[Palkin] Korean Ramen Tea Bags

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[Palhi] Ramen Tea Bag

When you're craving ramen broth

[Palkin] Korean Ramen Tea Bags

What a fun concept no? This ramen tea bag was a huge hit in Korea. It provides a quick fix of spicy ramen broth - without the calories or MSG. 

When you're craving late-night ramen... but wary of the calories. When you're abroad - sitting in your hotel - but start craving spicy Korean food. When you're drinking soju with your buddies and need a quick chaser. When you're eating Kimbap, but craving ramen broth on the side. This is when you whip-out a ramen tea bag!

Each tea bag has only 13 kcal (as opposed to a bowl of ramen with ~450kcal)! Better yet, there is no MSG in these packets. The ramen flavor is made with all-natural, Korea-grown ingredients: Potatoes, Korean Radish, Green Onion, Dashima, Onion, Chili Pepper Seeds and Carrots.

Store a box in your pantry and use when you're craving that spicy Korean ramen broth.

Note: 1 Box contains 16 tea bags (8 spicy & 8 less-spicy). 

Customer Reviews

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Andy N. (British Columbia, Canada)
Ramyeon broth withtou the guilt!

It's perfect when you really just want so sip on some hot ramyeon broth during winter!

Dana W. (Hamburg, Germany)
Really nice ramyeon broth taste!

I ordered these teabags as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend and he loves it! The broth tastes rich and I received the parcel before Christmas (even though it came from Korea). Also i had a really cute handwritten note in it! I am really glad I ordered this! :) greetings from Germany!

Dani (Illinois, United States)

Bought these in addition to the Vietnam Pho Broth Tea Bags for those times I wanted a little more "kick". Both versions are good, though I personally prefer the milder one. I tend to use more water than the directions state and just steep the bag longer. Great flavor, no MSG, easy to prepare.

Katie G.
Tasty but Tiny!

I bought these to help me stay on track with my diet and it's totally helping curb those late night ramen cravings! The only thing I don't love about this tea is the serving size. Each tea bag makes a 110 ml (less than 4 oz) beverage, which is extremely small by my American standards. I would love if they made this in a loose powder form so I could spoon as much as I want into my cup (like a ramen version of Nescafe).

Michael W.
Fun gift, both flavors are spicy

I really like it! It's like very clear ramen broth (delicious ramen broth) without any of the calories. Took some to the office, they liked it but hated how it made them feel hungry.The amount of water you use per bag is alarmingly small. I added 20-30 more seconds of steeping time and added more water to get what I felt was an actual cup (maybe my coffee cup is too big?). Note that both the mild and spicy versions (it's a half and half box) are very much spicy. Interestingly, it's all the spice without any of the burning sensation that lingers. Not sure if that makes sense, but you shouldn't be feeling like you need to grab milk for more than the duration of your sip.

Product Highlights

  • Enjoy spicy ramen broth as tea - without the calories!
  • No MSG added - made primarily from Korean-grown, natural ingredients
  • Perfect when you're traveling abroad or need a simple chaser for soju.
  • 1 Box includes a total 16 ramen tea bags (8 Spicy & 8 Less-Spicy)
  • Works well as a fun food gift! 
Ramen Tea Use Cases

Pairs perfectly with Kimbap

Well, not only Kimbap - but also fried chicken and cream pasta. When eating oily foods, refresh your palate with a sip of ramen broth!

The Next Morning

When you're hungover, ramen broth is the answer!

For Camping

Sip on ramen broth and 1-up your outdoor experience!

Must-Pack Item for Overseas Travel

When you're traveling but craving Korean food, grab a ramen tea bag!


Made with natural Korean ingredients:
Potatoes, Korean Radish, Dashima, Onions, Chili Pepper Seeds, Carrot

Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

Potatoes, Korean Radish, Dashima, Onions, Chili Pepper Seeds, Carrot

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 2 years

    Store in a cool, dry area

      What to Make

      Ramen-Flavored Tea

        About the Brand

        Palkin is a new, hip food brand from Korea. Their vision is to create Korea's most premium-grade ramen. Their current ramens include Lobster Ramen and Hanwoo Beef Ramen. Palkin is also the creator of the hit item Ramen Tea Bags.

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          Nutritional Info

          Less-Spicy Tea Bag

          Spicy Tea Bag

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          About The Brand

          Palkin is a new, hip food brand from Korea. Their vision is to create Korea's most premium-grade ramen. Their current ramens include Lobster Ramen and Hanwoo Beef Ramen. Palkin is also the creator of the mega-hit product Ramen Tea Bags

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