[Lock & Lock] Metro Mug (2 Sizes)


[Lock & Lock] Metro Mug

Stainless Steel, Beautiful & Thermal

[Lock & Lock] Metro Mug (2 Sizes)

Today, we introduce Lock & Lock’s Metro Mug!

It’s the perfect coffee (tea) mug for your work-at-home setup.

The sleek & functional mugs come in 3 beautiful colors: Mint, Navy & Off-White.

Plus a few other details that you’ll appreciate:

First, it’s made of Stainless Steel (304) - which means no leftover coffee stains at the bottom of the cup (or any discoloring).

Next, it has a rubber pad on the bottom which eliminates any “clanking” sounds when you set it on the desk, while also preventing scratches!

Then the feel of the cup. The surface of the mug is finished with a “powder coating”, which gives it an ever-smooth look & tactile feel.

The lever on the lid can also be swung open with one finger, no need to drink with 2 hands.

These Metro Mugs are thermally insulated - keeping hot liquids above 60°C for up to 3+ hours.

And vice versa, keeping beverages cold (below 8°C) for up to 18 hours.

Finally, a small - but important detail - the opening is large. Your hand & dish sponge will easily fit when washing - no need for a special brush.

If you’re working from home or like to sip in the car - keep the coffee hot with a metro mug!

Take a look at the photos below and choose your favorite color…

Note: *Off-white is white mixed with a touch of grey (looks beautiful!).

Customer Reviews

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J. (Quebec, Canada)
My new favourite travel mug!

I got the mint colour and it's super pretty. Looking at this mug makes me happy :)

Product Highlights

  • Beautifully designed metro mugs for everyday use
  • Pour-in your favorite hot tea or coffee - will retain heat for hours!
  • Finished with a powder-coating - gives a nice grip, feels good
  • Fits snug in one hand - can swing lid open in one hand
  • Perfect for #work-at-home
  • Available in 3 colors and 2 sizes

[LocknLock] Metro Mug (2 Sizes)

Metro Mug - Small Size

Dimensions: 9.1 cm (diameter) x 11 cm (full width) x 11.4 (height)

Color: Mint, Navy, Off-White*

Volume: 355 ml  (12 oz)

*Off-White = white with a tinge of grey

Metro Mug - Large Size

Dimensions: 9.1 cm (diameter) x 11 cm (full width) x 13.9 (height)

Color: Mint, Navy, Off-White

Volume: 475ml (16oz)

Key Features

The lid can be opened easily with one hand

The bottom of the mug has a "silence stopper" to reduce sound (clanking on the table)

The mug is easy to wash - has a large opening for easy scrubbing

Mugs are insulated to keep beverage warm or cold

Keeps cold beverages below 8°C... for up to 18 hours

Keeps hot beverages above 60°C... for up to 3 hours

Easy to open, swing-lock lid

Hold and open cup comfortably with one hand

Surface has grip and looks sleek!

It's finished with a powder-coating - which provides grip and a premium look

The bottom of the mug has a rubber sound-stopper!

Makes no sound when set on a desk

Perfect for the workplace - good manners!

What's it made of?

Mug Body: Stainless Steel 304

Sound Stopper (on bottom of mug): Silicon Rubber

Lid: Polypropylene (PP), Acrylonitrile (AS)

Designed in Korea | Manufactured in China

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