[Hae Tongryeong] Natural Korean Stock Broth Tablets (Beef Bone or Anchovy Kelp)


[Hae Tongryeong] Natural Korean Stock Broth Tablets (Beef Bone or Anchovy Kelp)

Deep-Tasting Broth in 3 Minutes, NO MSG!

[Hae Tongryeong] Korean Stock Broth Tablets

These broth tablets are exactly what you're looking for!

Often times, the thought of making broth from scratch is cumbersome - especially when you're cooking for yourself!

Enter Natural Korean Broth Tablets.

Drop in 1 broth tablet.

Boil it for 3 minutes - and your broth is ready!

Now the next question may be... do these broth tablets contain alot of MSG?

NO - it does not contain ANY MSG!

Hae Tongryeong is a Korean seafood company based on the coastal city of Tongyeong. They have access to Korea's finest seafood. The umami is extracted directly from seafood.

So how do they create deep flavor?

They first dehydrate natural seafood ingredients like anchovy, kelp... as well as Korea-grown vegetables like radish, soybeans, shiitake mushrooms, garlic and ginger.

These dried ingredients are then combined at just the right ratio, then pulverized into a fine powder.

(Note: For the Beef Bones Tablets - beef bones are first boiled with other natural ingredients to make a concentrated extract stock. Then, this liquid is dried, and ground into a fine powder.)

There's absolutely NO artificial flavor enhancers (MSG), food emulsifiers or any other flavoring agents in these tablets!

The broth tablets are offered in 2 different flavors: (1) Beef Bone Broth or (2) Deep-Tasting Anchovy & Seafood Broth. 

Beef Bone Broth Tablets are great when making broth for: Tteok-guk (Rice Cake Soup), Seolleong-tang (Oxtail Soup), Mangu-guk (Dumpling Soup), Ugeoji Guk (Hangover Cabbage & Beef Soup)

Deep-Tasting Anchovy & Seafood Tablets are great for just about any Korean soup or stew including - but not limited to: Gyeran Jjim (Steamed Eggs), Kimchi Jjigae (Kimchi Stew), Doenjang Jjigae (Soybean Stew).

1 Packet contains 40 tablets. 

For Sagol Beef Bone Broth, add 1 broth tablet for every 250 ml (1 cup) of water.

For Anchovy Kelp Broth, add 1 broth tablet for every 350 ml (1.5 cups) of water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Priscilla (Arizona, United States)
Easy soup!

I used this broth as a base for one of my stews! I used strong ingredients, so I have yet to try the soup by itself, but I’m sure it will be tasty alone! So far it is one of the easiest versions of broth I have used!

Margaret (California, United States)
So amazing

Best ever

Southwind (Minnesota, United States)
Beef Bone Broth Tablets

Excellent product ! Came exceptionally well packed !
The note inside was cute and showed they care about the clients.
An easy product which saves much time when preparing food.
I used it for base of rice, noodles and soup.
For sure will buy again and will also order the Deep-Tasting Anchovy & Seafood Tablet. Will use to make Congolese national dish.

Product Highlights

  • Produces a deep-tasting Korean Stock Broth in 3 minutes!
  • Made with natural ingredients - absolutely NO flavor enhancers (MSG), food emulsifiers or other flavoring agents!
  • Individually wrapped - store in your pantry for 1 year!
  • Simple to use - perfect for when you don't want to make stock broth from scratch!
  • Available in 2 different flavors
[Hae Tongryeong]
Stock Broth Tablets 

All Natural Korean Broth Tablets

Ready in 3 minutes - simply boil in water!

Easy-to-use by anybody (no cooking skills required)

Pack for camping trips - great for outdoor cooking

1. Beef Bone (Sagol) Stock
(40 Tablets) 

 Beef Bone Stock -  40 Tablets

Use it to make a deep-tasting, Korean-style beef bone broth.

Tablets are made with natural Korean ingredients.

Contains absolutely no flavor enhancers (MSG), emulsifiers or other flavoring agents!

What can I make with it?

Make Korean recipes that require "sagol" beef bone broth:

Tteok-guk (떡국) | Korean Rice Cake Soup

Seolleong-tang (설렁탕) | Korean Beef Bone Soup

Mandu-guk (만두국) | Korean Dumpling Soup

Ugeogi-guk (우거지국) | Cabbage & Beef Soup 

What's in the Tablets?

Made from 6 Natural Ingredients:

Beef bones (Korea-raised), Garlic, Spring Onion, Ginger, Black Pepper, Bamboo Salt

What Makes it Special?

1. These Tablets are made by boiling (Korea-grown) beef bones... along with a handful of Korean vegetables.

2. Making sagol broth from scratch takes time (at least 6+ hours). But with these tablets, you can get a deep-tasting bone broth in 3 minutes!

3. The tablets also include natural bamboo salt. It's a premium grade salt which elevates natural flavors.

4. Each tablet is individually packaged. Easy to store, easy to use - keeps for 1 year in your pantry!

How do I cook with it?

Cooking Instructions:

Add 1 Beef Bone Tablet for every 250 ml (1 cup) of water.

Then boil for 3 minutes.

Then continue with the next step of your recipe. 

Full Ingredients list:

Beef Bone Broth Powder {Beef Bone Broth, Salt, Dextrin}, Bamboo Salt, Vegetable Powder, Dextrin, Bamboo Oil, Black Pepper Powder, Dried Spring Onion Powder, Dried Garlic Powder, Dried Ginger


2. Anchovy-Kelp Stock
(40 Tablets) 

Anchovy-Kelp Broth - 40 Tablets

Creates a deep-tasting, anchovy-kelp broth! 

Tablets are made with Natural Ingredients (Korea-grown)

Contains NO flavor enhancers (MSG), emulsifiers or other flavoring agents!

What's in the Tablets?

Made with 17 Natural Ingredients

Anchovy, Kelp, Shrimp, Dried Dipori Fish, Dried Pollack Fish, Dried Bonito Fish, Lotus, Clams, Burdock Root, Shiitake Mushroom, Garlic, Korean Radish, Onion, Ginger, Scallions, Green Cabbage, Soybeans

What can I make with it?

Make Korean dishes that require Anchovy-Kelp broth:

Kimchi Jjigae (김치찌개) | Korean Kimchi Stew

Naengmyeon (냉면) | Cold Buckwheat Noodles

Gyeran Jjim (계란찜) | Korean Steamed Eggs

Mul Kimchi (물김침) | Korean Water Kimchi

What makes it Special?

1. Made with a mix of 7 types of Korean seafood... plus 10 vegetables! Makes a deep-tasting stock broth.

2. Made without MSG, flavor enhancers, emulsifiers or other flavoring agents!

3. Making anchovy-kelp broth from scratch is cumbersome! Simply drop in a tablet and have a deep-tasting broth in 3 minutes.

4. Individually packaged - easy to use anytime, anywhere. Perfect for solo cooking, camping or outdoor cooking!

How do I cook with it?

Cooking Instructions

Add 1 Anchovy Tablet for every  350 ml (1.5 cups) of water into a pot.

Boil away for 3 minutes.

Continue cooking the rest of your recipe.

Full Ingredients label:

Dried Anchovy & Seafood Powder {Dried Anchovy Powder, Korean Radish Powder, Shiitake Mushroom Powder, Kelp Powder, Clam Powder}, Mixed Vegetable Powder {Korean Radish Powder, Dextrin, Dried Anchovy, Onion, Spring Onion}, Bamboo Salt, Yeast Extract Powder, Soybean Extract Powder, Garlic Powder, Ginger Powder, Green Cabbage Powder, Burdock Root Powder, Lotus Root Powder


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