[Altdif] Signature Korean Blended Teas - 9 Varieties

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 [Altdif] Signature Blended Tea

Modern, Unique Blends, Aromatic

[ALTDIF] Signature Korean Blended Teas 

ALTDIF. This is a boutique tea shop in Seoul that's making incredible blends!

We came across this brand while dining in a hotel restaurant.

When the server poured our tea, we were hit with a captivating aroma and swirling colors. We made a note of the brand and now... offer it to you! 

ALTDIF has built a niche following among tea drinkers with their signature blended teas!

They source high-quality tea leaves from across the world - making a point to use only "whole" leaves.

This creates a full, deeper taste - unlike regular tea bags, which contains crushed or grounded pieces.

Like an artist, the brand is continuously experimenting with different teas and natural ingredients to convey a mood, feeling or emotion.

One of our favorites (shown in pic) is the Space Odditea. Odd name, with peculiar ingredients: Blue Mallow Flowers, Chamomile, Peppermint - along with a touch of pineapple aroma!

It's hard to describe the taste - lavender, with a slightly citrus tang and a hint of pineapple sweetness? Perhaps, it's easier to describe the mood it puts you in.

Like you're reading a book in space - heh!

Try out the sampler box first. It comes with 8 of their signature blends.

Then re-purchase the specific flavors you really like!

P.s. Tasting notes & caffeine levels listed in product page below.

Customer Reviews

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Jacob M. (California, United States)
Great gift item

Got this to gift someone. Smells great!

Jessie (Sabah, Malaysia)

If you’re a tea drinker and wants to try something new, you may try the tea samples from Altdif before deciding which flavor suits you best.

Product Highlights

  • Signature Blended Teas from Korea 
  • Each has a unique taste - quite different from others
  • Only whole leaves are used in the blend to maximize flavor - not broken or ground
  • Sampler Box contains 1 of each signature blends (8 bags in total)
  • Works well as a mini-gift to friends, family and colleagues!

- [ALTDIF] Signature Tea Blends - 

Sampler Box contains 8 signature teas

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About The Brand

Altdif is a Seoul-based tea brand that specializes in premium blended teas. Their mission is to introduce tea in a way that fits with modern lifestyles and storylines. While tea itself may not change someone's life, it does offer a short pause in our daily lives for reflection, relaxation and/or introspection. Their motto is "We Blend Life".

That's it folks!