[Lock & Lock] 3-Story Dosirak Lunchbox

[LocknLock] Korean Dosirak Lunchbox

Rice, Main Dish & Banchans

[Lock & Lock] 3-Story Dosirak Lunchbox 

Drop the sandwich. Let's pack Korean food for lunch!

This is Lock & Lock's popular 3-Story Dosirak Lunchbox. One story for the rice. One for a main dish. And another for banchans! With so many dishes, lunch becomes exciting again.

Lock & Lock containers are made with a special plastic called Polypropylene - which can withstand temperatures from -20°C to 120°C.

This means it's safe for storing hot foods or liquids and reheating in the microwave (details in FAQ). The containers are also very easy to clean and durable - they won't break or crack with normal use.

A side benefit of these dosirak trays is controlling portion sizes.

Fill it with the right proteins and veggies to meet your hunger - and prevent overeating any one dish.

Available in Spring Green color.

Note: If you need a larger size, click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Angelika K. (Hesse, Germany)

Thank you so much - Everything was perfect. At first I thought it was too small bit each container has 350ml so that is enough. I also love the caring way the order was delivered. I haven't put it to use yet, but I plan on using it a lot.

Teresa F.
Perfect lunchbox for work with good volume

The lunchbox arrived quite quickly. The price is worth every little bit.
The box is super beautiful and even has enough space to make some snack fit in (for me in the banchan parts). It's good for me, as I work the whole day.
I'm really happy about this purchase and totally recommend it!

Cheyenne C. (Washington, United States)

I literally LOVE this lunchbox, it's super convenient and easy to use! I can cook and fit my food in all of the compartments, I also love the chopsticks that come with it! They are convenient and plus they're really cute. Anyway, if you are skeptical of getting this product, just do it! It's literally sooo cute and convenient! Have a good day!<3

Isabela (California, United States)

It's a good lunchbox! It's nice to have set portion sizes and designated sections for each dish. I have a lot of fun packing my lunch. My only gripe is I don't really like the chopsticks, the ones I have are kind of uneven when connected.

S.M. (New Brunswick, Canada)

I'm a college student and used it as a lunch box nearly every day for the past year (I had in person classes during the pandemic because there's literally 7 students in my major including myself & my biggest class was 15) but with the year of daily packed lunches because of closed restaurants the containers look as good as new. I don't always use all 3 containers but will use 2 for the main part of my meal and have fruit cups or pudding cups in the top 1/3 of the bag. The container might look a little small when you frist see them in person but they hold more food than expected.

Product Highlights

  • 3 containers to fill with rice, main dish and a few banchans
  • Made of Polypropylene (PP) - can withstand temperatures from -20°C to 120°C  (safe for hot foods)
  • Includes chopsticks and mini-case
  • Perfect for packing lunch to work or school 

- [LocknLock] 3-Story
Dosirak Box -

- What's included? -

3 Food Containers
(including snap-on lids)

Comes with chopsticks

- Show me the inside -

How is this advertised in Korea?

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About The Brand

Lock & Lock is South Korea's leading food container maker. They have a wide range of products - containers, cookware, tumbler and water bottles. They also produce Korean specific items like Kimchi containers and Dosirak Boxes.

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