[Lock & Lock] 3-Story Dosirak Lunchbox


LocknLock - Korean Dosirak Lunchbox

Rice, Main Dish & Banchans

[Lock & Lock] 3-Story Dosirak Lunchbox 

Drop the sandwich. Let's pack Korean food for lunch!

This is Lock & Lock's popular 3-Story Dosirak Lunchbox. One story for the rice. One for a main dish. And another for banchans! With so many dishes, lunch becomes exciting again.

Lock & Lock containers are made with a special plastic called Polypropylene - which can withstand temperatures from -20°C to 120°C. This means it's safe for storing hot foods or liquids and reheating in the microwave (details in FAQ). The containers are also very easy to clean and durable - they won't break or crack with normal use.

A side benefit of these dosirak trays is controlling portion sizes. Fill it with the right proteins and veggies to meet your hunger - and prevent overeating any one dish.

Available in 1 remaining color: Spring Green

(Ivory & Picnic Orange have been discontinued by Lock & Lock)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tiffany N. (British Columbia, Canada)

I love it!! It’s compact perfect for me as a student teacher.

Van P.N. (Vaduz, Liechtenstein)

Very good..Thank you

CJMJ (Ontario, Canada)
Quality, Cute Product!

This was a birthday purchase for niece who starts Sr Kingergarden Sept coming & must say was all smiles from packaging to the lunchbox itself (my goodness)!! Not to add that was impressed with the personal not from Daniel/Katie or KT I believe. This was well worth the wait - my sister loved it & niece wanted to start using "right away" (too funny)! Personally would want a bigger "bento" for myself, but it works for whom I bought it for. The bento box set as a whole is made with quality materials - we can speak to longevity, but hope that too will work out. The package arrived as promised & Daniel ack. my purchase / delivery insteuctions promptly (now that makes a reputable business overseas you want to support). Spreading the word if asked - coming back to see what else is available to someone a ways away. Price was no concern as the product came straight to the door & did not have to be picked up during a questionable year being home/out for groceries. Also appreciated the carrying case for the chopsticks - never too young or mature to learn how to use them. Thanks Daniel/KT 🌞

Orel G.
Great product

I've been looking for a long time for a lunch box that fits me perfectly (I have specific demands). When I looked at the dosirak I thought I would give a try. When I recieved the product I knew I won't be disappointed (also I really liked the small note from Daniel and Katie that was attached to the delivery :D). The product is smaller than what it seems on the pictures but it does contain a large amount of food. As a uni student it's also impotant for me how to take with me and the bag fits well in my bag. If I take only two boxes, I can also fit a sandwich. I'm not asain, so I don't always eat with chopsticks and I can't fit a fork but it's a minor problem that shouldn't affect the use of the dosirak. Overall I highly recommend the product (might purchase it again in the near future).

Shauny-Maree T.
Very cute!

This lunchbox is perfectly sized for a diet! I bought it to ensure I ate proper portions and I am so happy with the size! It's excellent quality as with everything on Gochujar. Thanks Dan-Yul and KT!

Product Highlights

  • 3 containers to fill with rice, main dish and a few banchans
  • Made of Polypropylene (PP) - can withstand temperatures from -20°C to 120°C  (safe for hot foods)
  • Includes chopsticks and mini-case
  • Perfect for packing lunch to work or school 

What's included?

3 Food Containers (including snap-on lids)


Carry Bag

- Show me the inside -


How is this advertised in Korea?

Product faq

Q: What are the containers made of?
Q: Can I place hot foods into this plastic container?
Q: Is it safe to microwave the containers?
Q: Are the dividers in the banchan tray removable?

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About The Brand

Lock & Lock is South Korea's leading food container maker. They have a wide range of products - containers, cookware, tumbler and water bottles. They also produce Korean specific items like Kimchi containers and Dosirak Boxes.

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