[Chilmong] Korean DARK Ottchil Wooden Chopstick Set - Natural Dark


K-Ribbon Selection Winner

[Chilmong] Korean Dark Ottchil Wooden Chopstick Set - Natural Dark

Today, we’re excited to introduce Chilmong!

Chilmong is a local artisan ottchil lacquerware brand that has earned the prestigious “K-Ribbon Selection” label by the Korean govt. 

The "K-Ribbon Selection" is a prestigious recognition for artisans and craftsmen in South Korea. It recognizes products of exceptional quality, innovation, and excellence across various domains, including ottchil lacquerware.

What distinguishes Chilmong from cheaper brands is their superb craftsmanship and use of Korea's top-grade ottchil.

All of Chilmong's chopsticks, spoons, and tea ware are handmade, not mass-produced in factories!

Ottchil lacquering is renowned for its labor-intensive nature, demanding considerable time, patience, and skill.

Each layer of ottchil must be skillfully applied and given time to dry before the next layer can be added. This intricate process can span several weeks or even months, as each layer requires adequate time to cure and harden effectively.

Mastering this traditional Ottchil technique requires decades of apprenticeship.

As mentioned, Chilmong uses top-grade Ott sap sourced from Wonju Province, Korea.

(This Wonju Ottchil sap is 12 times more expensive than the mass-produced Chinese Ott sap)

Wonju Ottchil sap produces a hard, durable, and smooth varnish that effectively seals the wood from moisture.

Once the Ottchil coating is applied, moisture or leftover micro food particles cannot penetrate the surface, effectively preventing bacteria from infiltrating the wood's pores.

This ensures that the chopsticks do not rot, discolor, or harbor bacteria, thereby guaranteeing a hygienic utensil (99.9% anti-bacterial surface).

This is why Ottchil has long been known as the best material for tableware in Korea.

Chilmong offers a variety of chopsticks, each featuring varying layers of Ottchil coating and differences in Wonju Ottchil concentration.

This is their natural dark collection.

It comes with 6 layers of base Ottchil lacquer.

Plus an extra 3 layers of Ottchil lacquer are applied to the tips of the chopsticks and the edges of the spoon - to enhance durability against daily wear.

Available in 1 distinct color: Natural Dark

If you're searching for traditional Korean item that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing, this is an excellent choice.

Please handwash and avoid scraping against abrasive surfaces (or biting into them).

Note: Gochujar is an authorized seller of Chilmong products. All items are certified authentic and shipped directly from Chilmong.

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Product Highlights

  • Handcrafted Premium Korean Ottchil Chopstick Set, Lacquered with Exquisite Ottchil from Wonju Province
  • Chilmong is the recipient of the prestigious "K-Ribbon Selection" label by the Korean Government
  • Certified free of toxic substances - safe for daily use
  • Ideal weight & length (24cm) for eating meals
  • Set includes: 1 Spoon + Pair of Chopsticks
  • Available in a natural, dark ottchil color

[Chilmong] Korean DARK Ottchil Chopstick Set - Natural Dark


Ottchil is a traditional Korean lacquer art form

It involves applying natural lacquer to a variety of objects, including bowls, cutlery, boxes, and furniture

The lacquer is obtained from Korean Ott trees

When extracted, the thick liquid sap starts brown but becomes translucent after refinement - making it suitable as a finishing layer.

Ottchil forms a coated film that is resilsient against spills and stains

Before refrigeration, ottchil containers were utilized to preserve food, offering moisture-proof, water-proof, insect-repellent, and anti-bacterial properties


Unlike plastic or stainless steel, Ottchil is naturally derived and inherently non-toxic

With Ottchil-ware, you steer clear of ingesting any micro-plastics or toxic particles from scratched metallic surfaces

Chilmong's products are skillfully handcrafted, not mass-produced in factories!

The ottchil lacquering process is renowned for its labor-intensive nature, requiring considerable time, patience, and craftsmanship

Each layer of ottchil must be carefully applied and allowed to dry before the next layer can be added

This process can take several weeks or even months, as each layer needs time to cure and harden properly

The ottchil process requires skill and precision to avoid imperfections such as bubbles, drips, or uneven coatings

Ottchil artisans undergo years of apprenticeship and practice to master this traditional technique

Awarded the prestigious "K-Ribbon Selection" label by the Korean Government

The "K-Ribbon Selection" award from the Korean Government is a prestigious recognition for artisans and craftsmen in South Korea

This award recognizes products of exceptional quality, innovation, and excellence across various fields, including traditional crafts like ottchil lacquerware.


Detailed Information

Spoon : 4.2 cm (width) x 24 cm (length)

Chopsticks : 1.5 cm (width) x 24 cm (length)

Material: Korean Schimidt Birch Tree (참박달나무) / Natural Ottchil Lacquer (천연 옻칠)

Handmade in Korea


How many layers of Ottchil are applied and where?

Six layers of Ottchil are applied to the body of the chopstick and spoon

Additionally, three layers of reinforced Ottchil coating are applied to the tips of the chopsticks and the edges of the spoon for added protection


Our Ottchil lacquer is made with top-grade Ott sap from Wonju Province, Korea

4kg of Wonju Ott costs ~₩3,000,000 KRW (~$2,200 USD)

Comparatively, 4kg of Chinese Ott costs ~₩250,000 KRW (~$185 USD)

Korean Wonju Ott Sap is twelve times more expensive than the commonly used Chinese Ott Sap.


