[Cho Loc Won] Korean Yuja Tea


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[Cho Loc Won] Organic Yuja Tea (560g)

Organic Yuja, Korea-Grown!

[Cho Loc Won] Organic Yuja Tea

Nothing is as soothing as a hot, aromatic cup of Korean Yuja (Yuzu) Tea - especially during the fall/winter season.

Today, we offer an Organic Yuja marmalade.

Take a few spoonfuls of the marmalade, place into your favorite coffee mug and mix it with hot water - to make Yuja tea.

For this product, Cho Loc Won only uses organic citron fruit - which are grown locally in Korea.

The organic citron fruits are carefully inspected for quality, harvested and then the rind (peel) is set aside.

The peels are thinly sliced and mixed with organic cane sugar to produce a tart, sweet and vitamin-infused marmalade.

Typically in Korea, Yuja marmalade is sold in large 1kg jar.

This however comes in a smaller size - which you will find much easier to finish in one season.

Use the citron marmalade to make Korean Yuja tea - but don't stop there.

Works beautifully as a topping on pancakes, scones or other baked goods. 

As well as for a delicious salad dressing!

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Product Highlights

  • Made from organic, Korea-grown Yuja - tart, sweet and balanced taste!
  • Sip during cold weather to warm up your body & relieve cold symptoms
  • Spread over toast or use as a topping on scones and other baked goods
  • Available in 560g jar

[Cho Loc Won] Organic Yuja Tea

Made with Organic, Korea-Grown Yuja & Organic Sugar

Tastes delicious & healthy!

Check the official organic seal

The ingredient list is made up of at least 95% organic ingredients. 

Work with great ingredients >> easy to make delicious products!

We follow strict criteria for screening fresh, high-quality Yuja fruit 

Cho Loc Won facilities is HAACP Certified

Food is prepared and bottled in safe, hygienic and sterilized facilities

Full Ingredients list:

Organic Yuja Marmalade 70% [Organic Yuja 50%, Organic Sugar],

Organic Sugar, Water, Wild Honey 2.57%, Carrageenan Extract, Citric Acid, Vitamin C

Nutrition Info (% of daily value):

Sodium 6.1mg (0%), Carbohydrates 13g (4%), Sugar 10g (10%), Fat 0g (0%), 

Trans fat 0g, Saturated Fats 0g (0%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Protein 0g (0%)

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