COVID-19 Shipping Update

-UPDATE: MAY 22, 2020-

Greetings all,

We've been receiving quite a few number of emails about when we will re-open - so here's an update:

Our international shipping partner - Korean Postal Service - is still unable to ship our parcels abroad due to COVID.

The amount of outbound flights from Korea to most international countries has drastically reduced since late March ... and still remains low.

With a lack of flights, there is limited space for any outbound parcels.

To cope, the Postal Service is only delivering their most premium class of international mail which is Express International Mail (EMS) - for the time being.

The cost of delivering via EMS package is very high - a 2 kg (4.4 lb) package will cost you $40 - just for shipping. In addition, the actual delivery time for even this express EMS service is 4 weeks!

The whole global delivery network has received a major shock and there is simply a lack of flights at the moment.

Thus, we will remain closed until things get better.

Our contacts at the Korean Postal Service think indicate that things may get better within 2-3 months. But of course, this depends on how the world responds to COVID.

In the meanwhile, we are 100% dedicated to Gochujar's mission and will continue to source new products onto Gochujar.

But again, please do not order at this time. Instead, consider purchasing our 110% Gift Card. You can also "heart" the products you see into a wishlist - and order when restrictions are lifted.

As always thank you for the support!

-Daniel (Founder of Gochujar)



Can't you ship via Fedex or DHL? 

The current rates at private shipping companies like Fedex or DHL is even higher than the EMS option! They also have many restrictions on delivering food items abroad - so it's not a good fit.

I see a pop-up that shows recent orders by customers ... is your shop open?

No, these are customers who missed our message on Gochujar being closed. Their orders have been refunded.

I want to support - how can I help? 

If you've ordered from us before - consider taking the time now to leave a few product reviews. They help guide our sourcing decision and other customers make the right selection. You'll be awarded with $1 in store credit for every review.

If you're new to the store and want to order with us in the future - consider purchasing a 110% Gift Card. Purchase Now, Use Later. 

How are things in Korea? 

It's become considerably better! Stay At Home mandates were lifted in early May and life is gradually turning back to normal.

People are wearing masks while on-the-go - but schools, restaurants, gyms, beauty shops and other consumer facilities are fully operating.

If you have any further questions or messages, free free to contact me at


-Message below was written March 30, 2020-

Greetings all,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, international cargo flight schedules (and routes) have been drastically reduced. 

Furthermore, we also received notice this morning that the US - along with many other countries (listed below) - have decided to restrict international parcels. 

  • USA
  • + much more

As a result, we have - with a heavy heart - decided to temporarily close our operations

We'll keep an eye on the situation and re-open for select countries when possible. (Hopefully its sooner than later.)

During this downtime, we are offering a limited 110% Store Credit offer. If you plan to shop with us in the future, consider buying a gift card! It help us pay off our fixed expenses. 

Nonetheless, our team at Gochujar wish you and your family the best during these unprecedented times. Keep your hands clean - and be safe. Let's also keep our spirits up ... we shall ride through these rocky waters together!


Q: I've ordered recently - but my parcel hasn't arrived yet.

It seems many countries including US, Canada are backed up by a few weeks. Other countries have a backlog of parcels of up to 4 weeks.

Please check your tracking number to get the most up-to-date information.


If you have any further questions or messages, free free to contact me at



Daniel (Founder)