[Modori] Korean Sodam Mini Pot


[Modori] Sodam Mini Pot

Mini size, fast heating!

[Modori] Korean Sodam Mini Pot

Modori has released two new items to its Sodam Cookware Set.

The first is this Sodam Mini Pot.

It’s a mini-sized pot that you can use to quickly heat-up sauces or glazes, melt cheese - or to quickly boil water at home.

The pot is small (14 cm in diameter, 9 cm in height) so it heats very quickly!

The pot is also designed with two spouts - one on each side of the perimeter - to make it very easy to pour.

Besides glazes, use the mini-pot to quickly heat-up water at home - skip the clunky metal pot.

It also works nicely to heat-up leftover soup or stews from the night before.

Remember this is mini-sized - so it won’t much more than 1-person size.

(We use it daily to boil eggs in the morning)

This mini pot stacks perfectly into the Sodam Cookware Set - so storage is simple!

If you’re looking for a mini companion pot to quickly heat up water or re-heat leftovers, consider adding this to your Sodam Cookware Set!

(Note: This Sodam Mini Pot does not come with a lid)

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Germany)
Great addition

I bought this pot together with the full Sodam set. It's perfect for hot Korean stews. Same quality as the rest of the set.

Product Highlights

  • Sodam Mini pot - add to your Sodam Cookware Collection!
  • Great for quickly heating up sauces, glazes or leftover soups
  • Mini size means fast heating - boil water quickly!
  • Design includes two spouts - one on each side - for easy pouring

- [Modori] Korean Sodam Mini Pot -

Introducing... Sodam Mini Pot!

A mini pot for making sauces, boiling water or late-night ramen

Add to your Sodam Cookware Set Collection

Pot has two spouts - one on each side - for easy pouring!

Mini size means fast heating - boil water quickly!

Use for quickly heating up soups or sauces

Also great for warming up baby-foods or ready-meal food pouches

(This is mini-sized pot - 1-person serving)

Move easily with Modori's detachable handle

(Modori's detachable handle is not included - order separately)

Detailed Information

Inner Diameter: 14 cm | Height 9 cm

Material: Aluminium (Ceramic Coating)

Weight: 486g

Made in Korea

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