How does this product compare to other Chilmong products?

Natural Type

6 layers of base Ottchil* lacquer

3 additional layers of reinforced Ottchil lacquer

(*Applied Ottchil mixture contains at least 10% premium-grade Wonju Ottchil)

Half-Sleeve Type

10 layers of Ottchil* lacquer

6 additional layers of reinforced Ottchil lacquer

(*Applied Ottchil mixture contains at least 70% premium-grade Wonju Ottchil)

Premium Galaxy Set & Premium Wave Set

10 layers of Ottchil* lacquer

6 additional layers of reinforced Ottchil lacquer

(*Applied Ottchil mixture contains at least 80% premium-grade Wonju Ottchil)


Chilmong's Ottchil cutlery is certified-free of toxic substances

Free from Arsenic, Lead, Sulfur Dioxide, Ortho-PhenylPhenol, Thiabendazole, Biphenyl, Imazalil


Chilmong's Ottchil cutlery is 99.9% anti-bacterial

Within 24 hours, Chilmong cutlery surfaces exhibit a 99.9% reduction in bacteria

Ottchil naturally develops an antibacterial surface, eliminating the need for disinfection through boiling or UV exposure


Why use Chilmong Ottchil Chopsticks?

✓ Ottchil chopsticks are anti-bacterial - ensuring worry-free, hygienic use.

 ✓ Wooden chopsticks are gentle on cookware surfaces, preventing scratches

✓ Say goodbye to the sound of metal cutlery scraping against plates

✓ Makes for a beautiful, traditional Korean gift


We've researched and tested different types of Korean woods to identify the best choice for daily cutlery


We rated based on three key requirements:

Non-toxic wood - the wood should not contain or leach toxic substances

Small, fine pores - within the wood to restrict moisture/liquid aborption

Dense, heavy wood - to provide hardness, durability and strength for utensils


We selected Korean Schimidt Birch Tree (참박달나무) from Gangwon Province

Korean Schimidt Birch rates high on all three requirements

It's a very strong, dense wood that's used in Korea to make premium-grade wooden furniture

Only Chilmong has developed proprietary techniques to craft chopsticks from this dense and hard birch wood


Our Ottchil lacquer is made using natural sap from Korean Ott trees from Wonju County

✓ 99.9% anti-bacterial surface

✓ Highly-durable, moisture-resistant & anti-bacterial

✓ Extracted in a eco-sustainable way


Our Ottchil Sap is harvested by Master Ahn Young Bae

Ottchil sap extraction requires decades of skillful experience and know-how

Our sap is extracted by Master Ahn Young Bae (license shown above)


Our spoons and chopsticks are carefully crafted and polished — one by one


After the Ottchil coating is applied, moisture or leftover food particles are unable to penetrate the surface, preventing bacteria from infiltrating the wood's pores

This results in chopsticks that do not rot, discolor, or harbor bacteria, ensuring a hygienic and beautiful utensil


How's it made:

Step 1: Each wooden utensil is carefully shaped, edged and polished by hand

Step 2: Many layers of ottchil are applied by hand (the exact number depends on the product type)

Step 3: Then the ottchil is left to dry for a final time before inspection


Each one of Chilmong's products are hand-lacquered a minimum of 9 times!

6 layers of base Ottchil lacquer

Followed by 3 layers of reinforced Ottchil lacquer

+ MORE layers for our higher-end products!

We hope you can feel our craftsmanship when it's in your hands!


We listen to our customers and made improvements to our product's design...


These are some of the adjustments we've made to our current design

✓ The size of the spoon has increased - to better hold food

✓ The handle of the spoon has been re-designed to be held more comfortably

✓ The tips of the chopsticks have been rounded to make it easier to grab foods!

✓ The rounded tip of the chopticks changes to a square body to prevent rolling on the table!


Chilmong's product designs are patented


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Can I wash this in the dishwasher?

We recommend hand-washing

If you wash it in a dishwasher, high temperatures or extended cycles may lead to bending or splitting of the wood over time

Will the lacquer wear off or the chopsticks wear down over time?

Yes, all-natural lacquer will eventually wear off over time with frequent usage

To extend the lifetime of the utensils, avoid subjecting them to sharp knives or dragging them along abrasive surfaces

Once more, the lifetime of the utensil depends on how the customer uses it

Improper use or washing can damage the lacquer coating, even after one-time use

To enhance durability against daily wear, we apply three coats of extra-strength Ottchil over the tips of the chopsticks and the edges of the spoon


Product Notice - please read

Important: Ottchil lacquer does not guarantee lifetime durability, especially with daily use products like utensils

Using a knife or accidentally biting wooden utensils can damage both the Ottchil coating

Even automotive lacquer, known for it durability, will sustain damage if the car is keyed or out in very high temperatures for long

Likewise, the lifespan of Ottchil utensils varies depending on customer usage


How to wash Ottchil

Using dish soap when washing Chilmong Ottchil utensils is completely fine and has no impact on durability

When washing, use the soft side of a dish sponge and avoid using the abrasive side - however, do not use steel wool scrubber

You can also simpy rinse with just water (no dish soap needed) - bacteria will not grow or spread on its surface

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