[Anthracite] Coffee Drip Bag Sampler

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[Anthracite] Drip Bag Sampler

One of Seoul's Best Cafes

[Anthracite] Coffee Drip Bag Sampler

Anthracite is one of the top-rated cafes in Seoul.

The original location was built from an old shoe factory - providing a calming, rustic ambiance for a cup of coffee. Over the years, they have carried this theme of industrial simplicity - coarse, unpainted concrete walls with pockets of greenery - to other locations in Seoul. Nowadays, Anthracite has a strong following by Korea's young and hip crowd. It's become a trendy hangout spot in Seoul.

Today, we present you with their signature blended coffee. Each of these blends are created with single-origin beans imported from Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia and Kenya. They are carefully roasted at different levels and packaged into easy-to-use drip bags. Simply pour-in hot water and enjoy a cup of fresh coffee from the comfort of your home.

This Sampler Pack comes with 6 Signature-Blend Drip Bags.

Customer Reviews

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Kiffany P.
Worth it, should be able to give 6 stars

First I love coffee, and I have lots of opinions about coffee. I have only had 2 cups so far but I am already looking to buy more, the coffee is robust but the acidity is balance, minimal bitterness and each cup so far has been wonderful. Will purchase again.

Cheryl N.
Flavorful coffee for 1

Upon opening the drip packet, the bag was so aromatic. The drips were very flavorful and each bag very distinct and perfect in its own. It is, however only good for 1 cup. Just for my own fun, I tried to see if the flavor will still hold by the 2nd cup, but after I filled up my 1st cup, the 2nd was just all water and light brown. This is normal and expected–It is a single pour (1 cup) drip bag after all :)

Madison M.

This coffee is amazing!! I highly recommend it! My boyfriend and I were both amazed at how delicious the coffee was. Great gift for any coffee lover!! The shipping is fast and cheap! Awesome service from this business, very pleased with my experience!

Anthracite Coffee

so good! and I love the disposable coffee bag

Product Highlights

  • Sample coffee from one of Korea's top cafes
  • Blends are made with fresh, imported coffee beans from Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil and Colombia
  • Sealed in individual packages for a fresh taste
  • Sampler Kit (contains 6 different drip bags)
Take a look at the cafe

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Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

Fresh coffee beans (details below)

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 3 months

    Store in a cool, dry area

      How to consume

      Place drip bag into a cup

      Pour in hot water. 

        About The Brand

        Anthracite is one of Korea's top-rated cafes. They import premium coffee beans from Kenya, Colombia and Ethiopia. Then roast them every morning in-house. Each cup of coffee is then dripped-to-order.  

          What's in the Sampler Pack? 

          (Anthracite coffee blends are named after influential people, works of literature & art)

          1. L'air et les Songes

          Bean Origin: Kenya / Guatemala / Ethiopia

          Roasting Level: Medium-Light

          Flavor: Foral, grapefruit, coconut

          2. Natsume Soseki

          Bean Origin: Ethiopia / Colombia / Guatemala

          Roasting Level: Medium

          Flavor: Citrus, Almond, Milk-chocolate

          3. Butter Fat Trio

          Bean Origin: Brazil / Ethiopia / Colombia / Guatemala / Indonesia

          Roasting Level: Medium-Dark

          Flavor: Roasted Nuts, Spicy, Dark-Chocolate

          4. History Mystery

          Bean Origin: Brazil / Colombia / Guatemala

          Roasting Level: Dark

          Flavor: Nuts, Brown-Sugar, Cacao

          5. William Blake

          Bean Origin: Kenya / Guatemala / Ethiopia

          Roasting Level: Dark

          Flavor: Jujube, Date, Cacao

          6. Pablo Neruda

          Bean Origin: Guatemala / Ethiopia

          Roasting Level: Medium-Light

          Flavor: Cranberry, Strawberry, Hazelnut, Brown Sugar

          Product faq

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          Q: Do I add boiling water?
          Q: What country is this made in?

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          About The Brand

          Anthracite is one of Korea's top-rated cafes. They import premium coffee beans from Kenya, Colombia and Ethiopia. Then roast them every morning in-house. Each cup of coffee is then dripped-to-order.

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