[Lock & Lock] Modular Banchan Containers - Stainless Steel (8 Sizes)

[Lock & Lock] Modular Banchan Containers

Keep banchans fresh!

[Lock & Lock] Modular Banchan Containers - Stainless Steel

Today, we introduce Lock & Lock’s latest stainless steel, modular banchan containers!

These stainless steel containers bring together years of material research and consumer feedback on usability.

It’s arguably Korea’s best food containers!

First, these containers are made with high-grade, Korean stainless steel (grade 304J1).

It’s 99.9% anti-bacterial, which means it prevents bacteria growth on its surface. The surface is odor-free and also stain-proof (yes, kimchi-safe!).

Second, these modular containers are designed for easy stacking.

Each container stacks nicely on top of each either, freeing up space in your refrigerator.

(Design point: The lid is raised 6mm to prevent slipping/sliding when stacked)

Third, they are leak-proof!

Once the lids are snapped shut, you can carry it inside a bag without worry. Its leak-proof!

Finally, these containers are 100% made in Korea.

Even the raw materials are procured from Korea’s leading chemical companies - POSCO (Stainless Steel) & SK CHEMICAL (Ecozen).

These modular food containers are highly-durable, safe (BPA-FREE) & heat-resistant.

You can store them in BOTH the refrigerator & freezer.

And safe for dishwashers as well.

With proper usage & care, these modular food containers will last a lifetime!

Available in 8 sizes.

Gochujar Editor Note: The smaller sizes (310ml, 520ml, 700ml) are offered in a bundle of 2. The larger sizes are sold individually.

Customer Reviews

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J.J. (Quebec, Canada)
The perfect containers!!

I love these containers!! I bought the 700 ml size and they’re perfect for bringing small lunches to work. I also love that they’re oven and dishwasher safe ❤️

Product Highlights

  • Korean Stainless Steel Food Containers- anti-bacterial, non-staining & odor-free!
  • Neatly stacks! Great for tidying-up contents in your refrigerator
  • Leak-proof! Carry around in a bag without worry
  • Transparent lid - check contents without opening container
  • Buy once - lasts for a lifetime! Made in Korea (BPA-FREE)

[Lock & Lock] Modular Food Containers - Stainless Steel (8 Sizes)

LocknLock Stainless Steel Modular Containers

Food stays fresh for longer!

Key Points

Korean Stainless Steel - anti-bacterial, non-staining & odor-free!

Neatly stacks! Great for tidying your refrigerator

Oven & air-fryer safe (excluding lid)

BPA-Free - free of toxic substances

Made in Korea!

Made in Korea

Manufactured in Korea

These containers are made with POSCO Stainless Steel (304J1)

(304J1 is a specific grade for food storage - it's safe & non-toxic) 

The snapping lids are made from SK Chemical's ECOZEN (BPA-free)

High-Quality, Safe & Reliable

Easy to Clean

1. The lid are "snap-on" style - they are highly durable and do not warp/bend

2. The silicone lining makes it water-proof! It's also 99% anti-bacterial, and can be easily removed and washed

3. The base container is made from high-grade, Korean stainless steel (304J1)

Non-Staining & Odor-Free

These containers will not stain or absorb odors - even with staining foods like Kimchi

BPA-FREE! + Transparent Lid

The lids are made with a innovative material called ECOZEN, made by SK CHEMICAL (a Korean company) 

This material has excellent transparency, is highly-durable, plus BPA-FREE

View what's inside the container without opening it - transparent lids

Modular, Made to Stack

Each containers stacks on top another - no sliding, slip-off

Makes it great for organizing  the contents of your refrigerator

Modern Design!

Straight edges (not curved) - for comfortable holding with one hand

There is a 6mm edge - to prevent containers from slipping off

No slippage, no worries!

Available in 8 sizes

Modular Container (310ml)

Sold in a bundle of 2

Rectangular shape

- Size: 310ml -

Modular Container (520ml)

Sold in a bundle of 2

Rectangular shape

- Size: 520ml -

Modular Container (700ml)

Sold in a bundle of 2

Square shape

- Size: 700ml -

Modular Container (1L)

Sold individually

Rectangle shape

- Size: 1L -

Modular Container (1.3L)

Sold individually

Square Shape

- Size: 1.3L -

Modular Container (1.5L)

Sold individually

Rectangle Shape

- Size: 1.5L -

Modular Container (2L)

Sold individually

Rectangle Shape

- Size: 2L -

Modular Container (2.8L)

Sold individually

Rectangle Shape

- Size: 2.8L -

Odor-proof, Leak-proof

The lids snap and seal the containers - no odors!

The seal is water-tight - no food liquids will drip out!

LocknLock's containers are highly durable and heat-resistant!

✓ Safe for keeping in both the refrigerator & freezer 

✓ Safe for use in dishwasher

✓ Safe for use in oven + air-fryer (excluding lids)

✗ However, do NOT use in microwave

Save even more space by stacking lids and containers separately

Tip: Remove lids, then stack the containers into each other

Good way to save extra space in tight cabinets

I want to buy a few sizes  - any recommendations? 

Picnic Set: 700ml + 1.3L 

Pack a few banchans into the 700ml + 1 main dish in the 1.3L

Standard Starter Set: 310ml + 1L + 2L

Fit one banchan or rice into the 310ml size + larger 1L & 2L containers to fit main dishes/leftovers

Outdoor/Camping Set: 520ml + 1.5L + 2.8L

520ml great for storing veggies & chopped fruits + larger 1.5L & 2.8L for storing bbq & marinated meats

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