[Lock & Lock] Breathing Kimchi Containers - Stainless Steel (7 Sizes)

[Lock & Lock] Breathing Kimchi Container - Stainless Steel

Keep your Kimchi tasting Fresh

[Lock & Lock] Breathing Kimchi Containers - Stainless Steel

Introducing.... Lock & Lock's New Breathing Kimchi Container!

This new container has a patented air valve which expels fermentation gases that are released by Kimchi as it ages in the refrigerator.

The breathing valve also prevents any external air from entering the container.

This produces a controlled聽environment聽in which the Kimchi聽can ferment at an even, slow pace. The moisture is locked in and that crunchy texture of fresh cabbage lasts for longer!

The container is made in Korea using Stainless Steel (premium grade 304).

The container will聽not stain or absorb any smells, which makes clean-up so easy!

The聽lid has a silicon lining that makes the container leak-proof!聽You can store all types of Kimchi - including聽Water Kimchi (氍缄箑旃)

The lid is also transparent - you can check on the status of your kimchi without opening it!

If you eat or make Kimchi regularly, consider purchasing a special container for it.

This premium container is available in聽a variety of sizes.

Holding capacity for each container is聽listed below.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Anonymous (Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
Great container, worth every cent

This container is a recommendation for people starting or advanced since u basically can't go wrong with it. Different sizes make it a good purchase from 1 up to many person households.

Anonymous (Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Germany)

I bought this one to replace my old brown plastic container which I bought from a street vendor in Seoul many years ago. It's definitely an upgrade in quality. First batches of kimchi were successful. :)

M. (Ontario, Canada)

I recently started making my own kimchi, and I'm pleased to have this stainless steel storage container to keep it in! I got the smallest one, which is a good size for me.

Monica (California, United States)
Great containers, great service!

Great containers for storing kimchi in the fridge. Love the stainless steel as well as the valve on the covers! Thank you

Renee P. (Ohio, United States)
Amazing Container

I love the stainless steel container and how easy it is to clean. Storing kimchi in it to fermer has been so easy and I would recommend this to anyone for kimchi making!

Product Highlights

  • Made with top-grade stainless steel: antimicrobial, easy-to-clean & stain-proof!
  • Lids have a patented air-valve that releases gas thats trapped in container during fermentation
  • Silicon seal that makes the containers leak-proof & smell-proof!
  • Transparent lid - so its easy to check on the status of your Kimchi without opening the lid
  • Available in a variety of sizes

- [LocknLock] Breathing Kimchi Containers -

LocknLock's Breathing Kimchi Containers

Helps kimchi to ferment at an even, consistent pace

Containers come with LocknLock's patented Breathing Valve鈩 technology

Made with Korean Stainless Steel (304) - stain-free & anti-bacterial!

Made with Korean Stainless Steel (304)

Non-Staining & Smell-Free

These containers are made of Premium Stainless Steel (Type 304). 

The container will not stain or absorb any smells - simple to clean!

Patented Breathing Valve鈩

Simple rotate clock-wise to activate breathing valve

The valve releases any fermentation gases that build-up in the container

At the same time, it prevents any external air from entering the container

Why do I need the Breathing Valve?

Kimchi - as it ferments - releases gases into the air

These gases accelerate fermentation - making the overall look and taste change quickly

When these gases are removed, the Kimchi ferments in a more evenly controlled environment. 

Kimchi is juicier, contains higher levels of probiotics and retains that "fresh" crunchy taste for much longer


  • Before first use, remove the factory sticker that is on the air-valve.
  • To open the valve, please twist counter-clock wise.
  • Once the valve is open, there's nothing more that you need to do  (the container will release gas automatically)
  • To wash the valve, detach it from the lid by turning it left (counter-clockwise)
  • To re-attach, align the grooves and turn it right (clockwise) until it locks into place

 Snap-on wings (easy to use)

+ Silicon lined lid (leakproof!)

The lid has durably-built, snap-on wings - locks into place securely!

Silicone-lined lid for leak-proof storage - great for storing all types of Kimchi including "Water Kimchi"

Transparent Lid

The lid is transparent so you can easily check on your Kimchi without opening it!

Dome-shaped lid

As opposed to a flat-lid, you can fit more Kimchi into these containers!

(Especially useful for large batches of radish kimchi or ponytail radish kimchi

Large handles for easy-carry

The handles are built to last - they will not break or damage

Easy to carry large weights of Kimchi in/out of the refrigerator

Summary of Key Benefits

Premium Stainless Steel  (304)

99% Anti-Bacterial Surface

Patented Breathing Air Valve

Leak-Proof Lid

Strong & durable - lifetime containers!

Container Size & Kimchi Capacity

2.4L Container

Dimensions: 19.5 cm x 19.5 cm x 10.5 cm

Capacity: 1 Whole Napa Cabbage

3L Container (Square)

Dimensions: 19.5 cm x 19.5 cm x 12.5 cm

Capacity: 1 Whole Napa Cabbage

3L Container (Rectangle)

Dimensions: 26.8 cm x 19.2 cm x 10.7 cm

Capacity: 1 Whole Napa Cabbage

3.6L Container

Dimensions: 26.8 cm x 19.2 cm x 12.8 cm

Capacity: 1.5 Whole Napa Cabbages

3.8L Container (Square)

Dimensions: 23.1 cm x 23.1 cm x 12.7 cm

Capacity: 1.5 Whole Napa Cabbage

3.8L Container (Rectangle)

Dimensions: 26.8 cm x 19.2 cm x 12.8 cm

Capacity: 1.5 Whole Napa Cabbage

5L Container

Dimensions: 30.2 cm x 22 cm x 12.9 cm

Capacity: 2 Whole Napa Cabbages

7.6L Container

Dimensions: 33.8 cm x 24.8 cm x 14.5 cm

Capacity: 3 Whole Napa Cabbages

How is it advertised in Korea?

Note: The video below is showing an older version of the container

(New version has white-colored wings & handle)

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About The Brand

Lock & Lock is South Korea's leading food container maker. They have a wide range of products - containers, cookware, tumbler and water bottles. They also produce Korean specific items like Kimchi containers and Dosirak Boxes.

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