[Chilmong] Korean Ottchil Wooden Chopstick Set - (1 Set & 2 Sets)

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Wooden Chopsticks

K-Ribbon Award Winner

[Chilmong] Korean Ottchil Wooden Chopstick Set

This product was selected as a K-Ribbon recipient in 2019!

K-Ribbon is a coveted label given by the Korean Ministry of Culture given to excellent craftwork that showcase Korea's cultural and historic roots. Chilmong's Ottchil Chopstick Set is one of them. The wooden utensils are masterfully carved and coated with 5 layers of Ottchil. 

Ottchil is a type of Korean lacquer technique. It uses the secretions of the "Ott" tree. Collecting, refining and applying this lacquer is a very nuanced and delicate process - which takes decades of experience to master.

At Chilmong, the average time to make this chopstick set and apply 5 layers of Ottchil is 21 days.

When properly applied, Ottchil lacquer produces an incredibly durable finish on wood. The lacquered wood will not rot, discolor or deteriorate with extended use or even when exposed to water.

(Normally, wooden utensils start to rot on the tips after a few months in the dishwasher. Rest assured, this will not!)

Furthermore, the coating also creates a natural 99.9% antibacterial surface! This is why Ottchil has long been treated as the best material for tableware in Korea.

Chilmong's chopstick set are also beautiful to look at. The tops are brushed with colored Ottchil for a modern design point!

Select from 5 colors: Earthy Beige, Dark Navy, Watermelon Green, Rustic Yellow or Indian Pink

Product Highlights

  • Coated 5 times in Traditional Korean Ottchil - each set takes 20 days to complete
  • Perfect for everyday use - lightweight and easy to eclean
  • Awarded K-Ribbon Designation by Korean Government
  • Chopstick Set includes: 1 Pair of Chopstick & 1 Spoon
  • Available in 5 beautiful colors

- [Chilmong] Signature Ottchil Wooden Chopstick Set - 

[Shinangchon] Sengmyongmul Soy Sauce - Product Matrix - Gochujar [Shinangchon] Sengmyongmul Soy Sauce - Product Matrix - Gochujar

Colored Tops

Coated with Ottchil lacquer

Pointed Ends

Easier to poke & tear foods







(Since it is handmade - the color of wood or lacquer may slightly differ than shown in images)

Awarded K-RIBBON Designation in 2019


When washing, use the side soft of a dish sponge to scrub.

If leftover rice or foods gets crusted on spoon, soak in warm water for 10-20 minutes

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About The Brand

Chilmong is an artisan brand from Korea that specializes in Ottchil products. They follow traditional techniques in extracting, processing and applying Ottchil. Their products have been designated as K-Ribbon Selections by the Korean Government.

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