[Balhyo] Organic Korean Gochugaru - 250g & 500g

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[Balhyo] Organic Korean Gochugaru - 250g & 500g - 250g is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

[Balhyo] Organic Korean Gochugaru

Organic Gochugaru, Grown in Korea

[Balhyo] Organic Korean Gochugaru

For those looking for organic gochugaru - we have just the one for you!

Let us introduce you to Balhyo's Organic Korean Gochugaru.

It's made with 100% organic-certified red chili peppers, all grown locally in Korea.

Their signature gochugaru is a blend of three different species of Korean red chili pepper (each with differing levels of heat) to produce a beautiful, sharp & spicy gochugaru.

Take a look at the close-up photos below.

The gochugaru flakes are ground medium-coarse and have a deep, red hue which will make any spicy dish look even more appetizing.

To preserve the original taste and nutritional value, Balhyo dehydrates the chili peppers at a low heat (for a longer duration).

This ensures that the natural oils and nutrition of the chili are not lost.

From farming to harvesting and packaging, Balhyo guarantees the best quality gochugaru by owning every step of the production cycle!

If "Korea-grown" and "organic" are key selling points for you, then this is the perfect choice.

And yes, this gochugaru is perfect for seasoning any genre of Korean cuisine, including spicy jjigae (stews), banchans (like Kimchi), and jorim (braises). 

We recommend storing gochugaru in the refrigerator to help maintain its freshness.

Available in 250g and 500g package.

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Product Highlights

  • 100% Organic-Certified Gochugaru - harvested locally in Korea!
  • Gochugaru flakes have a rich deep red hue and a bold spicy taste
  • Medium coarseness - perfect for use in all genres of Korean dishes (jjigae/stews, muchim, bokkeum/stir-fry, kimchi)
  • Available in either 250g or 500g size

[Balhyo] Organic Korean Gochugaru

100% Organic Gochugaru from Korea

This product is certified organic!

Made with 100% Korean-grown red chili peppers (not imported from China)

This gochugaru is made of 3 species of Korean red chili peppers, which is combined to create a deep red color and a robust, spicy flavor

A beautiful, deep-red color with medium coarseness

Close-up view of chili flakes

Available in 2 sizes

250g size

500g size

Full Ingredients list:

100% Organic Korean Red Chili Flakes 


Please store in refrigerator for longer-term keeping

Made in Korea

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