tteokbokki or dakdori-tang that bright red tint - makes them look even more appetizing.

Editor note: What we also like about this gochugaru is that it's not overly spicy! 

The chili peppers used for this gochugaru have a hint of natural sweetness which balances out its heat.

If "100% organic" is what you're looking for, this is it!

Available in 500g or 1kg.

Customer Reviews

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Gerald S. (Bavaria, Germany)
very good

We baught this, as it's not so easy to get organic Gochugaru in Germany. But it's not only organic, it's taste is exceptional. We are very happy with it.

Linus B. (Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
Great Product

I re-ordered this gochugaru because I recently ran out. It’s simply the best gochugar I’ve tried. It has a very nice flavour and just the right amount of spice. And another big plus: it’s organic. I’ll use it to make some kimchi soon.

Lygaia (Bavaria, Germany)
best Gochugaru

this is the best Gochugaru we have tried yet. The bright red-orange colour is exceptional, the fresh sweet pepper smell when you open the bag - likewise.
This Gochgaru gives dishes a wonderful sweetish taste with a nicely warm pepperiness, not overly hot, just warm and a little peppery after swallowing.
We made our first selfmade Kimchi with this (with the 'Seoul Style' recipe) and it turned out wonderful too.
As an extra, it's organic which is hard to find and not so unimportant, as regular peppers often top the pesticide lists and you don't have to worry about it here, especially if you eat Gochugaru regularly and in larger amounts.
Great product, highly recommended

Product Highlights

  • Gochugaru is grown organically - no pesticides, synthetics or GMOs
  • Peppers grown on Anmyeon Island - in pristine weather and dried in sunshine
  • Not overly spicy - but it has a vibrant red color that makes food look very appetizing!
  • Available in 500g or 1kg bag

[Anmyeondo] Organic Taeyangcho Gochugaru

[Anmyeondo] Organic Taeyangcho Gochugaru

500g or 1kg

Ingredient list: 100% Organic Taeyangcho Chili Peppers

Country of Origin: Korea

After opening, store in refrigerator

Organic Certification

Received Organic Certification from Korean Government

Grown in Anmyeon Island (안면도)

Anmyeondo is an island in Taean County, Chungcheongnam Province 

Chili peppers are grown organically (no synthetic fertiilizers or pesticides)

Seeds are moved from the peppers before drying 

Then blended into a medium-coarse powder

500g size

1kg size

Ingredients list:

100% Organic Taeyang Chili Peppers

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