[CKD] Lacto-Fit ProBiotics BEAUTY

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[CKD] Lacto-Fit Probiotics BEAUTY

Better Gut Health + Skin Care!

[CKD] Lacto-Fit Probiotics BEAUTY 

LactoFit is Korea's #1 Best Selling ProBiotics product - selling at one point, 1 container every second!

The reason? Many Koreans are waking up to the importance of taking care of your gut.

The human gut contains 300-500 different kinds of bacteria (trillions of individual bacteria). Maintaining a balance of the "good bacteria" is incredibly important for your overall wellbeing and quality of life.

However, maintaining a good gut biome is not easy - as we spend much of our working hours working in a chair, and also eating highly processed foods.

For many, this leads to irregular bowel movements, frequent diarrhea, constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and long time spent in the restroom. 

LactoFit contains probiotics (live bacteria) that help to ensure that your gut is populated by mostly the "good" microbes.

[Note: LactoFit's original hit product - LactoFit Gold - can be found here]

Today, we present LactoFit Probiotics BEAUTY. 

This is a variation of the original product. It's builds on the original GOLD formula, but supplements it with Micro-Collagen Peptide GT.

Collagen are the vital proteins that gives your skin elasticity and "bounce". It improves skin hydration, heals damaged cells and prevents scars, while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

LactoFit Beauty is formulated with micro-sized collagen, for easy digestion and high absorption! 

Furthermore, this specific micro-collagen received a "health-functional food" designation by Korean FDA. 

In short, this probiotic mix is designed for beauty - to boost gut health and to moisturize skin, to make it look younger and more supple. 

Take 2 packets each day - straight, no water required.

(It has a blueberry flavor.)

One container has 60 packets (~1 month supply).

Customer Reviews

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Lisha (California, United States)
Perfect gift

I already like this brand, but have never tried this version. I originally bought it as a gift for my mother who had recently given up on collagen, and she loved this! She even asked my brother to buy her more as her Christmas gift.

JB (Quebec, Canada)

I noticed a difference after taking this now for over a month. Not only in my gut but skin too!

Product Highlights

  • Korea's #1 Best-Selling Probiotics Brand!
  • Each packet contains over 1 billion Lactobacillus (CFU) 
  • Probiotics Beauty mix contains Micro-Collagen Peptide GT to repair damaged skin + strengthen skin elasticity + reduce fine lines
  • Simple usage: Take up to 2 packets per day (without water)
  • SYNbiotic formula - packets contains BOTH probiotics and prebiotics!

[CKD] Lacto-Fit Probiotics BEAUTY (60 packets)


Lacto-Fit's special probiotics mix, designed for beauty!

This is an upgraded version!

Our original BEAUTY formula has been upgraded with Micro-Collagen Peptide GT!

Each packet includes: Probiotics + Micro-Collagen Peptide GT

Micro-Collagen Peptide GT is now included in our Beauty probiotics formula!

Collagen is made with 100% Korean ingredients

This is the first collagen in 22 years to receive "health functional" designation by Korean FDA

Our micro-collagen has the same molecular composition as the cells found in your face - better absorption!

This collagen will deeply moisturize your skin and repair damaged cells

Will also revitalized skin cells that have been damaged by UV rays

100% Plant-Based Probiotics

Each packet has a base mix of probiotics that are naturally found in vegetables & fruits

Lacticaseibacillus paracasei (Kimchi)

Lacticaseibacillus casei (Tomato)

Lacticaseibacillus casei (Kiwi)

Premium-grade probiotics, FDA approved!

Micro-Collagen Peptide GT has many skin benefits:

✓  Increase skin moisture levels

✓  Repair damaged skin cells - reduce appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

✓ Strengthen skin elasticity

Our micro-collagen peptides is made with the same molecules as the skin cells in your face !

Lab results show the following benefits of Micro-Collagen Peptide GT:

Increase in skin moisture levels ↑↑↑

Strengthen skin elasticity ↑↑↑

Reduction in fine lines & wrinkles ↑↑↑

Even skin texture ↑↑↑

(Lab study conducted on 74 participants - 35-60 year olds, men & women, over 12 weeks)

This probiotics mix starts with the specially formulated LACTO-Base™

LACTO-Base™ contains 3 different formulas of probiotics for different section of your gut!

-Formula 1 includes Lactobacillus and Streptococcus... which are delivered to the duodenum (first part of the small intestine)

-Formula 2 includes Streptococcus... which is delivered to the small intestine

-Formula 3 includes Bifidobacterium... which is delivered to the large intestine

LACTO-Base™ is certified safe and stable!

Made with premium-quality, FDA-approved Probiotics

This product does not need refrigeration - stable at room-temperature

What's inside a Lacto Fit BEAUTY packet?

PREBIOTICS - "food" or dietary fiber that the healthy bacteria (probiotics) consumes as it travels to your gut

PROBIOTICS - healthy gut bacteria

POSTBIOTICS - healthy byproducts released by the bacteria

MICRO-COLLAGEN PEPTIDE - increase skin moisture, repair damaged skin cells & strengthen skin elasticity

Who should take LACTO-FIT BEAUTY?

If you're looking to improve your gut health & skin care at the same time

If you want to improve your skin's moisture level + reduce fine lines & wrinkles

If you don't feel fully refreshed after using the restroom, and constantly feel that you may need to go again soon...

If you don't feel fully refreshed after If you want a more regular & predictable bowel movement

If you're looking to maintain or improve your gut biome

If you're spending most of the day sitting in a chair (student/office worker)

Full Ingredients List

Micro-collagen peptide GT, Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus paracasei, Lactobacillus casei,  Blueberry flavor powder [Crystalline glucose powder, Blueberry powder, Neo crema, Blueberry scent powder {Dextrin, Blueberry flavor (Triacetin, Blueberry flavor), Gum Arabic}, Citric acid, Vitamin C], Xylitol, Crystalline glucose powder, Neo crema, Maltodextrin,  Blueberry scent powder [Glucose, Blueberry flavoring], Fermented rice powder, Enzymatically Modified Stevia, DL-malic acid, Citric acid, Galacto oligosaccharide, Lactobacillus culture powder

Nutritional Value:

Take 1 packet per serving. Up to 2 packets/day

1 packet (4g) contains 15 calories... plus the following:

Carbs 2g (1% of daily value), Protein 2g, (4%)

Probiotics: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion CFU)

Val-Gly-Pro-Hyp-Gly-Pro-Ala-Gly: 1.86mg


Take packet straight (without water)

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