[Chilmong] Korean DARK Ottchil Wooden Chopstick Set - Natural Dark

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[Chilmong] Korean Ottchil Wooden Chopstick Set - Natural Dark

K-Ribbon Award Winner

[Chilmong] Korean DARK Ottchil Wooden Chopstick Set - Natural Dark

This product is a K-Ribbon recipient!

K-Ribbon is a coveted label given by the Korean Ministry of Culture for excellent craftwork that showcases Korea's cultural and historic traditions.

Chilmong's Ottchil Chopstick Set is one of them.

These Ottchil Chopsticks are masterfully carved and laboriously coated with 9 layers of Ottchil. 

What is Ottchil (옷칠)?

Ottchil is a traditional Korean lacquer technique.

It uses the secretions of the Korean "Ott" tree.

Collecting, refining and applying this Ottchil sap is a nuanced and delicate process - requiring decades of experience to master.

At Chilmong, only sap from Wonju Ott Trees is used (as it contains the highest-quality sap).

The required time to makes these chopsticks - from carving to coating 9 layers of Ottchil - is 21 days!

When properly applied, Ottchil lacquer produces an incredibly durable finish on wood. 

The lacquered wood will not rot, discolor or deteriorate with extended use… or even when exposed to water.

(Typically, wooden utensils start to rot and discolor at the tips after a few months of rinsing. Rest assured, this will not.)

Furthermore, Ottchil also creates a natural 99.9% antibacterial surface!

This is why Ottchil has long been known as the best material for tableware in Korea.

Available in a natural, dark Ottchil color.

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Product Highlights

  • Premium Korean Ottchil Chopsticks - hand-lacquered, traditional method
  • Awarded "K-Ribbon" Designation by the Korean Government
  • Ideal weight & length (24cm) for eating everyday meals
  • Set includes: 1 Spoon + Pair of Chopsticks
  • Available in a natural, dark ottchil color

[Chilmong] Korean DARK Ottchil Chopstick Set - Natural Dark

Set includes 1 spoon + pair of chopsticks


Spoon : 4.2 cm (width) x 24 cm (length)

Chopsticks : 1.5 cm (width) x 24 cm (length)

Awarded K-RIBBON Designation

Chilmong Ottchil Spoon & Chopsticks were distinguished with the K-RIBBON mark

It's given to excellent cultural products that possess Korea's unique cultural values 

This is awarded by the Korean Ministry of Culture

Coated with Korea's Highest-Quality Ottchil Lacquer

The spoon and chopsticks are coated with 9 layers of Ottchil Sap (from Wonju Ottchil Trees)

 Wonju Ottchil Trees are known for producing the highest-quality sap for Ottchil lacquer

When the surface of Ottchil Trees are scratched, the tree releases sap

This sap is carefully collected and skillfully refined for use as lacquer

The coating process, in which layers of lacquer must be repeatedly applied and left to dry, requires great patience

Producing lacquerware is a notoriously prolonged and labor-intensive process, which has sometimes been called the “art of time”

Ottchil Sap is Harvested by Master Ahn Young Bae

Extracting Ottchil Sap requires decades of skillful experience and know-how

Chilmong's Ottchil Sap is extracted in Wonju by Master Ottchil Harvester, Ahn Young Bae (license shown above)

Why Wonju Ottchil?

Wonju Ottchil Trees contain the highest amounts of Urushiol, a natural oily compound

The higher the concentration of Urushiol, the higher the quality ↑

In one year, Wonju Trees produce only 80-120kg of Sap - limited supply makes it an expensive material

When lacquered with Wonju Ottchil, craft items can last for a lifetime, and acquire anti-bacterial properties

Ottchil Lacquered Items have a 99.9% Anti-Bacterial Surface

Chilmong Ottchil Cutlery can be helpful in guarding your health

Ottchil surfaces are 99.9% anti-bacterial - bacteria is unable to grow on them!

Futhermore, Ottchil is free of any heavy metals, carcinogens or environmental hormones (test results shown above)

Why choose Chilmong?

Distinguished as K-Ribbon Product by Korean Government

Awarded 14+ design patents in Korean Cutlery

Mad with Korea's Best-Quality Ottchil Lacquer (Sourced from Wonju Province)

99.9% Anti-Bacterial - safe for everyday use

Heat resistant up to 200°C

Perfect balance of weight & length for everyday eating

Check out the design details

To prevent wear, the tips of the chopsticks are lacquered 3 additional times (using Wonju Ottchil)

The tips of the chopsticks are also rounded in design - to make it easier to grab (and stab) foods

The ends of the chopsticks are rectangular-shaped - they will not roll around or off the table

The length of the chopstick (24cm) is perfect for  holding & reaching for foods

How is this set different from other Chilmong Chopstick Sets?

Type 1: Wooden Set (Natural), Wooden Set (Colored) 

Type 2: Dark Ottchil Set (Natural), Dark Set (Colored) - (currently viewing)

6 layers of base Ottchil* lacquer

3 additional layers of reinforced Ottchil lacquer

(*Ottchil mixture contains at least 10% premium-grade Wonju Ottchil)

Type 3: Contempo Set (Brown), Contempo Set (Dark)

8 layers of base Ottchil* lacquer

6 additional layers of reinforced Ottchil lacquer

(*Ottchil mixture contains at least 40% premium-grade Wonju Ottchil)

Type 4: Premium Galaxy Set,  Premium Wave Set

9 layers of base Ottchil* lacquer

6 additional layers of reinforced Ottchil lacquer

(*Ottchil mixture contains at least 70% premium-grade Wonju Ottchil)

Chilmong can be found at Korea's Top Destinations

Incheon International Airport

Korail (High Speed Rail)

Seoul Arts Center

Korean Folk Village

The Hyundai

Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation

 + more...

Product Notice

Refrain from biting down on the chopsticks themselves - this may damage the ottchil coating

The tips of the chopsticks can wear down if dragged along rough surfaces (be wary of using in cast-iron)

Do not place for long periods in high heat

Do not apply excessive pressure or trauma to the chopsticks

How to Wash

- Do NOT use the hard side (green) of a kitchen sponge - use the soft-side instead!

- Do NOT soak the chopsticks in water for long periods of time. If there are food pieces stuck, soak it for 2-3 minutes, then wash-off with a soft sponge

- Do not boil chopsticks (to clean). Ottchil surfaces are already 99.9% anti-septic - no need to sterilize

- It's fine to rinse Ottchil chopsticks with just water (no soap needed)  - bacteria will not grow or spread on its surface

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