[Nothyang] 1 Person Full Korean Yugi Set (9 Pieces)


Traditional Korean Yugi, Full Starter Set

[Nothyang] 1 Person Full Yugi Set 

We are very excited to introduce Nothyang to Gochujar!

Nothyang received distinction as one of "Korea Best Brands" for Traditional Yugi Brassware, consecutively in 2020 and 2021!

Their Yugi products have made appearances on popular Korean TV series and dramas like Itaewon Class, It's Okay To Not Be Okay, Private Lives, and 2 Days & 1 Night.

Each one Nothyang's Yugi piece is hand-made and meticulously polished into shape - using traditional Korean methods.

Nothyang's pieces have a modern yet traditional feel, making them a favorite brand among Korean food-stylists and restauranteurs.

If you're new to Yugi Brassware, we recommend starting with this Signature 1-Person Full Korean Yugi Set!

This full set includes 9 pieces - everything you need for a Hansik meal:

Rice Bowl (1), Rice Bowl Lid (1), Soup Bowl (1), Medium Banchan Plate (1), Small Banchan Plates (x2), Chopsticks (1), Spoon (1), Chopstick Holder (x1)

What distinguishes Korean Yugi (also known as Bangjja) from other types of brozenware is the alloy ratio between copper and tin.

Yugi requires an exact ratio of 78% copper and 22% tin.

From this precise ratio, Yugi achieves a golden sheen that radiates brighter over time (with repeated polishing).

Yugi also prevents viruses, bacteria and microorganisms from growing on its surface.

That's why Yugi ware was used to serve the Korean Royal Family and Court.

In modern times, Yugi ware has come back into vogue and often bought as a premium gift for newlyweds and housewarming events.

If you're new to Korean cooking or food styling, consider starting your collection with this beautiful 1-Person Full Set.

Customer Reviews

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Sandrine M. (Tokyo, Japan)

J ai été surprise par la rapidité de livraison et la qualité des produits. Le service fait effet auprès de mes invités. Ca m a encouragée à oser cuisiner coréen:-)))

Greig D. (Georgia, United States)

Very pleased with the quality of the products, service and shipping.

L.F. (Ontario, Canada)
Gorgeous One Person Full Yugi Set

After using my 9-piece set regularly for close to two months, I can report that this beautiful Nothyang brassware has become even more beautiful, having developed a lovely golden patina. I love my set so much that I am ordering more pieces. By the way, every item I ordered (including sauce in a glass jar)was very carefully wrapped for shipping and arrived in perfect condition.Thank you so much, Gochujar!

Kavita R. (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Beautiful Dining Experience

I am very satisfied with my purchase. It met all my expectations. It was very impressed with the packaging and the delivery despite covid times. I have and will recommend this to my friends. Thanks and Best Wishes

Janet O. (Singapore)

Makes our meal very speak and exquisite!

Product Highlights

  • 1-Person Full Korean Yugi Set - 9 essential pieces
  • Nothyang was awarded the Top Winner in "2020 Korea Best Brands" for Yugi Brassware
  • This is an unforgettable gift for newlyweds, housewarming gifts or for yourself!
  • Made in Korea by Yugiware artisans (not factory made!)
  • Yugi Brassware lasts a lifetime!

Yugi Bangjjaware is made by melting a ratio of 78% Copper and 22% Tin together

This ratio must be exact to make authentic Korean Bangjja Ware

The molten alloy is cast in a variety of molds for Korean dining ware

Afterwards, the pieces are masterfully hand-polished to reveal the Yugi's natural golden sheen

Each piece is carefully inspected and tested to see if it possesses anti-septic properties

(More detailed info at bottom-of-page)


This 1-Person Full Set includes a total of 9 essential pieces

When served in Yugi, Korean dishes looks even more appetizing

Bring traditional Korea to your modern kitchen!

What's Included in this Set?

This Full Yugi Set includes a total of 9 Yugi Pieces

#Product NameQuantity
1Nothyang Rice Bowl1
2 Nothyang Soup Bowl1
3Nothyang Rice Bowl Lid 1
4Nothyang Spoon1
5Nothyang Chopsticks1
6Nothyang Chopstick Holder1
7Nothyang Small Banchan Plate1
8Nothyang Small Banchan Plate1
9Nothyang Medium Banchan Plate1
10Nothyang Yugi Scrub (free additional item)1
Free Yugi Ware Scrub

We provide a special Yugi Scrub for removing stains & polishing - for free!

Start with Coarse Scrub to remove stains

Use the front-side (red side)

Note: Scrub WITHOUT water - both the scrub & yugi piece should be dry

Finish with FINE scrub if stain is stubborn

Use the front-side (grey side)

Note: Scrub WITHOUT water - both the scrub & yugi piece should be dry


Each Piece is Handmade

Nothyang makes each Yugi piece by hand

As such, there may be a subtle difference in size, appearance or minor scratches/blemishes/stains.

These minor imperfections do not qualify as a damaged item.

Soak in Vinegar Before First Use

Before first use, soak the Yugi pieces in warm water with vinegar (any kind)

Use a ratio of 2 Cups of Water for every 1 Tablespoon Vinegar

Soak for a minimum of 30 mins up to 1 hour (not any longer)

Then rinse with soap and dry-off completely with a kitchen towel

This pre-step soaking helps to remove a slight metallic smell in new Yugi (only need to do once)

Yes, any leftover metallic smell will be gone after repeated usage & washing

Q: I see stains on my Yugi - why is this & how do I remove this?

Stains form when the Yugi pieces are stored away while not being completely dry  (i.e water droplets).

Don't panic - it's completely normal and simply requires a round of polishing

Use the backside of a dry 3M Dishwasher Sponge (the coarse, dark green side)

Or use Nothyang's Yugi Wear Scrub

Place on a disposable glove and spread out a few newspapers (good tip)

Then remove the stain by scrubbing it - while it's dry

IMPORTANT: Both the Yugi piece & the Scrub should be DRY when scrubbing (no water!)

The stain will come off as a fine black powder

Shake-off the black powder onto the newspaper - then discard

We recommend polishing the entire Yugi piece (not just the stain) - as it helps to reveal it's natural golden sheen

Then rinse the Yugi piece with hot water & soap ... and dry-off completely with a kitchen towel

Don't use Stainless Steel Scrubbers/Wool

Instead, use a regular 3M Sponge when scrubbing-off stains - the dark-green, coarse side

(Or Nothyang's Special Yugi Scrubs)

For a more visual walk-through, watch the video below ...

How is Yugi Made?

Copper (78%) and Tin (22%) are melted together at a very high temperature to create a liquid alloy.

Following traditional thermal forging techniques, the alloy is rolled back & forth to reduce the porosity and increase the density of the material.

The alloy sheets are then pressed into different molds  to create the general shape of a bowl, plate, or tableware

Each mold is measured for evenness, balance, uniformity and any blemishes. The best ones are selected for hand-processing. 

Each piece is meticulously hand-polished  until it is perfectly smooth with a golden sheen

Finally, each Yugi piece is tested to see if it possess anti-septic properties. If it passes, it is then offered to the general public for sale.


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About The Brand

Nothyang was selected #1 Top Winner in 2020 Korea Best Brands for Yugi Brassware. Their yugi products are made 100% in Korea with exceptional craftsmanship - building on decades of experience and history. Nothyang's products are sold in premium shops and even featured on hit Korean Netflix/TV series like Itaewon Class, Her Private Life and 1 Night & 2 days.

That's it folks!