[Arto Baegi] Ttukbaegi Pan



Yes, its ok to eat straight from the pan!

[Arto Baegi] Ttukbaegi Pan

We're in love with the design of this Ttukbaegi pan!

It's designed by Arto Baegi, a brand that has gained notable reputation among Korean food stylists for its unique design and premium craftsmanship. Typically, Ttukbaegi (means earthenware in Korean) are crafted into pots and bowls. And they're used as servingware in Korean restaurants since the clay retains heat well -  it keeps food hot for the entirety of the meal.

With a fat handle, this Ttukbaegi pan is perfect for serving noodles, fried rice pasta or stews. Cook or re-heat the pasta in the pan, and take it directly from the stovetop to the hungry family member! We've been using it for weekend pasta dinners and it's easily become one of our favorite pieces in the cabinet.

Note: The Ttukbaegi pan can be heated over gas, coil or electric stovetops (with the exception of induction stovetops). It's also safe to use in ovens or the microwave.

Customer Reviews

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Christine (California, United States)
Best pan for bibimbap

I bought this to try to see if it could help me create the sizzling crispy rice that we always have at Korean restaurants in their dolsot bibimbap. While I have other clay pots, this one was the perfect size and helped me to make the best bibimbap. Just ordered another one!

Product Highlights

  • Arto Baegi pieces are handmade by a local Korean artisan, Jinsun Choi
  • Beautiful, eye-catching piece to serve pasta, stews, noodles or fried rice
  • Arto's ceramics have been featured in many Korean TV cooking shows
  • Retains heat very well - will keep your food hot for the entirety of the meal
Serve dishes hot!
Dimension and Size

Diameter: 21 cm (Incl. Handle 31 cm)
Height: 5.5 cm

How is it advertised in Korea
Usage & Tips

Safe to use on gas, electric and coil stovetops.

Safe to use in oven or microwave.

Ok to use kitchen tools

Can withstand changes in temperature.

(Note: This pot will not work on induction stovetops)

Product faq

Q: What's the material used?
Q: Is there handmade?
Q: How to wash this?
Q: Any tips on cooking with Ttukbaegi?
Q: What country is this made in?

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About The Brand

Arto Baegi is founded and operated by Jinsun Choi (pictured above). She specializes in making Tukbaegi pots and ceramic ware with a modern Korean flair. Her dishes have gained considerable attention among food stylists and made many appearances on Korean Cooking TV Shows. 

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