[Condition] Hangover Extract Balls (20 Packets)


[Condition] Hangover Extract Balls (20 Packets)

Made by Korea's #1 Best-Selling Hangover Maker

[Condition] Hangover Extract Balls

Today, we introduce a new hit-item from Korea, on hangover solutions!

These are Hangover Extract Balls - commonly referred to as hwan (환) in Korean.

These mini extract balls contain all of the essential, herbal ingredients found in Condition’s Signature Hangover Drink!

The herbal formula starts with a base of 100% Korea-Grown Oriental Raisin Tree.

Then it’s mixed with 19 other herbal ingredients (including Tangerine Peel, Goji Berry, Atractylodes Rhizome, Bay Leaves, Pueraria Lobata, Lamiaceae Root, Ginger, Young Barley & Korean Willow).

What’s made these packets a hit is that they are small-sized and effective!

After all, it’s cumbersome to have to carry around a glass bottle of Condition. But these mini packets can be tucked anywhere.

Fit into your purse… or straight into your pockets.

Before explaining further - for those who are unfamiliar with Condition - it’s been Korea’s #1 Best-Selling Hangover Drink for 25 years straight!

The company has even established a research facility in Korea dedicated to hangover research!

So, how do I take this?

Simply open the packet and swallow the extract balls (no need to chew). You can take with 1-2 gulps of water.

So, when do I take this?

It’s best to take 1 packet 30 minutes before drinking… but if you forget, you can also take them after you’re done drinking.

It will help prevent a nasty hangover - so you can carry on the next morning… and get on with your life!

Pack a few packets for your next outing - and don’t forget to give one to “that friend” who can’t hold their liquor!

One box contains 20 packets.

(Note: Please drink within reasonable limits - do not over consume using this product as an excuse)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gavin D. (England, United Kingdom)
Very convenient

Delivery was pretty fast to UK and this product is very convenient and portable with the small packet size. Comparatively cheap compared to similar products too so great value.

Linda M. (Florida, United States)
Very impressed!

This product works!!

D D. (British Columbia, Canada)
Great product and service

Easy to order, delivered on time, and it’s really works at reducing nasty hangovers.

Actually Works!

This actually works. Definitely still feel a little bit of a lingering fun hangover but definitely helps to suppress the headache and nausea!

JLee (Texas, United States)

I tried them all and this is the one that actually works. So take it before you drink. Next day when you wake up and you are expecting a massive hangover headache, you get up and magically feel fine. The hangover is there and lingering, but you can feel something is supressing it and you feel fine. Then you realize you able to function like a normal human. Do it try it.

Product Highlights

  • Hangover Extract Balls - effective  way to prevent hangover symptoms
  • Made by Korea's #1 Best-Selling Hangover Drink Producer - Condition
  • Extract balls are made with 100% Korean Raisin Tree + 19 other natural ingredients
  • Small packet that you can fit anywhere - take 30 minutes before your drinking session!
  • 1 box includes 20 packets
[Condition] Hangover Extract Balls

Made by Korea's #1 Best-Selling Hangover Drink Maker... Condition!

Hangover Extract Balls!

Key Check Points!

01. Effective way to prevent/mitigate a serious hangover!

02.  Product of 30+ years of extensive research in hangover remedies!

03. Made for anybody - take it anywhere, anytime!

Why causes a hangover?

Dehydration is one cause, but it's not all!

When you drink alcohol, acetaldehyde is formed in the body...

A buildup of acetadehyde triggers the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS)

ROS creates oxidative stress in the body - causing damage to cells & making you feel those severe hangover symptoms

Extract balls are made with Korean Oriental Raisin Tree (100% Grown in Korea)
+ 19 other Natural Ingredients

The natural ingredients include... Oriental Raisin Tree Fruit, Tangerine Peel, Goji Berry, Atractylodes Rhizome,

Bay Leaves Extract Powder, Pueraria Lobata, Lamiaceae Root, Ginger, Young Barley Powder, Korean Willow Extract Powder 

Extract balls are mini-sized (4mm)

It's the smallest among similar products!

19 herbal ingredients are packed inside 4mm balls - they're easy to swallow and quick to work!

This leads to faster relief for those aggravating hangover symptoms!

How is it advertised in Korea?

 A mini-drama with Lee Do Hyun & Go Min-Si

(Turn on subtitles for english captions)

Condition established its own hangover research facility

It officially opened in 2017 to research and innovate effective solutions for hangovers!

This carries on 30+ years of previous research done by Condition

Condition owns 3 patents in Korea for hangover products & formulas!

Use Condition Extract Balls when...

You're called out for a late-night drinking/eating session with friends

You're concerned for a friend (or family member) who can't hold their liquor well! 

When you can't afford to have a serious hangover - have serious meetings the next day!

Tips & Usage

Tip 1. For even better results, take 1 packet of extract balls with 1 bottle of Condition Drink

Tip 2. Take the packet 30 minutes before drinking or... after your done drinking for the night

(Note: Take another packet, the next morning if mild symptons continue to persist)

Full Ingredient List:

Oriental Raisin Tree Fruit Extract [Oriental Raisin Tree Fruit, Goji Berry, Atractylodes Rhizome, Pueraria Lobata, Lamiaceae Root, Ginger], Young Barley Powder, Black Bean Powder, Tangerine Peel Powder, Korean Willow Extract Powder [Korean Willow, Dextrin, Emulsifier], Taurine, Vitamin C, Nipa Farm Concentrate 20, Black Elder Berry Extract, Bay Leaves Extract Powder, Teary Gold Extract, Mixed Formulation (Yeast Extract, Maltodextrin, Fragrance, Silicon Dioxide), Young Barley Extract Powder, Fragrance, Niacinamide, Hydroxypropyl cellulose, Glycerin, Mixed Herbal Extracts C

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