[Bamboo Bebe] Hug-B Benet Jogori (배냇저고리) - For Spring & Summer Newborns

Bamboo Bebe

New Bamboo Mesh, For Spring/Summer Newborns

[Bamboo Bebe] Hug-B Benet Jogori (배냇저고리)

Introducing Bamboo Bebe's latest Benet Jogori, the perfect addition to their collection of baby clothing.

This new Benet Jogori is made from their newest fabric, called "bamboo mesh," which was launched in 2022.

This innovative fabric is designed to provide babies with a cool and comfortable feel, without causing any irritation, even for those with extra-sensitive skin.

It is excellent at absorbing heat away from the body, which helps to keep babies cool during hot summer days. Additionally, the fabric allows sweat to pass through easily, wicking moisture away from the body.

We recommend this bamboo mesh for babies being born in the spring/summer, during the hot months!

The bamboo mesh fabric is made up of bamboo fiber (47%), cotton (30%), and polyester (23%).

Furthermore, it's OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 Certified, meaning it is free from harmful substances, making it 100% safe for babies to wear.

In Korea, newborns are dressed in a Benet Jogori, a Korean Baby Robe, upon discharge from the hospital. Typically, Korean moms will also prepare a few extra Benet Jogoris with higher-quality fabric for use at home.

The Bamboo Mesh Benet Jogori is designed to make life easier for new mothers when changing their baby. With two snap buttons on the outside and one on the inside, it's easy to change your baby after any accidents. The sleeves can also be folded back to serve as hand covers.

The Benet Jogori has a simple but cute design, with the letter "B" printed throughout the fabric. The "B" depicts a silhouette of a new mother embracing her baby.

This Baby Robe is recommended for infants aged 0-3 months (up to a maximum of 6 months), depending on how fast your infant grows.

Washing Directions: Place it in a laundry net and wash it in cold water (on wool setting) using baby-safe detergent. After washing, hang it to dry in a dry, shaded area, avoiding direct, strong sunlight. Do not use a dryer, as it may cause the clothes to shrink or be damaged.

Bamboo Bebe is one of Korea's most popular baby brands, known for their high-quality bamboo fabric that has earned them a reputation for comfort and excellence.

If you have a close friend or family member who is due to have a baby in the spring or summer, consider gifting them a Korean Benet Jogori (Baby Robe)!

The Full 5-Piece Hug-B Set is also available here.

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Product Highlights

  • Bamboo Bebe is Korea's famous bamboo babywear brand!
  • This Benet Jogori (baby robe), is crafted from "bamboo mesh," a highly breathable material that was introduced in 2022!
  • Bamboo mesh is ideal for babies born during the hotter months, from spring to summer, because of its highly breathable and lightweight properties.
  • Material: Bamboo Fiber 47%, Cotton 30%, Polyester 23% - OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified
  • Looking for a wonderful gift for new mothers? Look no further! Made in Korea.

[Bamboo Bebe] Bamboo Mesh Benet Jogori - Hug-B Series


Founded in 2006, Bamboo Bebe was the first Korean company to introduce bamboo fabric for babywear

Bamboo fibers have a special structure that allows for high breathability and absorption, much more than cotton, and they are also anti-bacterial

It has an ultra-smooth and silky feel, which causes no irritation to delicate, newborn skin

 Made in Korea | Oeko-Tex®  Certified

[Bamboo Bebe] Bamboo Mesh Benet Jogori - Hug-B Series

Introducing New Bamboo Mesh!

We released our proprietary bamboo mesh material in 2022 for baby wear, which offers high breathability!

This bamboo mesh provides a cool and comfortable feel for babies while causing no irritation, even for those with extra-sensitive skin.

This mesh fabric is perfect for babies born during the warmer months, from spring to summer, because of its breathable and lightweight properties

This design symbol, the letter "B," depicts a silhouette of a new mother embracing her baby - making it extra special!

Bamboo Bebe's bamboo mesh fabric is the first of its kind in Korea, specifically designed for baby clothing.

What is Bamboo Mesh?

Bamboo Mesh is a type of fabric woven from bamboo fibers using both plain and weave formations

The fiber is exceptionally soft and gentle, making it perfect for the delicate skin of newborn babies.

It's stronger than regular fabric, allowing it to maintain its original shape and tension

The mesh design allows air to flow through the clothes, keeping babies cool in hot weather

✓ Very soft and cozy texture

✓ Dries quickly

✓ High breathability, keep babies cool

✓ Durably made, wash and dry without worries

Bamboo Mesh is very smooth & causes no irritation to sensitive baby skin

The fiber is exceptionally soft and gentle, making it perfect for the delicate skin of newborn babies. It is unbleached and free from toxic chemicals!

Bamboo Mesh Keeps Its Original Form & Tension

Bamboo Mesh has a firmer texture compared to regular mesh fabric, which means it is less likely to deform and holds better tension

Bamboo Mesh is a Highly Breathable Fabric

Water vapor permeability tests show that bamboo mesh easily allows sweat to pass through it, enabling it to wick moisture away from the body

Our bamboo mesh fabric has a score of 11,363, which exceeds the minimum passing score of 4000.

Introducing Bamboo Mesh Benet Jogori (배냇저고리)

In Korea, newborn babies are typically dressed in a baby gown or robe known as a Benet Jogori. 

This garment is worn by the baby when they are released from the hospital.

This robe is designed to be ultra-simple and irritation-free, and is typically worn from day zero until the first 100 days of life.

Our Benet Jogori is designed with two snap-on buttons, making it ultra-simple to change your baby.

Material: Bamboo Fiber 47%, Cotton 30%, Polyester 23%

Two snap buttons on the outside, one on the inside - incredibly convenient for diaper changes

This symbol, the letter "B," depicts a silhouette of a new mother embracing her baby

The sleeves can be folded back to serve as hand covers for newborns

The labels are attached on the outside to prevent irritation to the newborn infant's delicate skin

OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 Certified!

Bamboo Bebe uses Bamboo pulp that has received OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification

(This label certifies that the fabric has been rigorously tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals)

✓ Pesticide-free fabric

✓ Chemical fertilizer-free fabric

✓ Formaldehyde-free fabric

Designed with meticulous attention to baby safety!

We design and make every line in our clothes with purpose and care, NOT just for aesthetic appeal.

Our clothes are designed with babies in mind, as we understand that they tend to put everything in their mouths. 

Therefore, we ensure that our clothes are free from choking hazards, harmful chemicals, and other potential hazards to keep your baby safe

We are proud to have received private, government, and international certifications that attest to our commitment to safety!

Full Hug-B 5-Piece Set available here!


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