[Arawoom] Korean Jwipo (Dried Fish Jerky)

[Arawoom] Korean Jwipo Anju [Dried Filefish]

No MSG, Classic Korea Anju

[Arawoom] Korean Jwipo (Dried Fish Jerky)

If you’ve lived in Korea, chances are you that you’ve had Korean fish jerky.

It’s known as Jwipo, pronounced "jee-poh" (쥐포).

And it’s a classic anju (beer snack) made from filefish.

Before fried chicken took over pubs in Korea, jwipo was a popular snack to order and munch on while drinking beers.

You can still find it at Korean bars - but it’s most now on the back-side of menus.

To many, jwipo remains a delicious, nostalgic snack.

Something to munch on while downing cold beers with a good friend.

So today, we offer you one a delicious jwipo by Arawoom!

What makes this product a best-seller is that it doesn’t use any MSG.

The MSG is replaced with the natural, salty umami of dashima (kelp) seasoning.

Better quality, classic jwipo taste!

Please cook before eating:

Place jwipo on a frying pan on low heat (without oil) - keep flipping it over as it cooks until you get a nice browning.

Then use kitchen scissors to cut it into easy-to-eat strips.

Serve with a dollop of mayonnaise and hot sauce on the side.

Note: Please store this item in the freezer.

1 box contains 10 jwipo.

Customer Reviews

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Yevheniia L. (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine)
The loveliest

My favourite snack, sweet, slightly solted and low-calorie <3

Product Highlights

  • Delicious Korean fish jerky - one of Korea's past-time beer snacks 
  • This jwiwpo contains no MSG - replaced with dashima seasoning 
  • Higher quality, classic flavor!
  • Filefish from Vietnam, Made into jerky in Korea.
  • 1 box contains a total of 10 Jwipo 

[Arawoom] Korean Jwipo (Dried Fish Jerky)

Korean Jwipo (Dried Fish Jerky)

Size: 150g

5 Sealed Packages x 2 pieces = 10 Jwipo 

3 Ways to Cook:


Fish Jerky 100% {Dried Filefish 86.9%, Sugar, D-Sorbitol, Dashima Powder 1.1%, Salt}

Country of Origin

Filefish sourced from Vietnam. Made in Korea.

How to Store: 

Please store in freezer after receiving 

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