[Cho Loc Won] Omija Berry Extract Liquid (660g)

[Cho Loc Won] Omija Berry Extract Liquid (660g)

Natural Ingredients, Korean Cafe Flavor!

[Cho Loc Won] Omija Berry Extract Liquid (660g)

Today, we introduce an Omija Extract Syrup - that's great for making a soothing cup of Omija Tea!

The extract is made with fresh Omija berries - harvested from Mungkyoung, the most famous region in Korea for growing Omija berries.

The berries are sifted for quality, then stirred with sugar and left to rest in breathing containers - until they fully release their natural extract.

This runny, liquid extract is referred to as “equis” 액기스 or “cheong” 청 in Korea. It's bottled and sold as a convenient way to make Omija Tea at home.

Note: If you’ve visited Korea before and tasted Omija tea at a local café – it was made with this natural extract syrup ("equis").

Use the liquid extract to make different teas:

  • For Omija Tea: Mix 3 parts hot water : 1 part Omija Extract Syrup

  • For Iced Omija-Ade: Pour 20g of Omija Extract Syrup into a cup. Then add-in carbonated water or sprite (200ml)

  • For Korean BBQ Marinades: Use the extract in meat marinades as a substitute to sugar or honey (will tenderize & sweeten).

For those who are unfamiliar with Omija Berries:

It's a type of medicinal berry that grows deep in Korean forests. The berries have been used in Korea as herbal medicine since the Joseon Dynasty!

The berries boast an array of health benefits (google them!).

But it's unique characteristic is it’s taste.

The berries contains all five flavors: sweetness, bitterness, tartness, salty and even slightly spicy!

What we love about this specific extract liquid is that it isn’t overly sweet.

Often times, other producers will add in too much sugar - and overpower the other flavors.

If you want to try a unique Korea tea, try making Omija tea with this natural extract!

Offered in large 660g bottle.

Customer Reviews

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G.A. (Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia)

It tastes as good as the one I tried back in korea. Thank you.

Product Highlights

  • Made with Korea-grown Omija Berries  (grown locally in Mungyeong)
  • Omija berries are medicinal berries found deep in Korean forests
  • Helps with detoxification and contains high amount of antioxidants - removes free radicals from body
  • Unique taste - has five flavors: sweet, sour, slightly bitter, salty and tangy
  • Available in 660 bottle

[Cho Loc Won] Omija Berry Extract Syrup (660g)

Made with Korea-Grown Omija Berries

These Omija Berries are grown in Mungyeong (an area famous in Korea for Omija cultivation)

This extract is a syrup base that's used to make traditional Omija Tea

Mix this extract with hot water (or cold water) at a 1:3 ratio (1 part extract, 3 part water)

Cultivate high-quality ingredients >> Easy to make delicious products!

We follow strict criteria for screening fresh, high-quality Yuja fruit 

Cho Loc Won facilities is HAACP Certified

Food is prepared and bottled in safe, hygienic and sterilized facilities

Full Ingredients List:

Omija Berries Extract Liquid (51%), Sugar, Omija Berry Juice (100%) 1%

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