[Jinmi] Jajangmyeon Chunjang Paste

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[Jinmi] Korean Jajangmyeon Paste - Chunjang

For Delicious Homemade Jajangmyeon

[Jinmi] Jajangmyeon Chunjang Paste

Jinmi's Chunjang Paste is our go-to paste for homemade Jajangmyeon.

Surprisingly, very few companies produce Chunjang Paste at a commercial scale. Jinmi is one of the few large companies that does. And their Chunjang Paste has become the go-to product for many homecooks.

So what does it taste like? Raw Chunjang Paste tastes salty, earthy and slightly bitter. However, if you fry the paste in oil, it loses the bitterness and develops a smooth, savory flavor. With a few scoops of sugar and water, this black paste transforms into a delicious Jajangmyeon sauce.

Scoop it over some freshly boiled noodles and enjoy Jajangmyeon at home! 

Customer Reviews

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Lynn (New York, United States)

Very easy to make and delicious to eat. Just follow the Tube video if you are unfamiliar with how to make. You will love!

Anonymous (Canterbury, New Zealand)
Perfect for a quick meal

In New Zealand it can be hard to find anything but cheap and low quality versions of 'foreign foods', this sauce is fantastic and with shipping only $5 worldwide, it is so easy to get hold of.

L.F. (Ontario, Canada)
Jajangmyeon Chunjang Paste by JInmi

If you want to make a from-scratch tasty and most- delicious Jajangmyeon at home, you’ll need this product. I followed Daniel’s video instructions and the result was amazing. MM-MM-good!

Cristina R. (District of Columbia, United States)

Delicious with noodles and had the leftovers with rice the next day! Of course I followed Daniel and Katie’s recipe so it was guaranteed to be tasty. So happy to get good Korean products , it’s like traveling without the jet lag!

vivi (Canary Islands, Spain)

Well packaged, a good quantity for the price, and even comes with a recipe. Nothing left to ask for.

Product Highlights

  • Perfect for making Jajangmyeon at home!
  • Best-selling Chunjang in Korea
  • Size is 300g (enough for 7-8 large servings)
Jinmi Jajangmyeon Chunjang Paste - Product Matrix - Gochujar
Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

Doenjang, wheat flour, salt, caramel coloring

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 1 year 6 months

    Before opening, store in a cool dry area

    After opening, store in refrigerator

      What to Make

      Jajangmyeon Noodles

      Jajangmyeon Rice

        About the Brand

        Jinmi has been making fermented sauces and pastes since 1970. Their wide range of products can be found in nearly every Korean pantry.

          How do I make Jajangmyeon?

          Product faq

          Q: What country is this made in?
          Q: After opening, can I store leftovers in my pantry?
          Q: Is it gluten-free?
          Q: Is this what is known as jajang sauce?

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          About The Brand

          Jinmi Logo - Gochujar

          Jinmi has been producing Korean fermented sauces and pastes for the last 70 years. Their deonjang, ssamjang, soy sauce and chunjang are especially popular among homecooks in Korea. Jinmi's products are HAACP certified. 

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